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What Is Lolli?


Lolli is a loyalty rewards program that enables users to get free Bitcoin rewards when shopping online, offering an easy way for beginners to start investing without signing up on complicated exchanges.

Lolli is an easy and secure platform that partners with well-known retailers to offer up to 30% back in Bitcoin for purchases. Plus, their customer wallet feature makes their services highly intuitive!

What is Lolli?

Lolli is a browser extension and mobile app designed to give users Bitcoin rewards when they shop online. Suitable for both crypto enthusiasts as well as everyday shoppers looking for simple ways to save money when shopping, Lolli works by returning up to 30% of a purchase as free Bitcoin that can be redeemed anytime; newcomers to cryptocurrency trading charts don’t have to navigate lengthy sign-up procedures before getting involved with Lolli’s crypto community!

This app is free to download and use, with no hidden fees or membership costs. It employs the same revenue model used by popular money-saving extensions like Honey and Rakuten, in which a portion of the commission earned from each sale is shared among customers. In contrast, part of that commission is distributed in Bitcoin form directly into a wallet within the app.

Retailers currently participating in the program include numerous stores, with new partners being added regularly. To make the experience as convenient for customers as possible, the app lets them link their bank account to automatically verify purchases – thus bypassing an otherwise cumbersome process for providing proof of identity and address documents.

Lolli’s referral program incentivizes users to bring as many friends onto the app – meaning more Bitcoin for everyone they refer. Join Lolli today, get instant rewards, and see your referrals earn big!

Lolli stands out as an invaluable platform in its ability to accept multiple currencies, enabling customers from around the globe to use it and earn Bitcoin regardless of which country or currency they reside in. This feature is particularly convenient for frequent travelers as they can quickly cash out their earnings anywhere they may be found around the globe.

Though there may be minor glitches occasionally with the Lolli app, overall, the experience is highly positive. The interface is user-friendly, and customer support staff members are responsive. For users needing specific assistance, they provide a dedicated chat channel for this purpose. Furthermore, over 15 articles answer common inquiries in their help center.

How does Lolli work?

Lolli is a Bitcoin cashback app that gives you up to 30% of your purchases in free Bitcoin. It works by attaching itself to your browser while shopping online. Automatically credit your account when a purchase is made – no more dealing with complex trading charts or signing up for cryptocurrency exchange accounts – saving time and effort!

Start Lolli by installing its browser extension. When installed, Lolli will alert you of eligible merchants. Select an offer, and click through to their website; after doing so, your Bitcoin will be deposited directly into your Lolli account; it can later be moved to whatever wallet of your choosing – currently, Lolli supports more than 50 banks, such as Chase and Wells Fargo!

Your Bitcoin amount depends on the merchant and type of purchase; for example, some retailers only give back a portion of what they charge back as Bitcoin while other stores may give more back than this. Once you receive it, use it to purchase goods or services from that merchant or convert it to another cryptocurrency.

Lolli is distinguished from other crypto cashback sites by using a secure framework to safeguard users’ Bitcoin balances without tracking web activity or selling personal information. If you decide to transfer Bitcoin away from Lolli, this action must be undertaken at your own risk.

Alex Adelman, the creator of Lolli, was inspired to launch this project after working as the Head of Growth at Cosmic Gift Box Provider and witnessing many customers show interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This experience motivated him for this new venture to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to mainstream consumers.

Lolli is still relatively new but already boasts a rapidly-expanding user base. To meet customer demand and provide top-tier support, Lolli has invested heavily in its infrastructure with features such as live chat and ticketing systems; also, they have dedicated support representatives who work 24/7 to address any issues customers might encounter; additionally, they keep adding retailers as new partners to the roster of retailers they partner with.

What percentage back can I expect?

Lolli is an app that gives its users cryptocurrency cashback when shopping at its partner retailers, with every purchase through it earning a $5 to $10 signup bonus! Although this may sound unbelievable, Lolli offers real rewards and works on both Apple and Android devices for free download and usage. They even offer new users who make an initial purchase through Lolli a $5-10 signup bonus!

The platform currently hosts many retailers such as Udemy, Adidas, Groupon, Walmart, and Expedia – this list continues to expand daily with new merchants joining daily. Users can view a comprehensive list of merchants by visiting the website; alternatively, download and use their app whenever shopping online.

Once you’ve created an account with Lolli, a unique identifier called a SatsTag will be assigned to you to help identify transactions on our platform. Your SatsTag may be used publicly or anonymously depending on how it’s used, but keep in mind that Lolli can revoke it at any time for various reasons, such as trademark infringement, conflicting similarity to well-known users, deceptive practices, or reserved words.

While the app is free to download and use, storing your rewards requires a cryptocurrency wallet like Coinbase (although other options exist). Once you have selected one, you can link it with the app to begin earning Bitcoin with each retailer purchase.

The app’s intuitive user experience makes it simple for newcomers to cryptocurrency to use it effectively, unlike other shopping apps where Bitcoin rewards may take 30 days before reaching your account.

If you are optimistic about Bitcoin, Lolli can be an invaluable way to make money off your purchases. Unfortunately, Lolli is currently only available in the US; however, its team hopes to expand internationally.

How long must I wait to see Bitcoin funds?

The Lolli app is free to download and use, though you must allow up to 90 days before reaping Bitcoin rewards from purchases made with its retail partners. This is because Lolli needs to verify each purchase with them individually to prevent abuse of this system; additionally, if items purchased through partner stores on which you earned rewards are returned, this could further muddle numbers and dilute rewards earned.

Lolli has partnered with some of the biggest online retailers in the US to allow users to earn Bitcoin rewards when shopping with these companies. Rewards come in the form of free Bitcoin which will automatically be deposited into your wallet – giving users a taste of cryptocurrency without dealing with complex trading charts or joining exchanges.

To use Lolli, it’s necessary to create a user profile by providing basic details, including your name and email address, and a password to protect your account. After linking your bank card with your profile and earning rewards, once your Bitcoin has accumulated, you may withdraw it into your wallet or bank account. However, it is strongly advised that transferring it directly will provide more security and independence from Lolli.

The Lolli App, launched in 2021 and boasting more than $10 Million in funding from investors such as Acrew Capital, social media influencers Chantel Jeffries and Logan Paul, as well as Chicago-based basketball content creator Kenny Beecham has proven itself as a massively successful platform that provides people access to Bitcoin while rewarding them for online shopping activity. Lolli is anticipated to experience exponential growth over time since its efficient platform allows ordinary people easy entry into cryptocurrency.