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Best Family Lawyers in Tulsa


Family law encompasses all legal matters that affect families, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. These laws are complex and require the expertise of an experienced attorney to guarantee your rights are upheld.

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Child Custody

Child custody is an integral factor in family law cases. It often comes into dispute during divorce, separation proceedings, and other situations where parents no longer live together, such as death or foster care placements.

In most custody cases, courts award both parents joint legal and physical custody. Depending on the specifics, this may mean both have decision-making authority or one parent has sole custody with visitation rights for their child/ren.

Family lawyers in Tulsa can assist you with child custody concerns during divorce or other family law matters. They will work diligently to guarantee that your child’s future is safeguarded.

When deciding who should have custody of your child, the judge will consider several factors. These include which parent is the “primary caretaker,” how the child wishes to be raised, and what is in their best interests.


Divorce can be an emotionally charged and challenging time in a person’s life. To ensure the best outcome, having an experienced family law attorney by your side is wise during this trying time.

Divorces typically involve the division of assets and debts, as well as spousal support and child custody/visitation arrangements. A Tulsa divorce lawyer can assist you in negotiating these issues or advocating for your rights if an agreement cannot be reached.

In many states, divorce can be initiated without any fault of the spouse. Nonetheless, all states require a certain residency level before filing for divorce.

Oklahoma requires that both spouses be state residents for at least six months before filing. This can be challenging if the parties do not live together or have not been married for an extended period.

Once you and your spouse have decided to pursue a divorce, you must take time to plan for the future. You may wish to seek pre-divorce counseling as well as consider financial planning.

Child Support

Child support is money one parent must pay the other to care for their children. It’s calculated according to guidelines that consider both parents’ incomes.

Where you live can influence how much child support one or both parents must pay. It may also consider physical custody of the children or how often they visit during their parenting schedule (visitation).

Many people struggle to comprehend the child support calculation process. A qualified family law attorney can explain it clearly and guide you through it step-by-step. They will ensure that the child support awarded to you is equitable and in your best interests.

Property Division

In a divorce proceeding, property division is one of the most contentious issues. Not only is determining who gets what in a divorce settlement, but this issue also often comes up during mediation. Though not an exact science, Best family lawyers in Tulsa have seen many divorced clients struggle over ownership of their marital home or collection of artwork. To successfully navigate this process, find an experienced attorney to guide you through it. A skilled legal professional with years of experience can clearly explain your options and guide you toward a fair settlement for all parties involved. Selecting the ideal attorney can be daunting, but with some effort and research, you will find them to meet your needs. Tulsa’s top family lawyers are well-versed and knowledgeable about their field and know the most efficient way to manage your case at a reasonable cost. They know precisely how best to represent you legally while staying within budget.