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XchangeBTC Review – Are you Making the Right Choice?


All it takes is a quick glance for you to understand that XchangeBTC is a professional and well-rounded brokerage that is offering its trading services to global traders. However, this does not mean that it will be the right choice for you. Why? This is because every trader is different; your priorities, expectations and requirements will not be the same as the next trader in the market. Thus, you have to take your own preferences into account in order to find the brokerage that can live up to your expectations. Going through this XchangeBTC review can give you some insight into its services. To know more about chiffrephileconsulting click here.

It is a bitcoin broker that has garnered a lot of attention in the market and you will also be drawn to it. But, putting in a bit of time and effort can save you the hassle of starting from scratch down the road. You need to know exactly what XchangeBTC can deliver and if it is what you need. Let’s go over their services:

Crypto and other assets

When people are considering the XchangeBTC platform for their trading needs, they are often confused about the assets they will have at their disposal. Since it is advertised as a bitcoin broker, many believe that it only offers cryptocurrencies for trading and is the best cryptocurrency payment gateway. The fact is that XchangeBTC allows you to trade, stake, mine, borrow, lend and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Most importantly, it has not limited its offerings to the crypto market alone, as XchangeBTC also gives you access to some of the other well-known financial markets in the world. You will be able to trade major and minor forex currency pairs, soft and hard commodities, lucrative indices and some of the most popular stocks.

Account opening procedure and options

Many traders are intimidated by the process of account opening, so you need to know what XchangeBTC asks you to do to register with them. The good news is that the process is uncomplicated and quick as well. You will not be frustrated, or have to spend days registering yourself. There is just a short form to be completed on the website itself, barely taking a few minutes.

As soon as you are registered, you will be asked to choose an option from the five that XchangeBTC has added on its platform. The five accounts are Mini, Silver, Gold, Diamond and VIP and the variety is meant to ensure that all traders, whether they are novices, intermediate traders, or experts, can find an appropriate account for their needs. The minimum deposit has to be made in BTC and is 0.3, 1, 5 and 10 BTC. The final account is only available upon invitation and your account manager can give you details about it.

No matter what account you go with, you will see that XchangeBTC has added top-notch features in each. This includes varying level of leverage and margin loan, as well as features like wealth manager, account manager, in-depth research, invitation to VIP events, one-on-one sessions with analyst, daily market reviews, portfolio construction, bonus, webinars, higher payouts, super tight spreads and customized education.

Data and fund safety

With cyberattacks on the rise, people are concerned about their safety when trading online. They want to know that their data and their funds will remain safe and this is something XchangeBTC can reassure you about. Their safety measures are such that they can mitigate your concerns. They do not use your funds for their own obligations and keep them in segregated accounts to prevent misappropriation.

The data that you share is kept under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption at XchangeBTC and not shared with any third parties without your consent. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies can reduce the possibility of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering.

Final Decision

When you have weighed in the offerings of XchangeBTC, you can see that you are making the right choice and it can offer the optimal experience you want.

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