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Xiaomi 10t Lite Review


The Xiaomi 10t Lite is an excellent device with lots to offer. It has a fast and smooth 120Hz screen, a top-notch camera, and 5G support at an affordable price.

The build of the Mi 10t Lite is premium in hand, thanks to glass on both the front and back. It feels more expensive than its asking price suggests.


The Mi 10t Lite’s 6.67-inch IPS display is very sharp, with a high pixel density. It also supports HDR10, which means the colors are bright and rich.

The screen’s 120Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate is excellent, and the panel’s responsive pixels make the display feel smoother than you might expect at this price point. However, it’s important to note that the board isn’t as fast as other 120Hz OLED screens, so there was some jitter when scrolling text at this rate.

While the screen isn’t as good as the competition, it still works well and provides plenty of contrast and brightness to keep you comfortable. You might want to turn off auto-brightness to avoid dimming too much when transitioning between indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, though. The Mi 10t Lite is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable 5G phone with a sharp screen, a capable camera, and a big battery.


The Xiaomi 10t Lite has one of the best main cameras on the market at this price point. A 64MP Sony IMX 682 sensor “bins” groups of four 0.8-micron pixels into 1.6-micron super-pixels for improved low-light performance.

That’s a great combination, and the Mi 10t Lite delivers a good photo and video performance, even in bright scenes. It also has a dedicated night mode, which helps out a little in dim lighting conditions.

The rear camera array is similar to the Poco X3 NFC’s, with four shooters (64MP main, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP macro, and 16MP selfie) mounted in a square layout. It’s a solid setup and a lot of fun to use.


The battery is another strong point of the Xiaomi 10t Lite. Its 4,820mAh cell offers balanced battery life, quickly enough to see you through a full day’s use.

Its 120Hz display also reduces power demands, which is a good thing for the long-term health of your phone’s battery. We’d say that even on a heavy day of Wi-Fi hot spotting, gaming, and Google Maps usage, you should still have around 70% left at the end of the day.

The Xiaomi 10t Lite is an excellent entry-level 5G smartphone. Its Snapdragon 750G processor, HDR10-compatible 6.67-inch screen, and 4820mAh battery make it an ideal choice for 5G users on a budget.


There’s an excellent balance of value in the Mi 10t Lite, with a fast refresh-rate screen, decent battery life, and 5G connectivity. It also doesn’t cost much more than its predecessor – and that’s a big deal in the smartphone world.

The 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen sports a 120Hz AdaptiveSync Refresh rate and HDR10 support, with a maximum brightness of 450nits and a 395PPI pixel density. It’s not as smooth as a more expensive 120Hz OLED phone, but the colors, contrast, and full brightness are excellent at this price.

The main camera on the rear is a 64-megapixel quad-lens affair, while a more straightforward 16-megapixel front shooter does the job too. It’s good in daylight and takes good low-light pictures but can be sluggish during indoor shots.