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What are the advantages of choosing gold vermeil jewelry?


Increasingly in vogue in the fashion world, gold vermeil jewelry is the solution for good value for money. Chic and splendid, these jewels are popular especially among followers of the bohemian look . What makes them so special? They are made from a base of 925 sterling silver with a plating of 2-3 microns of 22k gold. Discover reasons to adopt gold vermeil jewelry here.

The advantages of gold vermeil jewelry

You have surely understood it, vermeil is a precious metal that contains several qualities, including a unique design. It is a real lifeline when you want to offer an original gift on a limited budget. The gold vermeil jewelry can be in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets or even earrings.

Beyond the fact that it costs less than solid gold, vermeil is also known for its durability. It is undoubtedly a not insignificant character which is accompanied by benefits on the aesthetic and health plans.

Aesthetics and originality

On the aesthetic level, vermeil is lighter than gold which makes it easier to wear fine jewelry such as earrings. It is also a good opportunity, because gold is a very expensive precious metal.

Health issues

Vermeil is a material that comes essentially from the fusion of two pure raw materials. These various precious metals (gold and silver) are hypoallergenic in addition to their values. It is thus a real asset for people who have allergic reactions to metals. As a result, everyone’s health is safe and sound!

Care of gold vermeil jewelry

It is true that vermeil is very durable and can be used in the medium as well as in the long term. However, over time, it is a material that will eventually deteriorate. We can sometimes see the appearance of stains around these jewels. To clean them, use a toothbrush or a sponge. Soak it in soapy water, then hit the road!

Finally, dry it with a clean cloth before storing it in your jewelry box.

Vermeil hallmarks

It should be remembered that, like most precious metals, vermeil is also subject to various very strict customs measures. It should be noted that a vermeil jewel is identifiable because it has a state hallmark (V) which simply means vermeil . The maker’s mark is usually in the shape of a diamond unlike that of a usurper which is oval in shape. This statement is valid for items weighing at least 30 g in France.

Measure and values

Being a precious metal, it goes without saying that it is possible to determine its quality and estimate its value. Therefore, three criteria must necessarily be taken into account. It is :

  • the purity of gold;
  • its thickness;
  • and the type of metal used for the base.

These elements make it possible to measure the value of a jewel in gold vermeil. According to professionals (jewelers), the thicker the gold layer, the more the jewel will retain its shine. Likewise, the more gold it has, the more the color of the jewel will be bright yellow.

Finally, a gold vermeil object must always have a silver base. In France, for example, the regulations provide for a minimum of 800 millimeters and a gilding of 5 microns thick. In addition, it is also necessary to provide 18 carats or 750 thousandths at least. However, it should be noted that each country has its own legislation so this information may vary.

Vermeil is then a precious metal which combines purity and values, and continues to dominate the world market. Gold vermeil jewelry is of modest quality and attracts trendy young people who have taste without incurring extravagant expense. Easy to maintain, you will not need to entrust them to a jeweler and you can keep them for a long time.

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