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Uniqlo Light Down Jacket Review


The Uniqlo Light Down Jacket is a lightweight and compact down jacket that’s perfect for cold weather. It features a water-repellent finish, an anti-static lining, and a pocketable design. It’s the perfect choice for both the outer and inner layers of your down jacket.

640 fill power down

Uniqlo offers down jackets for men, women, and children. The 640-fill power-down jacket is a warm and functional option. However, this jacket doesn’t have a lot of transparency. For example, it doesn’t tell you how much down it has or how much down it weighs, so it can be difficult to tell whether it’s a good fit.

Down has various properties and qualities that affect its warmth. A higher fill power indicates that a jacket is fluffier. More down means more air is trapped in the down, which is essential for insulation. In this way, a higher fill power down is warmer ounce for ounce. Down is composed of minuscule fibers that trap air and keep it from moving around. If a down jacket has a high fill power, it will be fluffy and insulating.

The Ultra Light Down jacket is available in two color schemes. There are matte colors for men and glossy colors for women. The matte color option is better suited for street wear.

Arc’teryx fit

If you’re looking for an affordable down jacket, you’ll love the lightweight design of Arc’teryx’s Light Down Jacket. It packs down small and has sturdy stitching for maximum durability. It also features a wide baffling and DWR coating for water repellency. But be warned: it isn’t the warmest jacket you can buy.

The Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody is a versatile, packable down jacket with a slim fit that delivers warmth in multiple settings. This lightweight jacket has 60 grams of down, a water-resistant material, and a hood. It can also fit into a tiny nook of your backpack when you’re not using it.

Down jackets are warmest when they have a fill power of at least 800. This means they have plenty of lofts. A high-fill power jacket is warmer because the down has more loft. But keep in mind that down does not like moisture. If it gets wet, it loses its ability to keep you warm. Down jackets with a high fill power should also have a tightly-woven outer fabric.


UNIQLO’s ultra-light down jacket is made from 90% down and features a nylon shell. It has a fill power of 640 and is available in a variety of colors. Its thinness and lightweight construction make it perfect for layering under outer garments in colder months. Customers love its versatility and ease of styling.

The jacket’s lightweight, ripstop nylon fabric feels soft against the skin. It’s also available in a woman’s version, which offers plenty of functional pockets. Both side pockets are deep enough for passports and smartphones and are zipped. The jacket is very warm and has a hood with a detachable hood.

It is important to note that the Uniqlo Light Down Jacket Price is quite reasonable for the quality that it offers. It is warm, and packs easily, making it a great choice for those who want a lightweight down jacket for travel. It also doesn’t smell and can be worn several times without losing its warmth.


If you want a lightweight down jacket that keeps you warm without being too heavy, Uniqlo has you covered. This coat is made from 1000-fill down for the best warmth-to-weight ratio. It also has a DWR-treated 7D ripstop nylon shell. It weighs just over 8 ounces for men and 7.9 ounces for women.

One of the advantages of a lightweight jacket is that it’s great for transitional days. It packs away easily and can be easily stored in your car. Later, it’s a versatile jacket that can handle spring showers without getting soaked. The down is lightweight and easily sheds.

It’s recommended to wash your down jacket only once a year to maintain its loft. However, you should avoid washing them in top-loading machines, as they may cause them to lose their loft. You should also dry them on the lowest setting. In addition, you can always add tennis balls to re-loft the down. Moreover, some down jackets come with a DWR (durable water repellent) coating, which protects the down insulation from moisture. While this coating may wear off after a few years, it can be reapplied through after-market treatments.