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Advanced scalper review – Read it now!

Advanced scalper review


In this article, we have mentioned an advanced scalper review that will be useful to you in the long run. By the term Advanced Scalper, we refer to a comprehensive automated trading system which has been formed after many years of research. According to the claims made by the vendor, this particular robot has the backing of three years’ worth of live trading outcomes.

As per the vendor, there is a slippage control algorithm as well as a spread filter with this particular EA that helps it to stay away from significant losses at the time of massive slippage. Nevertheless, there isn’t any cash-back guarantee for this particular system whose cost is rather high. Nevertheless, there is sufficient evidence of reputation which makes it worthwhile to invest in it.

What is the functioning process of Advanced Scalper?

With every single trade, Advanced Scalper makes use of a stop loss. It features a spread filter as well as a sophisticated stop-loss management system that allows it to stay away from trading even when the conditions in the market are unfavorable. It is possible to fine-tune the trading entries according to your trading style despite the fact that the system is 100% automatic.

advanced scalper review
advanced scalper review

It comes with an exit strategy that can be used by you with manual trading. As per the vendor, this particular robot has already survived sophisticated backtests which have been performed flawlessly with 98% tick data. It is recommended by the vendor to operate this robot on brokers having a swift exhibition, low commission, as well as low spreads. Moreover, it is also advisable for you to make use of an ECN broker.

Currency pairs, timeframe, deposit

There are 3 pairs in which the trading in Advanced Scalper is done, namely, USD/JPY, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. It is recommended by the vendor to have a balance of at least $150 for operating the complete setup. Even though it is feasible for the EA to operate on virtually any timeframe, you must H4 or H1 for making the entry points secure.

Trading approach

No explanation is provided by the vendor for the trading technique employed by Advanced Scalper. Nevertheless, we may presume that it happens to be a scalping technique from the EA’s name itself. A huge number of threads typically display scalper bots on a regular basis in an attempt to make trivial profits from every single trade. This particular technique makes use of the trivial price shifts happening during the day, and it is imperative for the system to execute trades efficiently and quickly.

Pricing and refund

Advanced Scalper is marketed for $290 on the official website of MQL5. It might seem to us that this is a lot for a simple scalping robot, and moreover, no cash-back guarantee is provided by the vendor. According to the vendor, the robot’s actual price happens to be $990 and only a couple of copies are left to be marketed prior to the alteration of the price to $390. This appears to us to be an inexpensive marketing strategy in the long run.

Trading results

This happens to be a live trading account on the website of Myfxbook that depicts trading outcomes for Advanced Scalper. As many as 6167 trades are placed by means of this particular account, and amongst them, 4617 have been won. There is a 75% win rate for this account along with a 1.30 profit factor. It informs us that this EA is appropriate for any trader who wants to make significant profits in no time whatsoever.

advanced scalper review
advanced scalper review

The 22.90 % drawdown is another notable thing regarding this account which is somewhat high. At present, the monthly and daily gains happen to be 4.08% and 0.13% respectively.


Here, it is obvious to us from these results that the comparative drawdown is somewhat high. The win rate for the EA has been 95.54% for this particular backtest along with a 2.92 profit factor. As a result, the live trading outcomes aren’t that impressive, unlike the historical performance.

What individuals have to say regarding Advanced Scalper

There is no doubt that the Advanced Scalper is not a scam by any means. There are many customer reviews on the official website of MQL5 where the users have made lots of praise for Advanced Scalper. This is what we saw in the live trading outcomes. There are also verified reviews on reliable third-party websites that inform us that this robot has lots of good reputation on the market