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What is a Custom Valance?


Custom valances can add elegance and sophistication to your home’s decor and unify window treatments like Roman shades or blinds. Find the custom valances.

Fabric valances are an effective way of adding color and pattern to any room, from swags and Sheffields to Bradford valances. When choosing one for your space, make sure it fits its design ideally.

It is a window treatment.

Valances make an elegant addition to any window treatment, creating a soft appearance that can be casual or formal, depending on your mood and style. A range of fabric styles is available, and these top treatments add elegance to any room while hiding hardware and curtain rods from view. They’re an efficient solution when floor-length draperies aren’t suitable – offering various styles and fabrics to select from and be customized specifically for each window.

No matter your style of decor or window size, 3 Blind Mice has an ideal valance to meet it. Our easy-to-maintain flat squared valances work great with any shade or blind, adding color or pattern to your home without committing to full window treatments.

Valances have long been considered outdated window treatments; however, they’ve recently returned! Valances add an elegant flair to any room, especially the kitchen. Tall windows become beautiful focal points when dressed with these stunning pieces, making the space feel bigger. It should be noted, however, that sewing valances require more time than other window treatments like curtains; to help create your custom valance professionally should be hired as soon as possible.

It is a decorative element.

Custom window valances are fabric accents that adorn the tops of rooms’ windows, giving them an eye-catching touch while hiding drapery hardware and creating a finished look. Valances can be placed alone or combined with blinds and curtains to add depth and personality further.

Window valances are often seen in more formal areas of the home, like living and dining rooms or master bedrooms, but they can also add texture and color to other spaces in a room. Not only are valances decorative features, but they also help block cold air from entering and prevent drafts from entering – two things often overlooked when selecting home accessories!

There’s an assortment of styles to suit every decor style, from formal pleats and swags to flat folds that blend in easily. Additionally, jacquards and floral prints may complement existing window treatments or provide additional decor elements.

As with any decor, choosing a valance fabric should consider its overall room design and how much material will be needed to construct it. Remember that even an item requiring 3-4 yards may consume much less when built in your workroom than initially appears!

It is a functional element.

Valances are a versatile window treatment accessory that can add flair and depth to any window treatment. They come in an assortment of styles and fabrics that can be tailored to match the decor of any room while providing contrast against hard window coverings or concealing distracting hardware.

To achieve optimal results, select a fabric that blends in with the interior design of your home. A patterned fabric can add visual interest, while solid colors create an understated elegance. If you opt for neutral-colored draperies, adding a complementary valance could complete the look – or even be hung alone in casual areas such as living and dining rooms.

If you want to add window treatments, a double pole set valance could be just what is needed to finish your window treatments. Its front bar hides the hardware of its back rod holding drapery – making this style suitable for casual spaces like bedrooms and informal seating areas.

Consider your overall room decor theme when choosing a valance style. Flat front valances offer a tailored, pintuck-free look, while Bradford and scalloped valances work better with traditional decor. For formal rooms, pleated styles like pinch pleats, inverted box pleats, and euro pleats work perfectly; their intricate designs add dimension and best suit more traditional settings.

It is a cost-effective element.

Custom Valances or Cornices are an elegant way to add dimension and style to window treatments at an economical cost. Fabric selection for your valance creation is vital – choose wisely, as we have hundreds of fabrics from which to select your fabric! Consider the decor in your room and what colors appear elsewhere in your window coverings when selecting one with contrast or depth that draws the eye upwards for an expansive feel.

Valances can make fabulous window treatments when used alone or as an addition to drapery, such as top treatments for blinds and shades. Furthermore, they can even be layered over sheer or decorative curtains to complete their look and give an added finishing touch.

No matter your decorating style, there’s sure to be a valance that fits right in with it! A flat front valance provides an uncluttered surface perfect for bold patterns to show through and goes well with minimalist designs; Sheffield or swag valances feature tailored intricacies perfect for traditional decor and can even feature ornamental pleats or ornamental tassels for an authentic Victorian aesthetic.

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