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The Best Jordans


Finding the ideal Jordan shoes requires balancing performance, fit, and style. Too tight shoes may cause chafing and blisters, while ones with too much space could increase the risk of injury.

No matter your shoe preference – from classic Air Jordan 1s to sleek models designed for pairing with formal wear – there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone in our selection of Air Jordans.

1. Air Jordan 1

Numerous Jordans are among the best, but the Air Jordan 1 is particularly notable. A fan favorite and affordable Jordans available, it boasts exceptional traction and a sleek design to help you stand out on the court.

Jordan 1 debuted in 1995 and quickly became a cultural icon following its appearance with Michael Jordan in the sci-fi classic movie Space Jam. Today, over 1,000 Jordan 1s are available on the GOAT sneaker marketplace app – making them its most sought-after sneaker!

These AJ1s feature hidden messaging underneath their wing flaps – on one, you can see Jordan’s rookie stats, while on the other, his famous quote from I Can’t Believe They Said I Couldn’t Do It. In addition, these premium leather shoes crease naturally for maximum comfort.

2. Air Jordan 2

Air Jordan 2s have long been a premier sneakers from Jordan Brand. Boasting an elegant minimalist design that remains popular today, these premium white leather kicks combine elegance with performance thanks to a lack of the Swoosh logo omitted on purpose by designers Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore.

No matter your style or preference, StockX offers plenty of classic or unique sneakers to meet them both. Entertainers such as Travis Scott and DJ Khaled have collaborated with Jordan 2 producers for limited-edition Jordans; retailers Union and Undftd and designer Virgil Abloh also have their take on these kicks.

The Air Jordan 2 enjoys a legendary status among shoe enthusiasts. First released in 1986, this model marked Michael Jordan’s signature sneaker to feature premium details such as faux lizard skin and brogue-inspired perforations–bridging both worlds of sportswear and high fashion.

3. Air Jordan 3

The Jordan 3 sneaker is a sleek and high-performing sneaker. A favorite among players and casual wearers, its popularity extends even into celebrity collaborations with Eminem, Undftd & Union streetwear retailers, and designer Virgil Abloh. Like its predecessor, the Air Jordan 2, its upper can feel stiff at first but will break in over time; going up half size may help with fit & reduce break-in time.

Tinker Hatfield created the AJ3, the inaugural shoe from Nike’s Jordan line explicitly designed for Michael Jordan (MJ). These mid-cut sneaks, which MJ preferred and weren’t yet available anywhere else, feature soft tumbled leather and elephant print inspired by luxury handbags – adding flair and uniqueness while simultaneously increasing responsiveness and decreasing pronation – features that top basketball players require for quick off-the-ground movements.

4. Air Jordan 4

Jordan sneakers are considered among the premier basketball footwear due to their exceptional craftsmanship, durable materials, and innovative technology to assist players in moving faster on the court; for instance, some Jordan models feature plastic lace locks to secure laces into place.

These kicks are known for their street-style appeal, often appearing in popular movies and TV shows such as Spike Lee’s 1989 film Do the Right Thing, where the protagonist donned white and cement Jordan 4s during their performance in that role.

These shoes come in various colors and styles to fit into any wardrobe perfectly, with popular options like the Air Jordan 4 OG Bordeaux colorway being popular with classic fashionistas. Furthermore, collaborations with boutiques such as A Ma Maniere and DJ Khaled have offered exclusive partnerships.

5. Air Jordan 5

If you want a sneaker that will elevate your basketball game, look no further than Jordan 5s. A must-have for any sneakerhead, these shoes offer unmatched comfort and breathability on clean courts while providing responsive cushioning with dynamic bounce-back cushioning technology.

With such a wide variety of colorways, Jordan sneakers are suitable for everyone in your family. For an iconic look, black or grey Jordans may be all necessary, while for something more daring, you might opt for Retro Raging Bull or Red Suede styles instead.

Farfetch offers an expansive selection of both new and pre-owned Jordans. Ranging from sought-after “Pure Money” colorways to legendary releases, Farfetch makes finding your ideal pair easy – or start building one from scratch today! – Start browsing today or add to your current collection.

6. Air Jordan 6

The Jordan 6 sneaker remains one of the most beloved sneaker designs of all time, beloved among both collectors and fans. The black design with pops of red makes this sneaker especially appealing; Michael Jordan himself wore it in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air movie, and its wear made it instantly appealing among young viewers.

The Air Jordan 6 features quilted panels reminiscent of Japan’s Rising Sun Flag and pebbled rather than patent leather, ensuring its immense popularity when first released 25 years ago.

When shopping for Jordan basketball shoes, it’s essential to consider fit and feel. A comfortable shoe will allow extended hours of playback without feeling overly restrictive or restrictive. A plastic lace lock may also prove handy during jumps and dunks.

7. Air Jordan 7

This shoe may not have been an instantaneous hit when it was first released, but it has quickly become one of Jordan’s premier basketball shoes. Boasting an effortless design perfect for playing, cutting in quickly, and providing plenty of support to guard play – these qualities have cemented its place as one of Jordan’s premier shoes.

Hatfield designed this unassuming sneaker 1992 for Michael Jordan to wear in his second championship run and at the Barcelona Olympics. MJ donned it during both instances.

The Air Jordan 7 comes in multiple colors and is ideal for basketball players or casual wearers. Just make sure that when tying them tight enough, they feel snug, as this shoe doesn’t stretch much and could become uncomfortable without adequate tightening. Also note, breaking this shoe in requires time!

8. Air Jordan 8

Jordan sneakers are known for being reliable and long-wearing. Each shoe has durable features like plastic lace locks to secure laces in place, carbon fiber shank plate technology, and Zoom Air cushioning, all designed to help elite athletes take off faster and jump higher.

The AJ 8 is known for its bold style, featuring straps over its laces and vibrant colors. To maximize its impact, pair it with black or white clothing with pops of blue to complete any ensemble.

This model commemorated Michael Jordan’s return to basketball in 1998-99. It became the first shoe with a woven tongue patch and “14” printed on its heel, commemorating MJ’s 14 NBA Championship wins. It provides both style and comfort and is the ideal sneaker choice.

9. Air Jordan 9

Air Jordans are considered one of the premier basketball shoes on the market. They are renowned for their superior features, like carbon fiber shank plates, bouncy heels, and traction, allowing quick off-ground transition. Furthermore, each Air Jordan features a plastic lace lock that allows sharp tightening.

As part of its Charlotte All-Star Game celebrations, this Jordan 9 pays homage to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina, with its UNC colors of white, black, and university blue. A quilted stitched upper and patent leather mudguard completes the design.

This classic colorway of the Jordan 9 is ideal for casual sneakerheads looking to make a statement through their footwear. Available in various sizes, these shoes can be found online through websites like eBay, Goat, and StockX.

10. Air Jordan 10

Air Jordan sneakers offer high-quality basketball footwear that looks good off the court and makes for great off-court style. Well-constructed and highly comfortable to wear, they make for the ideal basketball sneaker, but they can be costly when purchased as limited edition models or in popular colorways.

One of the most acclaimed Jordan models, Cool Grey, is one of its kind. Boasting an all-grey colorway from the tongue, lining, and laces to commemorate Michael Jordan’s first college championship win and his clutch jump shot that ultimately sealed it, this design has become an icon over time.

Tinker Hatfield’s tenth design featured camouflage patterns on sturdy nylon uppers. The camouflage was combined with leather laces on the collar and tongue to complement its style for an eye-catching appearance. Tinker also designed this shoe as part of his suit collection; celebrities are frequently seen sporting them.