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What is Country Code 49?


Calls that begin with +49 or 0049 are likely from Germany. To dial from abroad, first enter the international country code (00 or 011) followed by Germany’s country code (+49). Finally, enter your local telephone number.

Some German area codes are unique to specific geographic regions; Berlin’s area code is 30.

What is the German country code?

Germany country code 49 is an international calling code required when calling into Germany from outside its borders. When dialing, this country code should be added before any city area codes and phone numbers; typically, this consists of 9-13 digits: with the first three being the identification of line type (mobile phone, landline phone, or virtual). Finally, the remaining digits represent the phone number itself.

German country codes distinguish geographic from non-geographic lines and mobile from landline numbers mainly used by fixed-line operators. Germany has been fully digital since 1997, which allows a more flexible allocation of lines and network resources. Current subscribers’ numbers can have up to eight digits; seven for their area code; one for the trunk code number. Older numbers that remain in service may have five-digit local subscriber numbers instead.

Calling German phone numbers from the US can be pretty complex and intimidating, as the process differs slightly depending on whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile phone. When making calls from landlines in Germany from within the US, dial the international calling code (+49), country code Berlin (30), or Hamburg (40), followed by your local number before ending with “0”.

Calls made from mobile phones require adding both the country code and exit code before dialing their number; in Germany, this format resembles that of many European nations: prefix for country code followed by two digits representing city area code.

In 1992, two years after unification, German numbers were first allocated based on geographic areas of former republics. Area codes 30 for Berlin, 40 for Hamburg, and 69 for Munich were initially used before country code 49 was implemented on all new lines. However, many rural and special-purpose numbers still use these earlier codes today.

What is the German area code?

When calling Germany, dial the country code 49, the area code of the city or region, and then the contact number. Remembering these codes when making international calls can be dauntingly complex! They must remain easily recognizable when making international calls to avoid confusion or any mishaps with global communications.

Step one in calling Germany by phone involves dialing an international call prefix; typically, this will be 00, though it may vary depending on your phone provider; some require you to enter a + sign before the country code, while others will replace it with an exit code; when making calls from mobile phones instead, this number is replaced by 0.

After dialing your destination country code (Germany’s is 0251), dial the local number, which usually follows after it, followed by a slash and single digit; this final digit represents your subscriber telephone number that’s unique to every location.

While German phone numbers may seem complicated and intimidating, they’re easy to remember. Most German numbers consist of three components: country code, area code, and local number. The country code serves to identify which country the phone belongs to; its first digit serves to determine its location within it.

German phone numbers include additional digits that indicate which network or service the subscriber belongs to, for instance, 015x or 016x for mobile networks and numbers beginning with 0900 for toll-free service numbers and special services such as information services.

Consideration should also be given to the time difference when calling Germany from the US since Germany operates under Central European Time one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. This difference must be remembered when making calls from within America before picking up the phone.

How to call Germany from abroad?

Calling Germany from abroad doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive anymore. Whether for professional meetings with German clients, colleagues or friends, and family or simply connecting with old acquaintances – following the appropriate international dialing format makes calling Germany much more straightforward and cost-effective. Calls made from the US typically require an international access code (or exit code) and German area codes or telephone numbers; Skype or Dingtone offer convenient internet calling services that enable quick dialing into Germany. These apps will allow you to make international calls for free or at highly reduced costs – all you need is Wi-Fi or cellular data access. Alternatively, you may opt for a global calling plan from your provider or purchase prepaid calling cards with significantly discounted rates.

German phone numbers resemble American numbers, beginning with an international call prefix of either 00 or +49 before providing country codes and local telephone numbers. Including this call prefix allows carriers to distinguish international calls from domestic ones and save all your contacts’ German numbers in this format so you can reach them no matter where in Germany they may be.

Time zones should also be considered when calling German numbers since Germany follows Central European Time (CET) during winter months and Central European Summer Time (CEST) in the summertime, so it’s essential to bear this in mind when planning meetings or making business calls in Germany. There are tools available that allow users to quickly calculate time differences as well as stay current on daylight savings changes.

As more Germans now own mobile phones than landlines, many come equipped with built-in voicemail boxes containing generic greetings provided by phone manufacturers or carriers or configured so users can record their greetings. Furthermore, many German phones also come equipped with video messaging capabilities.

How to call Germany from a mobile phone?

If you plan on calling Germany from a mobile phone, you must understand its international calling rules. In particular, Germany has two country codes – +49 and local area codes for its various cities; also, make sure your mobile phone is set up for international calling and has the correct numbers saved in its contacts list; take into account time zone differences as Germany lies six hours ahead of Washington, DC.

Call German mobile numbers from the US; begin with an international access code of 00, dial 49 for Germany, local area codes, and then your contact’s phone number. If calling landlines instead of mobiles in Germany, add one before dialing their trunk code number.

Not only must you learn the format of German phone numbers, but you should also become acquainted with their different kinds. For instance, any number beginning with 0800 indicates a toll-free (gebuhrenfrei) line, which allows users to call without incurring charges; such sequences are frequently used for information services (like sex lines and party lines) and emergency services and hotlines.

A critical type of German phone number is their emergency number, which can be reached by dialing 112 from most phones in Germany. This emergency number serves as the universal emergency contact point and can be used to contact police, fire departments, or ambulance services. From mobile phones, it should start by adding 49 before entering an area code and local telephone number if calling from outside Germany. However, from other countries, add IDD followed by 49, then add your local number before dialing.