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What is a Terp Slurper?


A Terp Slurper is an innovative device that optimizes flavor while conserving concentrate and minimizing waste. It provides excellent vapor production, is easy to use, and offers many other advantages. What do you consider about Terp Slurper.

Similar to a bucket banger, a water pipe features a cylindrical body equipped with holes or slits in its base and airflow slits to regulate airflow around it. When used, this device draws vapor upward from its dish area into the hot cylinder, where it disseminates evenly across its length.


This high-end banger is specially crafted to deliver maximum flavor and vaporization at lower dabbing temperatures, with minimal dabbing temperatures required. Made of borosilicate glass for strength and durability, its unique design enables users to place the carb cap prior to adding concentrate for ease of airflow management and minimize spillage or loss in vaporization.

The Terp Slurper is an innovative quartz banger with multiple chambers that provide an effective percolation system. This bucket-shaped device has an extended central cylinder at the bottom for efficient percolation. The design allows large dab and glob hits without wasting precious concentrate; additionally, its use eliminates the need for dab pads, which emit harmful levels of benzene that may contribute to respiratory illness and other health concerns.

Before donning the carb cap and dabbing, heat the bottom dish for approximately 30 seconds to block airflow. This will enable you to enjoy your concentrate’s complete flavor profile. You may add drops of water for smoothness and flavor enhancement.

This quartz banger has 10mm and 14mm joints to fit seamlessly with any rig. Designed for optimal airflow and featuring a flat top to prevent overheating, it is an excellent choice for users seeking to enhance the flavor of shatter, wax, or resin products.


Terp slurpers are constructed with high-grade quartz that is highly durable and temperature-resistant. They help you preserve the quality of your vapor while extracting more flavor from concentrates. No vapor is lost, either, making the experience more potent and enjoyable—making this an excellent option for those who like bigger dab hits!

The terp slurper’s precision design allows it to avoid wasteful vapor consumption while protecting terpenes in wax or concentrates, helping preserve their aroma. It features a cylindrical body that extends down from the nail base, featuring small airflow holes at the bottom for airflow; then, an upper marble cap acts as a carb and pulls in your vapor through small slits at the base tube so that terpenes in the concentrates can be experienced more fully as temperatures increase – enabling better terpene experience while degrading at higher temperatures!

A terp slurper is an easy and cost-effective solution to enhance your dabbing experience. Heat, calm, and drop your dab before using a terp slurper to inhale it – most sets include pearl, pillar, and valve marble options to meet different styles and preferences. Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or another cleaning solution should ensure all debris build-up has been eliminated before reusing it again.


Are you searching for an innovative way to enjoy your concentrates? Look no further than the Terp Slurper! This innovative banger design makes an excellent addition to any dab rig or bong, helping maximize the experience. Crafted from high-grade quartz with an ergonomic flat top and 90-degree joint angle design, its unique shape enables more surface area to come in contact with heat, which results in more vapor production with reduced waste while improving flavor by preventing burnt taste and decreasing odors.

The Terp Slurper resembles a mini-flat top banger and features an extended “straw” that leads to an oval dish at its base. Once heated with a torch and loaded with your choice of dabs, its design ensures every drop vaporizes as you take a draw – its straw-like tube has numerous slits that create airflow to evenly disperse heat without burning your lips!

The Slurper’s innovative design optimizes your dabbing experience, enabling you to load more product and use more terpenes per hit while reducing overheating risks, splatter risks, and better flavor production at lower temperatures. This makes the Slurper an essential item for anyone who loves big dabs but hates wasting waxes and oils; plus, its easy cleaning makes it a must for dab enthusiasts – remove the marble cap, valve cap, and terp pearls before cleaning before submerging into Isopropyl alcohol or an industrial cleaner solution before submersion into the specialized cleaner.


Are you searching for an easy way to enjoy concentrates without wasting any precious dabs? A terp slurper could be just what’s needed! With its efficient design, every drop of your concentrate is vaporized, eliminating wasted material and optimizing flavor. At the same time, it makes larger dabs possible, is easier on your respiratory system, and decreases risks associated with inhaling carcinogenic benzene fumes produced when heating concentrates at higher temperatures.

A terp slurper is similar to a bucket banger but features some key differences. It includes a central cylinder that extends downward from its middle section with four airflow slits for airflow, plus an accessory dish beneath for concentrate storage. An excellent choice for newcomers to dabbing, the terp slurper is easy to use and clean while increasing efficiency and providing opportunities to experiment with various kinds of concentrates.

Today, a range of terp slurpers, from plastic to stainless steel, is available to suit all budgets and preferences. Finding the ideal choice depends on your needs and preferences; reviews from other users online may provide valuable insights—you could even find a terp slurper specifically suited to your current rig!

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