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Best Burgers Near Me in NYC


From fine dining restaurants to dive bars, New York City has no shortage of delicious burgers. Whether your preference lies with dry-aged beef patties or juicy cheeseburgers – there’s sure to be something suitable!

Raoul’s is an absolute must for meat enthusiasts. Their signature patty is covered with black peppercorns and served alongside creamy Saint-Andre cheese.


Though the burger may seem simple, it has become an integral part of New York City dining culture. From gourmet dry-aged options to fast food chains’ take on this iconic dish, here are a few of NYC’s best burgers:

Peter Luger may be best known for its steak, but its burgers are equally excellent. Peter Luger offers several specialty burgers, such as their Black Label Burger. Crafted with dry-aged beef and served on a Balthazar bun topped with caramelized onions, it’s not cheap but worth every penny!

Corner Bistro has been serving locals in West Village for 50 years. Their specialty lies in their famous burgers served with fries. Each one of their burgers boasts a crispy outside and juicy inside for maximum enjoyment! Customization options extend beyond your standard fare; add an egg or cheese to personalize your bite-size feast!

PJ Clarke’s is an old-school dive bar serving up some of the finest burgers in New York City. Their simple yet delicious burgers, such as their Double Smoked Bacon Burger, are popular choices; its extra layer of flavor comes courtesy of bacon. These indulgent creations make an ideal meal either at lunch or dinner time at this charming establishment.

Red Hook Tavern in Brooklyn recently survived a fire and has reopened for business as usual. Their burgers don’t go for anything extravagant; just a griddled, hearty beef blend topped with American cheese on a potato bun! Red Hook also offers other delicious dishes.

Minetta Tavern serves a delicious dry-aged ribeye burger that pairs perfectly with its assortment of toppings and is priced to meet any budget. However, try BK Jani’s Jani burger for something less extravagant yet still delectable, which packs some heat without going too far and features unique mint chutney to complete the experience.

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan is a favorite among celebrities and locals, boasting dark wood paneling and dim lighting that transports guests back to old New York. Offering both formal and casual dining experiences alike, this steakhouse serves one of NYC’s best burgers alongside its award-winning steaks.

If you’re craving an affordable and satisfying burger experience, look no further than Superiority Burger. Boasting a perfectly crispy bun and juicy meat patty that will satisfy even your meatiest desires, plus its special sauce, adds an extra delicious kick of flavor. Unfortunately, there’s no seating available, but they make it easy enough to take their delightful treat away and enjoy it later at Tompkins Square Park.

Peter Luger’s, an iconic NYC steakhouse, offers another delicious option in their Luger-Burger. Made of over half a pound of USDA prime beef cooked medium rare, you can add thick-cut bacon as an optional extra. Most importantly, though, is its outstanding taste – making this experience worth its cost!

The Happiest Hour’s name must come up when discussing NYC’s best burgers. Situated inside an antique railroad car and boasting an informal vibe, The Happiest Hour diner is ideal for relaxing with friends or enjoying an enjoyable solo dining experience. Their unique menu uses seasonal ingredients in creative ways. Their signature onion rings provide the finishing touch.

Corner Bistro’s burger is a delectable American classic. Boasting two thick patties, lettuce, tomato, pickles, confit onions, and American cheese, this tasty treat is beloved in West Village and widely considered one of the top burgers in New York City – but be warned – its satisfying nature may leave you feeling slightly queasy after devouring it!

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro in West Village is one of the best places in NYC to get an incredible cheeseburger. Known for their massive, delectable burgers topped with bacon and American cheese, Corner Bistro provides affordable, fast bites for New Yorkers looking for fast food at an affordable price. They even serve cheap pints of beer or draft ales!

This small, no-frills eatery features tables along the wall and a classic neon sign. Inside is another set of tables and a bar with old wooden furniture for a welcoming, kind atmosphere with flattering lighting. Food quality ranges from excellent raw bar items, duck foie gras, oversauced steak dishes, and promising pasta dishes to average fare.

Corner Bistro is an instant local favorite in Greenwich Village. Their prices for everything from large baskets of fries and refreshing pints to delicious burgers will surprise you – not to mention their laid-back yet relaxing atmosphere and outstanding staff, who are always happy to answer questions and provide recommendations!

The menu at this cafe is straightforward and affordable, with burgers and fries costing less than $10 each. Their award-winning burgers have received praise from numerous publications; you must try them if you visit this area!

While burgers are the main draw at this location, other menu items should not be overlooked either. Grilled octopus is tender and delicious, while their chicken sandwich and grilled cheese offerings are famous. Plus, you can add soup or salad for an unforgettable dining experience!

Cash-only restaurants such as this can be challenging to come across during busy periods; make sure you bring cash to this restaurant! Also, keep in mind that they may only accept payments made directly.


New York City offers something delicious for every palate. NYC restaurants offer various delectable meals, from gourmet burgers to classic diner fare. Whether it’s a quick bite to go or an elegant dining experience for two, there will surely be an option that meets both your tastes and budget!

While New York is widely known for its steakhouses, burgers have also become a favorite. From gourmet versions made with specialty meats or even foie gras to those served on brioche buns with caramelized onions and American cheese – NYC boasts some of the best burger joints around! Many have received high reviews from foodies and locals alike and earned some top spots on our list of recommended burgers in NYC.

Peter Luger Steakhouse in NYC is well known for its classic Luger-Burger burger, an instant classic made of medium-rare USDA prime beef, American cheese, and raw onion rings on a fluffy sesame bun. Soft yet flavorful bun; succulent yet succulent meat; simple preparation makes this patty one of the finest burgers available anywhere in NYC.

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger has earned itself among New York City’s best among locals and foodies, so it is well worth journeying to this trendy eatery. Crafted with dry-aged cuts of beef, caramelized onions, and American cheese and served on a Balthazar brioche bun, its creators pride themselves on their imaginative cocktails and craft beer selections.

PJ Clarke’s is an old-school diner with some of the city’s best burgers, such as their legendary bacon cheeseburger dubbed by Nat King Cole as “the Cadillac of burgers.” Visitors to NYC should experience this unforgettable meal with seasoned fries for a fantastic combination of flavors!

At PJ Clarke’s, the environment is casual yet comfortable, and service is friendly and accommodating. Their burgers are both tasty and cost-effective!