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Best income tax lawyer in kolkata: Committed To Helping You Succeed!

Best income tax lawyer in kolkata


By hiring a best income tax lawyer in Kolkata,  get advice on direct and indirect taxation legislation, tax liabilities associated with demonetisation, service tax issues, and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) appeals. If you are accused of underreporting your taxes or are in breach of any tax laws, a tax attorney can defend you. We have a list of attorneys in all of Kolkata’s major neighbourhoods, including Ashok Nagar, Bidhan Nagar, Behala, Hooghly, Sodepur, and many others. The Calcutta High Court, the City Civil Court of Kolkata, the District Court of Alipore, the District Court of Kolkata City Session Court, the Bankshall Court of Kolkata, among others, are among the key courts in Kolkata where these attorneys work.

What a tax lawyer does

A lawyer who focuses on tax law is called a tax attorney. Tax attorneys assist clients with financial planning to optimise their tax situations, adhere to tax laws, and manage IRS and other tax authority issues. Some have chosen to specialise in fields including corporate, international, or inheritance taxation.

best income tax lawyer in kolkata
best income tax lawyer in kolkata
  • Legal or accounting firms frequently employ tax attorneys. Some might only work by themselves.
  • In law offices, tax attorneys frequently provide customers advice on how to act in order to receive favourable tax treatment in various circumstances. In order to make it happen, they might create the contracts or other legal paperwork required, and they might also stand in for clients in places like tax court.
  • Clients typically receive more assistance from tax attorneys at accounting and consulting businesses in complying with tax laws.

When to consult a tax attorney

Employing a tax attorney may be especially appropriate in several circumstances.

Estate preparation

A tax lawyer can assist you with estate planning and the documentation needed to reduce estate taxes, transfer assets to family members, create trusts, and other measures.

Launch a business

To start, buy, sell, or build a firm, tax-smart plans may be developed with the assistance of a tax attorney.

A tax dispute

A tax lawyer can assist you if you have a tax dispute, want to sue the IRS, the state, or a local tax authority regarding a tax matter, or if you need a hearing before the Tax Court.

Tax reduction

A tax lawyer might be able to assist you if you want to negotiate or fight an outstanding balance with the IRS or another tax authority.

What to search for in a tax lawyer

Keep an eye out for these three things.

A legal licence: To practise law, an attorney needs a licence. You can check on the website of your state’s bar association to see if a tax attorney is authorised to practise law in your state.

Signs of specialised training or advanced education: In the majority of states, obtaining a legal licence also requires completion of law school. Some tax lawyers could possess a master’s degree in taxation (called an LL.M).

A tax identification number for the preparer (PTIN): Anyone who files tax returns for pay must have a PTIN issued by the IRS. Your tax return’s preparer must sign it and supply a PTIN.

best income tax lawyer in kolkata
best income tax lawyer in kolkata

Best income tax lawyer in kolkata

Taxes are a need that we cannot avoid! The government offers many benefits to regular tax payers. However, if you make even a small error, everyone will find you. Many businessmen and high-paid employees currently find themselves in this predicament frequently. Since it makes no sense to spend your hard-earned money outside of the tax net, we have provided a list of the top income tax attorneys in Kolkata.

You’ve come to the right location thanks to Google if you’re looking for a tax lawyer in Kolkata or just type “GST consultant near me.” Here are the list below

  • Advocate Dipendra Natha Sen
  • Advocate Madhu Jana
  • Advocate Lucky Mukherjee
  • Advocate Arun Kumar Singh
  • Advocate Talha Ahmed Khan
  • Advocate Abd & Associates
  • Advocate Kingshuk Chakraborty
  • Advocate Abu Tahet Ali Hossain
  • Advocate Chakrabarty And Associates
  • Advocate Sunil Kumar Ray


For the infrastructure and other facilities to get better, taxes must be paid. There are a lot of tax evaders who don’t pay their taxes on time, which is what a good citizen would do. The tax evaders’ rate was reduced following the 2017 revision. We assist you in locating and working with the top Supreme Court and High Court Taxation attorneys in Kolkata. This site can assist you in focusing your search and locating the top lawyer in Kolkata.