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Best Family Lawyers in Oakland


Becoming a family lawyer could be just what the doctor ordered if you are passionate about helping people through life’s most trying moments. This profession presents an intellectual challenge and numerous chances to make a lasting difference in your client’s lives.

You will represent clients in various family law matters, such as divorce, adoption, and child custody. Furthermore, you’ll assist with settling disputes between parties and drafting financial agreements.

Child Custody

Divorcing couples often face child custody disputes. Custody can be shared, joint, or sole and ultimately determined by the court.

When making their decision about child custody, judges take into account many factors. Typically, they begin with the presumption that joint legal and physical custody is best for a child unless it can be proven otherwise.

Judges may also consider any other circumstances they deem pertinent to the child’s best interests. For instance, they often do not grant custody to parents who lack capacity or whose home life poses risks for the child.

Child custody battles can be a trying and emotionally charged time for all parties involved. Moradi Saslaw offers a team of compassionate and experienced attorneys to ensure you get the best outcome for yourself and your kids during this trying time.


Divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining and trying times in a person’s life. To navigate this difficult phase, you need experienced and qualified family law attorneys to help bring about a successful resolution.

Divorce involves several distinct phases. Being informed about these stages will enable you to prepare for and successfully navigate the process.

The initial stage is denial when one or both spouses attempt to conceal the divorce from friends and family. This can be an emotionally draining for the couple and their children.

This stage may lead to anger as couples blame one another for the problems in their marriage. This can be a very destructive stage of divorce, and you must receive support from family and friends during this trying time.


Adoption is the legal process by which a child is legally removed from their biological or legal parent(s) and adopted into another family. It’s an effort to guarantee that children receive loving care and security.

Adoption can be a lifelong commitment for both adoptive and birth parents, offering them the uplifting experience they deserve. For many, adoption is a deeply personal way of providing a child with the love and security they deserve.

A qualified attorney can guide you through every step of the adoption process, from completing a home study to securing legal consent. They also provide insight into what types of adoption are available in your state so that you can decide which option is most beneficial for your unique circumstances.


Mediation is a process in which you and the other party in your dispute discuss issues you disagree on. Through mediation, you can work towards finding solutions that benefit both you and your family.

Family lawyers in Oakland can assist you in reaching a resolution that is fair and reasonable for both parties involved in your case. Mediation is more informal and relaxed, unlike trials, where judges decide for you.

Mediation is a legal proceeding where you and the other party in your case discuss your worries with an impartial mediator who cannot judge right or wrong. While it’s encouraged to speak freely during mediation, you are always free to decline if that feels comfortable.

In California, mediators must meet specific qualifications. These include having extensive experience, knowledge in their area of law practice, and good standing with their bar association.