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Apple iPhone 12 mini review – Apple is known for setting trends rather than pursuing them, and the iPhone 12 mini is no exception. The latest 5.4-inch model stands out in a world where almost all smartphones have 6-inch or larger displays. However, The Apple iPhone 12 mini review is a perfect 5G value because it fully supports next-generation networks in all of their forms.

Hence, why should we miss a chance to write about it? We have described more about it in Apple iPhone 12 Mini Review.

Apple iPhone 12 mini review


The Apple iPhone 12 mini review has a 5.4-inch display that is nearly edge-to-edge, with just a notch in the way. Even though the iPhone 12 mini’s footprint is closely three-tenths of an inch shorter and a tenth narrower than the 4.7-inch SE, there’s much more usable real estate because the screen dominates the device’s surface area.

iPhone12 mini has a flat-edge, aluminum design, mostly glossy glass back and flat display protected by Apple’s new Ceramic Shield material that promises 4x improved shatter resistance. Cupertino has also improved water resistance. iPhone 12 mini can withstand up to about 20 feet of submersion for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Apple’s latest MagSafe system that users can use for wireless charging. The location is on the back of the iPhone 12 mini.


The phone has three cameras. The location of A 12-megapixel camera is on the front of the unit with a lens on the back with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

The following are the most important features:

  • Portrait mode is available on both the front and rear cameras. The Night Mode works in the same way.
  • Users can track or record 4k videos at up to 60 frames per second. If you want to capture the Dolby Vision video with 10-bit HDR colors, the frame rate drops to 30FPS.
  • Optical image stabilization is available on the sensor.
  • In good light, the iPhone 12 mini takes detailed, well-saturated, and well-exposed images.
  • The dynamic range is outstanding.
  • The ultra-wide-angle lens is a treat if you use it in good light.
  • The 4G and 5G features of the iPhone 12 mini are up to the mark
  • The voice call quality is excellent. The double stereo speakers on iPhone 12 mini are remarkably louder, more open, and better.


The A14 Bionic processor is in the iPhone 12 mini. Small phones are notorious for being underpowered in their performance, but the iPhone 12 mini is just as fast as the bigger, more expensive models.

E.g., the iPhone 12 mini took only 27 seconds to complete our video encoding test, which involved converting a 4K clip to 1080p using the Adobe Premiere Rush software and timing the results.


It’s the most impressive iPhone 12 model because it does all the bigger, more costly versions while fitting all of the capability into an almost impossible small frame. iPhone 12 mini is ideal for those looking for a luxury phone with a smaller screen.

Apple iPhone 12 mini review

Apple iPhone 12 mini review

How to contact Apple for any further queries?

You can get in touch with Apple at 000800 040 1966. To get in touch with Apple through e-mail, go to and select the e-mail option. Apple does not give its e-mail address until you submit your query and get an e-mail confirmation.

Where is the head office of Apple?

The head office of Apple is in Cupertino, California, United States.

Who is the owner of Apple?

The owner of Apple is Mr. Tim Cook.