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UOP Capital Review – It’s a Place for All Types of Traders


When a platform offers features you think you can’t even use; it does you an injustice. A trading platform should give you reasons to continue trading rather than stop you from trading. I have seen many online platforms struggle with this idea. They can’t design a platform that serves all types of traders, but I finally found a different one. My UOP Capital review is about this broker because I think its intelligent thinking has allowed it to cater to the needs of all types of traders. 

Whether you have never traded before or you are someone who has been trading for more than ten years, you will find many features specifically for you when you are on this platform. Let’s talk more about UOP Capital in this review. 

5 Intelligently Designed Accounts

Take a look at the account types first, and you will have a clear view of the vision of this company. The team that works for the company indeed consists of traders who have walked in your shoes. You can tell that from the way they have designed their platform features. So, you can see that there are five accounts to choose from. These accounts go from Standard to VIP, with the standard being the most basic trading account. The minimum deposits associated with these accounts go from $10,000 to $500,000. So, of course, it caters to the needs of a wide range of traders. 

All of these accounts have different features, and each offers you something that will suit your trading style. For example, a basic trading account will have leverage smaller than the leverage given to someone with a VIP account. Such shuffling of features has made the account types from UOP Capital very attractive. 

Bonuses, Leverages, and Commissions

Let’s talk about the trading conditions on this platform now. How will you feel as a trader when you are with UOP Capital? Will you feel like trading more and more, or will you try to find reasons to quit trading? You will find reasons to keep trading once you join this platform. You get a 100% bonus when you make your first deposit in the account. In other words, you will have double the amount of money available in your account than what you deposit. Secondly, your leverages can be as significant as you want them to be. They go from 1:20 to 1:150 in the trading accounts, but you can always request more. 

As stated earlier, you will be able to get leverage of 1:500 with this broker, but you will have to give it a call. Lastly, you pay a commission on every trade you perform on this platform. However, as you continue to trade on the forum, your commission starts to go down when it finally reaches a negligible level of just 2%. 

Risk Management Allowed

Another thing that has made this platform very attractive for traders worldwide is that it allows for risk management. Shockingly, many platforms would stop you from managing your risks, but UOP Capital does not do anything like that. It has given you a range within which you can minimize your risks. You can use the stop-loss technique to define the maximum loss you will bear on a trade. You can then determine the range to keep the failure within that range. This range can be anywhere from 2% to 10%, based on the trading account you pick. 

Final Thoughts

Every online platform should look for ways to become feasible for all types of traders. Everyone in the world should have access to trading, and the difficulty of joining the platform should never be the reason that keeps them from trading. UOP Capital has done well with its platform by designing it in a way that even the best brokers out there struggle with. 

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