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Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review – Best Sound Quality



Samsung Soundbar Q800T review – We all enjoy binge-watching our favorite shows and movies on big screens or our TV. However, what can make it a better experience is a more premium sound quality. It will make your experience one step further. When you combine good picture quality Television with Samsung Soundbar Q800T, the results are going to be astonishing. The clarity and intensity of the sound will consume you into your screen. Let’s do a Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review to learn more about it.

Samsung Soundbar Q800T review

Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review – Features

While manufacturing the Samsung Soundbar Q800T, the creators kept the Samsung QLED TV in their minds. Its extraordinary features are the prime reason of how it is doing so well in the market. The chief characteristic that Samsung emphasizes is as below:

  1. 3D Audio Codec Support
  2. Q-Symphony
  3. True 3.1.2 Sound
  4. Built-in Voice Assistant
  5. True Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  6. Samsung Acoustic Beam

The approval of this product comes from the California Audio Lab, where qualified audio engineers correctly fused acoustic technology and computer modeling. Hence, it resulted in a balanced, room-filling, clear, and distinct sound experience.

Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review – Highlights

Now that we know the purpose and features of Samsung Soundbar Q800T, you can take a look at the general highlights. This section covers the other details that straight away affect the overall quality and effectiveness of the product. Besides chief features, one should also be aware of the cost, warranty period, accessories, power output, and many more. Let’s have a look at what exceptional qualities does this product hold within itself.

  1. This product is available to you at 330 W Power output. However, it can be slightly expensive for some of the users. Therefore, you can also switch to the one with a 360 W power output. There is a vast difference between their prizes.
  2. Its Power Source is AC Adapter.
  3. It is a wireless music streaming product. Therefore, you can easily connect to it through Bluetooth.
  4. It has a 4k Video pass and HDR 10 +
  5. Samsung Soundbar Q800T comes with Up Firing and Side Firing speakers. Also, it has a wide range of tweeters that comes with a wireless subwoofer.
  6. You will have access to one remote control along with the product.
  7. The company is providing one year warranty period starting from the date of invoice.
  8. You will have seven days for any replacement request or brand assistance for device issues.

Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review – Negative and Positive Testimonials


Samsung Soundbar Q800T review


Samsung Soundbar Q800T review


In conclusion, if you want to have a high-fidelity, cinematic audio experience, then you are one step away from it. This Samsung Soundbar Q800T Review has taught us the various features that you can expect from it. The testimonials also show us the drawback that few people have faced after purchasing this product. However, most of them are pretty satisfied and enjoying the immersive Audio-visual experience from the comfort of their home. And lastly, you can also connect it with your Samsung TV to have a better experience while watching your favorite shows. Therefore, do your research and take one step forward from having a classic audio experience.

How to contact Samsung for further queries?

If you want to contact Samsung, you can simply dial +94 11 7267864. You can also take advantage of E-mail support present on their website.

Who is the owner of Samsung?

The owner of the Samsung is Mr. Ken Kang.

Where is the headquarter office of Samsung?

The headquarters of Samsung is at Suwon-si, South Korea.