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Ways You Can Make This Diwali Special For Poor And Needy People


Diwali brings us joy and happiness every year. We look forward to spending time with friends and family and celebrating the Festival of Lights with great enthusiasm. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Light symbolizes knowledge and awareness. This Diwali allows us to take a step forward to make the world a better place for ourselves and others. Let’s do something that can change the lives of needy people.

What could be a better time than Diwali to show our love and care to the poor people who need it most? What better time to help poor people, changing their life and the society they live in? Let’s work together in this Festival of Lights to address the problems our society still faces. This Diwali allows us to donate for the good of a child. If you want to celebrate Diwali with needy people and are looking for ways, here is a list.

Buy Diwali Gifts For Poor Kids

Diwali sounds like happiness and joy for those who have a kind and loving family. But can you imagine the loneliness that orphans and poor children experience when they see other children celebrating Diwali happily? Every year, you buy Diwali gifts for friends and family. Let’s do something different this year. Celebrate Diwali by shopping for souvenirs, toys, cakes, and crackers for orphans. You can also sponsor delicious meals this Diwali. See the shine in their little eyes as they receive Diwali gifts. Apart from buying gifts and clothes, you can also spend Diwali with them.

Donate Clothes And Blankets

Diwali takes place in October and November and marks the start of winter in India. To celebrate Diwali with the poor, donate blankets, sweaters, bed sheets, and clothes to people on the footpaths, people taking shelter near train and bus stations, and other homeless people.

Treat Delivery Person Well

A common thing that we often ignore or don’t realize is the mistreatment of delivery boys. However, they still deliver without expecting anything from you. You don’t have to do much, just smile and thank him for making him feel good. This movement of yours will give you a good positive mood and more energy to move on. People connect with emotions and it works.

Buy DIY Handmade And Sweets From The Poor

This Diwali, stop making the rich richer. When we buy Diyas and Puja products in supermarkets and online, we only give our money to business owners who are looking for profit. To celebrate Diwali with the poor, buy Diwali decorations and sweets from the poor and street vendors. In this way, every penny you spend on Diwali decorations helps the poor and provides them with food.

Let The Poor Monetize Their Talents

Diwali is synonymous with splendor and decoration. From decorating your home with brightly colored garlands to making a Rangoli, encourage your friends to assign tasks to the poor. This is a win-win situation for both parties! There are many fun ways to celebrate Diwali. But every Hindu festival strongly believes in serving and respecting nature and sharing happiness with others. So let’s add something to help those in need this Diwali.