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What Stickers Are Best For Cars?


People often say your car reflects who you are, so if your ride has become somewhat dull, several proven methods for adding character – including stickers – can revitalize it and bring new life. Choose the best car decals.

100kmph specializes in custom stickers made of premium materials and is inspired by various speed cultures worldwide to design its stickers. Additionally, they provide a free standard sample pack.


Car stickers provide an expansive canvas to express political beliefs and spread quotes that inspire or send general messages. They’re a great way to send a powerful statement with every drive!

Your car windows provide an ideal canvas for personalized car decals with clear stickers. Their vibrant hues and shapes will stand out against the glass surface and add an eye-catching personal touch without damaging its paint job if these stickers are applied without using polyurethane sealers or painting products.

Many drivers enjoy decorating their vehicles with humorous car stickers ranging from jokes, puns, and cartoons that relieve traffic-related stress while entertaining passengers. Some even gather their entire family in one large stick figure family on the back of their vehicle – an easy way to showcase their children’s academic achievements or other accomplishments! However, once your children outgrow their sticker collection or you decide to sell your vehicle, the stickers must be safely and adequately removed before selling your car or being taken out of circulation by future buyers.


Custom window decals offer an innovative way to promote your brand and company information. Printed with your business logo and contact info, these stickers can easily adhere to any smooth, clean surface – including vehicles’ windows, doors, and storefronts – making your company visible without taking up valuable real estate space. Plus, they have both front- and back adhesive options for maximum flexibility!

Rear windows of cars can be ideal places for important messages that provide drivers with vital information about you or others on the road. Such statements could include school/college decals that show your alma mater or safety notices that should be seen by passing cars on the road.

Add a bit of fun and entertainment to your windows by creating fun family notices with amusing quotes or pictures of your children or designing an eye-catching family tree design featuring everyone in your household. These stickers make an excellent alternative to boring traditional notices that fail to grab people’s attention, plus they’re much cheaper and easier to apply than complete paint jobs or foiling! Just ensure that before applying stickers or decals, they adhere properly and last as expected.


Vehicle bumpers provide one of the most visible spaces to display car stickers and can be used to send messages, express personality traits, or make passersby laugh. But placement matters as it affects visibility and legibility – owners should place stickers where they provide maximum exposure.

Reddit user (lenny_is_gtc) posted an adorable banner on his grandmother’s car, receiving thousands of upvotes and making many Redditors smile.

Dave soon offers this clever bumper sticker as an amusing take on the traditional “baby on board” slogan – perfect for parents who wish to warn other drivers to be extra careful around their vehicles (via Dequan TV).

The material composition can also impact their longevity, with PVC stickers often being vulnerable to elements due to their adhesive being weakened by grime and moisture build-up. Therefore, choose weatherproof bumper stickers for optimal longevity.


Your car’s rear window is an effective place to share essential notices with other motorists. From warning about stray dogs to reminding drivers about keeping children in their seats, using clear stickers on its rear window is an efficient way of getting your message across – legibility being key here; sans serif font is recommended as the best solution.

This clean and crisp font is ideal for bumper stickers requiring high legibility levels. With its stylish lines spaced correctly, its text has a modern yet relaxed aesthetic, making reading enjoyable.

An alternative to Goo Gone and WD-40 may be white vinegar from your pantry. Apply some to stickers, let it sit for several minutes, and use a non-marring plastic scraper to peel it off your car. Both methods are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying commercial products. However, multiple attempts may be required before handling the sticker issue.


People turn to stickers as an affordable way to express themselves without incurring significant costs when updating their vehicle’s appearance. Unlike whole body wraps, vinyl decals and stickers made with permanent outdoor adhesive should not harm your car’s paint job, provided they correctly adhere. When selecting stickers for this use, ensure they comply securely and are durable enough to withstand weather changes and elements.

Popular car sticker choices for families include designs depicting mom, dad, siblings, and Spot. Some stickers reflect one’s interests or sense of humor – for instance, ZLTFashion’s 3D Broken Window Baseball Prank sticker can add a unique touch to your vehicle while showing your passion for your sport!

Be wary of Illinois vehicle equipment laws regarding windshield stickers. Illinois law states that no person may operate a motor vehicle while using signs, posters, or non-transparent materials on any window that obstruct or impair the driver’s clear view of the road; so for safety’s sake, it is best to keep such stickers on the passenger side where they won’t interfere with your driving.

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