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Tradera Forex Compensation Plan Review


Tradera Forex Compensation Plan is one of the most promising online investment programs in the market. It offers a wide variety of features, including a Multilevel marketing format, Live webinar trading sessions, and Weekly updated market forecasts. There is also an Affiliate program that offers you a chance to earn money in the market.

Affiliate Program

Tradera is a Forex Multi-Level Marketing company that offers Forex education, products, and services. It is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded by Eastern Harris and Kody Sell. Tradera offers Forex education, training, and trading courses to help new and experienced traders gain an edge in the market. They also offer market reports, weekly market forecasts, and technical analysis. The company also arranges events that cover the basics of trading, as well as leadership and marketing.

The company offers a referral program that gives affiliates a commission based on the value of new signups. The company’s affiliates are typically agents or entrepreneurs. The company offers two membership plans. The first is the Tradera premium membership, which includes affiliate membership. It costs $15 every 28 days.

Live webinar trading sessions

Tradera is a company that offers live forex and crypto trading as well as forex education. They also provide forex tools such as charts and a trading platform. In addition, they have a multi-level marketing referral program. They are also known for their live trading sessions which are usually held on Sunday through Thursday at 8 pm EST. They also have a blog that focuses on the latest trading trends and news. The company even offers a free e-book to assist newbies with their trading endeavors.

Tradera also offers a weekly market forecast that is sent to all members of the company. They also have a back office for live investment analysis. In addition to the live trading sessions, the company offers trade alerts courtesy of a handful of experienced traders.

Weekly updated market forecasts

Tradera, a forex MLM company, offers members a market forecast and trade alerts sent by professional traders. These alerts are sent in real-time during the major trading sessions in the New York, London, and Asian markets. The company also offers a training program that takes members from the basics to advanced institutional trading.

Tradera also offers an interactive trading webinar during the week. This is an exciting opportunity to learn from experienced traders. The webinars are held during the major trading sessions and feature technical, fundamental, and sentimental analyses of trading instruments. The company also offers an investment analysis that focuses on specific assets. The company has also launched an interesting multilevel marketing referral program. Members can recruit other members to pay their membership fees.

Multilevel marketing format

Tradera is a forex trading academy that offers education, forex signals, fundamental analysis, trade alerts, corporate events, and live trading sessions. The company was launched in December 2019 by Kody Sell and Eastern Harris. Its compensation plan is based on MLM. There are three tiers of distributors, with the lower tier distributors making lower incomes than the upper tier distributors.

The distributors are independent, non-salaried participants who earn commissions by selling products to consumers and recruiting new distributors. The commission system motivates existing distributors to build up their downline teams. This helps the company employ a larger sales force. It also allows the company to save on sales costs. The distributors can work part-time or full-time. The company also provides an investment program that can reach millions of members.

Accountability for Tradera’s disclosure failures

Tradera is a Forex signal provider that feeds users with trading signals and a corresponding education library. The company was recently notified that it will shut down. For a $99 monthly fee, subscribers are rewarded with a suite of tools and resources that are sure to pique the interest of anyone looking to make a quick buck on the currency markets. But the most important lesson is that you need to be wary of any Forex signal provider that doesn’t provide transparency and accountability. This is especially true of the more expensive signals.

In the past two years, Tradera has taken several hits. Aside from its hefty fees and dismal customer service, it has also failed to disclose several important disclosures. For example, it failed to disclose that its signal is not a legitimate forex signal and that its competitors can provide users with the same data. And although the company boasts a shiny PO Box in Texas, users can’t cancel their subscriptions.