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What a great way to use a VPN more


Amazing Features

Hide your IP address

Free iTop free VPN gives you the ability to encrypt your IP address and protect your personal information. Once you have hidden your IP address, you will hide your actual IP address. This tool helps you to keep your online shopping safe. Additionally, with the help of this VPN, you may choose your IP address depending on your needs.

A virtual private network is required for anyone doing business online. Yes, leaving your IP address public is a risky move. Fraudsters and criminals may track your activity-related online activities after receiving your IP address.

It helps you to browse any applications.

Depending on where you live, you may not watch certain movies or TV shows. This limit may be exceeded by using a virtual IP address. In this case, it uses the IP address from the specified domain instead of the server’s IP address from the current domain.

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and a host of other options are now accessible for viewing on the go. Shows and movies can be seen with many ideas. TV shows and movies can be found in bulk on you. Access to any library you need is included in this version.

The virtual private network may be installed on your device and used to access the website you wish to visit. Yes, using an iTop VPN, you can safely visit any banned website while protecting your data from fraudsters and hackers. There is no need to fear for your safety.

No logging

Many people use a virtual private network to protect information on their computers, but they are often unaware that a VPN operator simultaneously collects and sells personal information. Windows VPN collects and stores your IP address and other information from your computer, which can be used to steal identity and other secret crimes.

Because the top VPN does not require tracking, it will not monitor, store, or sell any information during your working hours. The result is that your personal information will be completely protected, making it a safer option compared to its competitors.


VPN stands for “Visible Private Network” or “Virtual Private Network.” A VPN is a private entity that controls the information stored on various security devices between certain organizations. On the other hand, VPNs are “very private,” and the public, not private networks, fully shares this data. The main advantage of a VPN compared to a standard rental line or telephone network. This saves a lot of money, especially when using social networks as a VPN data transfer method. VPN performance is less noticeable because of social network traffic, and it is often slower than other lines. As a result of VPN importing, more failures affect network-based VPNs than secure private applications. The use of any social networking network naturally creates new security issues, such as rented accommodation and rental housing. VPNs can save you money in many ways. Private car rental companies pay more than a month, and VPNs can replace these lines using a cheaper and shorter local ISP connection. VPN supports remote communication for passengers. Organizations support local access to all VPN environments rather than setting up and receiving hidden payments to access remote servers.


As the last word, we strongly recommend using iTop VPN, the best free VPN for Windows. This is a great option for those who love watching videos or playing games, considering its delivery policy, privacy, and protocols are all real. You will enjoy its compatibility with the platform. Additionally, it is available for Android and iOS platforms.