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What’s New in the Samsung Internet Browser?


The Samsung Internet Browser is a mobile web browser that is developed by Samsung Electronics. It is based on the open-source Chromium project and comes preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy devices. The browser has a wide range of useful features, including a customizable address bar and secret browsing mode. The browser also lets you view 360@ videos and sync bookmarks with Google Chrome.

Customize the address bar

The latest version of the Samsung Internet browser includes the option to customize the position of the address bar. This feature is similar to what other manufacturers have included in their internet browsers, but you can make it appear where you want it to be. The standard position is on the top right corner, but you can reposition it to either the left or right. You can also adjust the size of the font, set the default font size, and hide the scroll bar if you wish.

If you want a more traditional look for your Samsung Internet browser, you can choose to move it to the bottom or the top. This can be helpful if you have smaller hands. Another option is to move the address bar to the right above the toolbar. This will make it easier for you to access websites that you want to visit.

Changing the address bar on Samsung internet is easy. The app offers three tab layouts: List, Grid, and Stack. You can change these settings from the Tabs menu or from the More options menu. Once you’ve changed the layout, just tap OK.

Sync bookmarks with Google Chrome

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, then you may be interested to learn about a new feature that allows you to sync bookmarks with Google Chrome on your Samsung Internet browser. The feature was recently rolled out in a Chrome update for the beta and stable channels. Apart from syncing bookmarks, the update also included other helpful features.

The update includes several improvements to the Samsung Internet browser, including a new privacy information feature for each website. Smart Anti-Tracking and phishing detection tools have also been added to the browser. If you’re using a Samsung mobile, then you’ll appreciate the enhanced security measures, which will help you stay safe online.

Once you’ve installed the extension on your Samsung smartphone, you can then sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome on your device. To get started, you’ll need to sign in with your Samsung account and then select the Chrome bookmarks option. From here, you can click Import to import all of your Google Chrome bookmarks into the Samsung browser.

Browse in secret mode

The Samsung Internet browser features a special feature called Secret Mode to keep your browsing history private. This feature makes it impossible for websites to track your browsing history while in Secret Mode. You can still save bookmarks and pages, but they will not show up in your recent tabs or browsing history. You can also change the settings of your browser to change whether it should be in Secret Mode or not.

If you want to use the Samsung Internet browser in secret mode, you need to enter a password. This password will prevent others from accessing your web browser in secret mode. Alternatively, you can use a biometric security feature to protect your data from unauthorized users. If you choose to use the secret mode, you will not be able to capture screenshots.

The new Samsung Internet 19.0 beta has a privacy info feature that lets you know how secure your connection is. It also tells you how many trackers and cookies are blocked. This feature also lets you clear your browsing history, cookies, and site data.

Sync with 360@ videos

Syncing 360@ videos with the Samsung Internet browser is easy. The browser has plenty of customization options. You can choose to have the video play in a square form or wrap it around in a 360-degree circle. Samsung’s video assistant simplifies the process by providing a simple layout and floating playback buttons.

The browser is similar to browsing the internet on a mobile device, with touch controls and intuitive scrolling. The headset-mounted touchpad helps navigate content with ease. This browser will also sync with 360@ videos and photos. Samsung’s browser also includes quick access to content blockers and extensions.

The browser has an anti-tracking feature that intelligently blocks cookies from websites. Users can also log in with their Samsung account to synchronize their bookmarks across different devices. Another nice feature of the browser is that it syncs with Google Chrome without the need to sign out. The browser also includes ad blockers and high-contrast display mode.