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BitOppsReview – Is It Doing More for Its Traders?


Is your bitcoin merchant account doing enough for you? Is it offering you the same that hundreds of other companies are offering, or is it offering you something more? I have been researching online companies for their trading services for many years, and I can tell you that only a few can do something different. I think I can easily place BitOpps is among those names.

This company has various features that rank it above many for me. I am not saying its features are unique or nowhere to be found on other platforms, but they extrapolate what others give you. Let me dive deeper into what I tell you about BitOpps crypto broker.

The Refer a Friend Program

Certain companies offer you this particular program, but I can tell you that not all online crypto brokers are interested in doing that. They give you other methods to take advantage of discounts, but the “refer a friend” program is rarely found. Now, I am must admire this company for its referral program because it is generous. Most companies I have seen are not able to offer you anything enticing. They have the program, but you won’t feel appreciated or rewarded enough to sign up.

BitOpps makes a big difference here with its “refer a friend” program. I can safely say it is one of the best out there. Even when someone signs up with just $1000, you get to enjoy a bonus of $25 on it. The more money your friend can deposit initially, the more money you will get in return. You will be surprised to know that you can win up to $300 in reward when your friend signs up with a specific amount.

Multiple Payment Options

There should be no doubt that a lot of companies can offer you multiple methods of depositing money in your trading account. However, I can tell you for sure that most of them are still sticking to the conventional methods of depositing money. They give you the option to deposit through a credit or debit card. They also let you fund your account with a bank wire transfer. However, when you sign up with a crypto broker, you should be able to take advantage of direct wallet transfers too. That’s where BitOpps trading platform stands out from the rest.

You can say that this company is doing something more for you when it allows you to deposit funds in your account through your wallets. If you have Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can transfer your digital coins directly into your trading account. You don’t have to go through the conversion process and waste your money on that.

Better and Improved Security

You will see online crypto brokers being very bragging about their security options. So, you can sign up with them, and they will ask you for accurate banking and personal details. They have encryption in place for the security of your funds. The banks they deposit your funds in are regulated too. You get all of that with BitOpps, but there is something more. In addition to adhering to the KYC and AML policies, this company has its CCA certificate to boast too. Crypto Conduct Authority certificate is like proof that the broker you are signing up with will offer you a suitable platform for trading cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Final Thoughts

You have to know what most online crypto brokers offer you to understand when a company goes the extra mile. BitOpps has gone the extra mile by giving you an amazing “refer a friend” program, improved security, and more. In addition to feeling safe as a trader, you know you have improved trading chances with peace of mind when you sign up with a company like BitOpps.

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