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Best Jeanist Quirks


Best Jeanist can easily manipulate nearly any fabric because his Quirk allows him to control fibers; however, his telekinetic powers are limited.

He cannot use his power on thick materials such as suede or sweat, but what does that mean to fight Class 1-A student Bakugo?

Fiber Master Quirk

Tsunagu Hakamada’s quirk, Fiber Master, allows him to manipulate all fabrics within his immediate environment using telekinesis – specifically those found in his clothing and others within range – such as Hero costumes. This makes it one of the most valuable quirks in My Hero Academia. Jeanist can use this ability against villains by using their clothing against them, especially against denim, which explains why his hero costume features so much denim material.

Fiber Master can be one of the more difficult quirks in My Hero Academia to use effectively due to needing direct fabric contact between Jeanist and Jeanita for complete control over it – any distraction can cause Jeanita to lose focus, making Fiber Master much harder than Hawks or Endeavor who possess simpler quirks that are easier to master.

Fiber Master excels in restraint and is an effective tool against opponents wearing armor, as he can use its fibers against them and unravel them into deadly strings or safety nets that trap enemies. When combined with his impressive strength, Jeanist can even take down powerful villains like Gigantomachia and All For One!

Tsunagu Hakamada may have started at fourth in the hero ranking system. Still, after All For One retired, he gained third position due to the exceptional control of his powers – particularly Fiber Master, which proved pivotal to defeating All For One and standing up to Gigantomachia.

Blackout Bind and Catching Cradle, amongst other restraining quirks at his disposal. Due to these abilities, strength, and maturity as a hero, he is considered one of the most powerful heroes in My Hero Academia.

Blackout Bind Quirk

Tsunagu Hakamada’s extraordinary Quirk allows him to manipulate any fabric fibers found within fabric fabrics, such as clothing or even his hero outfit. At the same time, this includes rare varieties like carbon fiber fabric, such as those found in jeans.

While Best Jeanist’s Quirk makes him an effective opponent, it does come with certain drawbacks that could thwart it easily if faced with heroes capable of binding or strangulating an adversary with their power. Therefore, he must always wear his hero costume during combat to maximize effectiveness.

He demonstrated this during the Paranormal Liberation War with his Blackout Bind Quirk, which allowed him to incapacitate powerful villains like Mr. Compress, Spinner, and Tomura Shigaraki temporarily; unfortunately, this technique wasn’t effective against Mr. Compress and Spinner permanently.

Even when faced with strong opponents, Best Jeanist has not shied away from making sacrifices to protect his friends. When All-for-One threatens the lives of his peers, he immediately confronts All-for-One directly, showing that his heroism is genuine.

Best Jeanist has always believed that being a hero requires more than mere physical strength. He understands that team success hinges upon an equal balance of intellect and physicality, which explains why he has worked to improve himself in both areas. Furthermore, Best has discovered an increasing sense of compassion within him, which manifests in his actions; he is an invaluable member of the Class Zero team who will keep fighting for its members’ greater good.

Explosion Quirk

This Quirk allows the user to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from their palms that can then be ignited at will and create explosive blasts capable of ripping through concrete and steel surfaces, creating blinding flashes of light or catapulting allies towards enemies – although recoil can potentially harm themselves too.

Bakugo has a firm grasp on his Explosion Quirk, as evidenced by numerous instances throughout the show where it was utilized. He often used it to escape Gigantomachia’s rubble while maintaining balance and stability and, more recently, used it to shoot off explosions from his hands midair to improve precision during attacks, even creating shockwaves when punching someone, potentially inflicting lasting damage from a distance.

Bakugo stands out among heroes as one of only a select few who possess the power to unleash massive explosions from both hands, often using it to blast opponents through walls or other obstacles.

Bakugo’s Explosion ranks alongside some of the more potency Quirks seen throughout the show. But what makes his Quirk more engaging than its peers is its association with his personality – being an aggressive and short-tempered character, it should come as no surprise that his Quirk would reflect this aspect of him.

As his anger increases, so do the size and power of his explosions, so it is no surprise that he uses this Quirk to intimidate others and bully them into submission. Since entering U.A. High School, though, his practice seems to have stopped, but it still can be frightening seeing his explosive power unleashed!

Manifest Quirk

My Hero Academia’s most innovative and deadly ability is “Manifest,” which allows users to manifest characteristics from food consumed into different parts of their bodies – for instance, if Suneater finishes an octopus meal, it could display tentacles to hold back villains or claws to tear through metal weapons. Furthermore, multiple manifestations can co-occur with precise control over how these characteristics manifest through their bodies.

Suneater frequently employs this power, making him one of the more dynamic heroes in the series. It provides plenty of opportunities to incapacitate an enemy before finishing them off; plus, it gives her ample opportunities to experiment with weapons and develop her hero abilities.

Unfortunately, this trait’s only drawbacks are its limited effectiveness against inanimate objects and that any food used to manifest these traits must only be consumed once to work effectively – thus restricting your options.

Although not essential, gaining agility control is still worth acquiring as it provides a fun and versatile way to increase a hero’s arsenal while remaining agile. Furthermore, this ability is probably the best way to upgrade without expending too much power or resources; plus, it gives heroes an insight into various facets of their personality as it becomes part of everyday life – an asset for any hero looking to improve their skillset!