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Benefits of Stone Wall Panels


Stone wall panels can make an excellent addition to your home exterior or interior project, both externally and internally. Their durable construction makes them resilient against weather conditions and pest infestation, and their stunning aesthetic ensures they look gorgeous even during hot, sun-drenched afternoons. Discover the best info about stone wall panels.

Most stacked stone panel products feature prefabricated corner units explicitly designed to complement them, all it takes to achieve an authentic looking cladding appearance is construction adhesive and screws.


Stone wall panels offer many advantages for interior and exterior decor projects, including their durability. Engineered to withstand impacts while withstanding weather conditions such as moisture and UV rays, these durable panels make an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor uses, such as accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and landscaping features. Furthermore, their rustic aesthetic can add character without breaking the bank!

Installing stone cladding requires careful consideration of its load-bearing capacity. To properly support lateral loads that pass through it to a building’s primary structural frame or secondary framing systems and vertical loads imposed from construction activities or wind/earthquake forces.

To achieve optimum performance, stone cladding must incorporate reinforcement and connections that comply with industry-recommended safety factors for stone. These safety factors usually take into account physical/mechanical properties as well as potential differential thermal movement at joints.

Surface Shop’s stacked stone wall panel products are specifically designed to offer this level of durability. They are constructed using pieces of natural stone that have been cut down to size and glued into calibrated panels that make installation quick and straightforward, unlike loose stone, which requires laborious installation time and costs. These panel products come in set sizes that save on both installation time and labor expenses compared to loose stone options.


Stone wall claddings remain immensely popular because they bring a natural aesthetic into both interior and exterior spaces. From slate’s rustic charm to marble’s classic elegance, there is sure to be something suitable for everyone’s aesthetic tastes and preferences when selecting their wall panels.

Stone wall panels add even greater versatility with their wide array of colors, textures, and patterns, enabling you to easily achieve the look that best suits you. Furthermore, these versatile pieces can be found anywhere, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and commercial settings, giving you complete creative control.

Stone wall panels are also moisture-resistant and easy to maintain, making them the ideal choice for humid areas such as bathrooms. Their low maintenance needs make them suitable for busy households.

To maintain the beauty of your stone walls, wipe them down regularly using mild soap or cleaner designed for stone surfaces. Be wary of abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as these could potentially damage their surface and shorten their lifespan.

Are you ready to enhance the aesthetic of your home with authentic stone wall panels? Get in touch with us now so we can show you how these durable, versatile, and eye-catching finishes can transform it.

Easy to install

Stone wall claddings such as this type are versatile enough to fit over existing walls without needing to remove existing drywall and add framing. This will make the installation process faster and cheaper. The cement board should first be applied over any existing drywall before adhering to the panels with thin-set adhesive. By following this technique, no existing framing needs to be removed, making for quicker and cheaper installations!

Lay each panel tightly and correctly for successful cladding to achieve an even and level horizontal surface, starting from the bottom corner and working your way upward. If working from the right, trim the finger side of panels in each row to differing widths than previous rows; this will stagger seams less visibly.

Before beginning the installation of panels, it’s a wise idea to create a plan and mark all stud locations with pencil. This will help eliminate any unexpected complications during installation. Furthermore, you could draw a pattern on the wall as an added measure to see what it will look like once complete.

Once GenStone has been secured to the wall with glue, fasten it using screws. One screw per square foot should be used around its perimeter and through its center to attach each panel securely to its base. Hide screws under protruding rocks or grout lines so as to conceal them entirely if necessary – or apply color-matched caulk for even further discreet fastenings!

Low maintenance

Stone wall panels require minimal upkeep compared to natural stone materials, which makes them more cost-effective and hassle-free than their predecessors. Cleaning using power-washing methods is easy, while damaged panels can be easily swapped out without disrupting the whole cladding system. Furthermore, installation times for these systems tend to be faster since no mortar is required for their assembly.

Thin stone veneers require little other regular maintenance aside from an occasional cleaning; sealant replacement should occur approximately every seven to twenty years, and periodic evaluation of cladding systems to detect evidence of structural distress is also advised.

Stone wall systems tend to be constructed as curtain walls or facades, thus not transferring significant loads onto building structures. However, any lateral loads brought on by wind and seismic forces must be transferred onto the primary framing and secondary structures of the wall and designed with an energy performance strategy in mind. Cladding should also be explicitly designed to resist these forces for optimal energy performance.

Are you looking to add an elegant touch to your interiors or exteriors? Our stacked stone wall panels are the ideal way to do just that. Indoors, they can cover an outdated fireplace, create a kitchen backsplash, or transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like retreat, and outdoors, they can enhance facades, barbecue islands, or gardens to make any project genuinely stunning.