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Where Can I Get Free Rap Instrumentals?


Rappers are constantly looking for beats that will elevate their music, and the Internet offers plenty of solutions, from websites offering free hip-hop instrumentals to platforms where producers can network with rappers. Discover the best info about rap beats.

r/instrumentals subreddit provides producers with free instrumentals that they can stream or download, providing everything a producer requires, from free instrumentals to an impressive song library.


Rappers on a budget can utilize these websites to download free beats and hip-hop instrumentals. Each provides access to multiple music genres with live previews and filtering options; many even require no email address signup.

These websites also provide commercial-use licenses if you wish to release your music for a commercial project.

Airbit is one of the premier sites for selling beats, offering freestyle and hip-hop instrumentals and premium beats to rappers.

Fesliyan Studios

Fesliyan Studios is an excellent website for finding royalty-free rap beats to use in music videos. Offering various genres, live previews, and filtering capabilities and tools. Furthermore, this resource offers numerous royalty-free options suitable for personal use.

The site hosts an impressive library of music that is organized into collections. Each collection has its own set of conditions regarding how and if its music can be used commercially or non-commercially.

Pond5 is another site dedicated to offering free rap beats. With its user-friendly interface and a wide variety of music genres and moods available for search, rappers are sure to find their perfect beat here.


Airbit is a beat marketplace designed to empower music creators by equipping them with tools to make music fairer and user-friendly – such as YouTube monetization. As such, Airbit provides producers with the ideal place to expand their brands and incomes.

This platform also enables producers to create pdf contracts that their clients can download and sign when purchasing beats from them, protecting both buyer and producer and helping both understand their rights and obligations.

This website offers an expansive collection of hip-hop instrumentals and free rap beats. Every week new beats are uploaded, free for noncommercial use, but Phat Suspekt may offer upgraded license options.


Beatstars is the go-to marketplace for purchasing beats. Rappers and producers alike can access an extensive library of beats for commercial or noncommercial use, depending on what their producer allows them to do.

Batshon first had the idea for BeatStars while searching AOL chat rooms for producers to lease beats. To streamline this process, he established BeatStars; today, his vision has become a reality.


Rappers often struggle to find the ideal product for their music. Unfortunately, not every rapper can afford the services of professional producers they feel connect with well, and finding beats that suit their style can be daunting. Luckily, websites are offering free rap instrumentals.

Some websites offer Beats free for noncommercial use, while others require a subscription or email address to download Beats. Each website also provides different genres and live previews. YouTube is one of the most popular choices, with a vast library of royalty-free music.

Unbelievable beats

Purple Planet provides music artists and rappers free beats for personal projects or commercial endeavors; commercial use requires a license. The website also features premium beats which cost money to download.

This site is one of the oldest beat-selling websites. It provides an impressive variety of genres and styles spanning rap, rock, and electronic dance music. All beats available are public domain and creative commons formats – some require attribution while others don’t.

Another source for royalty-free beats is r/instrumentals, an entire subreddit dedicated to sharing and requesting instrumentals. YouTube and Soundcloud can also offer beats.


Soundcloud is a well-known online audio-sharing platform with an expansive library of tracks. Creators can connect with communities and share their work, while many tracks exclusive to Soundcloud cannot be found anywhere else – you can stream or download these songs for free via Soundcloud!

The platform offers public domain and Creative Commons music that may be used commercially without attribution, including videos, podcasts, social media posts (TikTok/Vimeo, etc.), presentations, and presentations.

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