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Best Grenade Spots Dust 2


Dust 2 is one of the most beloved maps in CS: GO, and understanding its layout can give you a significant edge against opponents. This article will focus on its most crucial spots, such as Rush B, A Site Entry and From the Skylight.

B site can be an invaluable asset to T-side players as it prevents enemy players from accessing CT spawn. For it to work successfully, however, you must keep B site under your control.

A Site Entry

If you want to win at CS: GO, you must know the ideal grenade spots on Dust2. This will allow you to take control of the map step by step and eliminate enemy players as you work together as a team. Newcomers often make the mistake of wandering across the map before being trapped in no-man’s land and eventually killed by enemy players. This guide provides some of the most beneficial grenade spots used by professional players; these spots are perfect for throwing Smoke Flashbangs, and HE Grenades as these utility types each have specific purposes that make them effective once in place.

Our first grenade spot can help prevent CTs from taking B site by slowing them down and stopping their advance through tunnels. To reach it, stand in the tunnel area and look up at the roof; you should notice a gap in two bits of sheet metal. Use smoke grenades here to obstruct their view, making taking this area difficult for snipers.

If enemies are hiding there, this area is also an excellent location to launch flashbangs or Molotov cocktails at them and burn them. Landing one will open up new opportunities to move in on them more directly; alternatively, you could wait in this area until the enemy team comes out, then use an HE grenade against them as soon as they emerge.

On the Dust 2 map, another great grenade spot can be found just outside A site doors. As enemies often use this area to lurk and ambush you, make sure you’re prepared with smoke or flash bombs in case enemy CTs try and move into this site through its doors. Throwing smoke or flash bombs here can block them off while giving you time to advance into it safely.

Dust 2 has many strategic locations for throwing grenades that can prove effective under various circumstances. You will quickly discover where each utility fits best within your inventory with practice.

From the Skylight

Finding the ideal grenade spots Dust 2 is essential to any competitive player, as it will determine whether you stay at the forefront or fall behind. These locations are great for stopping enemies from storming your site, making you safer while remaining easy to use – line up your shot and throw the grenade where needed!

The first popular vantage point in A Long is from the skylight on the second-floor building near its entrance. From this location, one has an unobstructed view of all areas, making it easier to identify enemy players who may be sneaking up on your team and detect possible surprises.

Xbox smoke, situated near T-spawn, is another excellent spot for stopping enemy AWPers from pushing through A Long. By smoking them out and keeping their sight blocked off ahead, this area prevents enemy AWPers from moving through A Long. A similar strategy works on the back platform where enemy AWPers tend to camp out and target your teammates; launching a Molly into this spot can eliminate these campouts and give your team a chance of pushing into the B site.

Lower tunnels provide another excellent location to attack enemies hiding or moving around the area. As movement in these sections is generally relatively slow, it makes hitting an incoming grenade with precision easier – just take care not to be caught in its explosion, as that will kill you instantly.

The New Car is an excellent location in CS: GO to throw grenades, as it will eliminate all enemies that hide under its hood. Timing your throw correctly requires patience and practice – ideally, press both left and right buttons to land it precisely where intended and kill all enemies nearby.

New Cars

New cars in Dust 2 provide some of the best grenade spots. Since CS: GO revamped their map, players have taken to using them as one-shot kill spots – giving an advantage to either team when utilized properly. Both sides should take full advantage of this spot at any time they see fit – knowing when and where best to throw one can make all the difference for success in combat!

As well as its primary use for A Site from Long A, you can also utilize the new car to sneak into A Site from Long A. Move between two vehicles and launch a grenade through the gap – being sure that its path falls through the middle section instead of just the upper one will allow your enemies to see you more effectively!

At CT, Spawn’s back platform is another prime spot to use grenades strategically. Enemy AWPers often camp here, and if they spot you there, you can lob a Molly at them to burn them alive – of course, this requires having B Site under your control first – however, this strategy helps create an advantage against opposing teams.

Every player can bring four grenades into a round of CS: GO, and using them at just the right moment can increase your odds of victory significantly. Each grenade type serves a distinct purpose or effect; therefore, players must understand which ones work where – such as smoke grenades blocking entry doors while flashbangs blind your opponents.

Players can utilize various weapons besides grenades to help advance on the map, with your brain being the primary tool in making quick decisions and carrying them out with precision. As you gain more practice at these strategies, your ability to predict where enemies will go will grow stronger, allowing you an advantage over opponents and win more rounds!


T-Spawn is an integral location for terrorists on Dust 2, as it allows them to take control of A sites quickly. But this location can be trickier than it appears; to utilize its full potential effectively, you must learn specific strategies such as clicking both left and right buttons at once when throwing grenades to achieve midway across the map throwing; standing near barrels while aiming high so your grenade crosses over corner houses; or asking your teammates for assistance to throw another grenade off both barrels at opposite ends to create smokescreen effects if necessary.

Terrorists on T-Spawn will find A long entrance a significant target of attack as it can be reached easily from their side without being noticed by enemy teams. But since its walls are higher than others, scaling them correctly is critical. Another strategy would be for T-team members to stand atop A Long’s entrance car and fire off flash grenades at enemies as they enter, blinding them quickly so the terrorists can seize control of T-Spawn easily.

Rush B’s back platform offers terrorists on the T-side an excellent vantage point from which they can use to shoot down enemy AWPers, but access can sometimes be challenging due to camping by enemy teams. To overcome this obstacle, throw a grenade toward Goose and aim it directly to destroy any hostile AWPers camped there.

T-Spawn offers many excellent grenade locations, and Xbox Smoke is one of them. To stop enemy AWPers from pushing into A Long, approach from the T side and crouch in front of the building before jumping and throwing flash grenades into Xbox smoke; this will burn any standing enemies who were already there as well as prevent further incursion into A long doors.