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Aesthetic Places Near Kolkata


There are several aesthetic places near Kolkata that are worth visiting. Some include Chinatown, Hasting House, Tiretti Bazaar, and College Street. The Arty Cafe is one such place. You can get a cup of tea in a faux gazebo or sit indoors among the art-filled walls. This cafe offers exquisite tea and has a window collage wall.

Hasting House

Hastings House is a landmark in the Belvedere Estate in Alipore, Kolkata. This heritage house was a gift from Mir Jafar Ali Khan, the then-nawab of Bengal. Its history and legends are still evident today.

The house itself is haunted. It is rumored that the ghost of Warren Hastings haunts the building. This is an exciting place to visit, especially for those interested in Colonial architecture. The building is also home to Gothic tombs, which are fascinating insights into the period’s architecture.

Tinetti Bazaar

Tinetti Bazaar is an attractive place near Kolkata where you can purchase various items. The traditional wholesale market specializes in electrical and lighting items, but you can also find food stalls here. The area is also a popular meeting place for locals.

You’ll know you’re right when you smell the wafting aroma of food sold on the sidewalks. The streets are lined with makeshift hawkers who sell everything from fish balls and sui mai to spring rolls and fried wontons. And it’s all inexpensive! You can find dim sum, sui mi, bao, and pies for under twenty rupees a piece.


You can visit the old Chinatown in Kolkata, also known as Tiretta Bazaar. The Old Chinatown was once the home of around 20000 ethnic Chinese nationals. This place is one of the oldest in India and was one of the first to feature a Chinatown. The area is also home to the Hakka Chinese people, who are credited for the local style of Chinese food. The Chinese temples in this area serve as social gathering places for the community and hold festivals here.

Chinatown is one of the most aesthetic places in Kolkata, and the heritage of the ancient Chinese culture is evident here. The town has been a cultural hub for the Chinese community in the past, and the streets reflect the history of multiculturalism in the city. The streets are dotted with ancient kaleidoscopic buildings, and many of them are decorated with paper lanterns.

College street

College Street is a 1.5 km long street in the heart of central Kolkata that is brimming with color and character. It’s home to a renowned book market, one of the oldest coffee houses in the city, and a host of universities. It’s also known for its hidden alleys, lined with colonial buildings and decades-old shops. It’s one of the most photogenic places in Kolkata and a great place to visit while you’re here.

College Street is the intellectual heart of the city. The city prides itself on its academic traditions, and you can find just about any book you want amongst the thousands of second-hand bookstalls that line the street. In addition, the street is lined with pavement bookshops, and you can even find rare titles if you’re lucky.

Calcutta Bungalow

In the city’s heart, Calcutta Bungalow is a place of aesthetic wonder. It has six rooms, each of which has a special significance. You’ll find antique sewing machines, a massive copper bathtub, and chandeliers made from cooking utensils. The rooms are also adorned with traditional curios. Since the bungalow is private, guests and visitors are not allowed to take pictures outside.

Calcutta Bungalow is a heritage bed and breakfast, unlike other similar establishments. They use recycled materials to construct their bungalows, and you can feel the authenticity of the buildings. They even provide ambassador cars if you want a private vehicle to get around the city.