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Entrepreneurs & Learning: A Never-Ending Love Story


The usage of the word ‘entrepreneur’ has deliberately increased over the years. The shift in the tide of entrepreneurship has even started to affect the career choices of youngsters. In fact, ask a few high school graduates about their future career plans, and there will at least be a handful of students who would answer ‘entrepreneur.’ To know more about soulmete click here.

This culture has spread rapidly in the last few decades, affecting every industry. Even that frustrated employee from every office talks about starting an entrepreneurial venture and quitting the current job. Just try this exercise and ask the same employee, ‘why do you want to start entrepreneurship?’ the answer would probably be to become a millionaire or start a business.

Well, entrepreneurship means starting a business or creating something unique and monetizing that idea to generate revenue. However, while being about building a business, entrepreneurship is the process of learning and having a mindset to create. Over the years, the world has seen many inspirational entrepreneurs. According to the Globe, there are more than 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. Surprising, isn’t it?

One thing that has been common in entrepreneurs is their love for learning new things. Rather than working on a dream, entrepreneurs tend to work on goals. This mindset allows them to learn new things and add targets to their long list of goals.

The forerunning entrepreneurs used to travel the world in the quest or learning. Adapting to the advancements, the curious learners brought that in their business model, creating a huge sustainable business. Now that the world has moved forward, connectivity increased, and media credibility for entrepreneurs also increased.

Today the new business setters rely on different mediums to learn, interact and adapt to the latest trends in the market. One crucial medium amongst such is the top business magazines, curating business ideas from their owners or founders and presenting them to the world. Apart from that, the ‘WorldWideWeb’ has brought everyone closer, and the ways of consuming knowledge and learning new things about the business world have evolved. Let us discuss the same about how the risk-taking entrepreneurs love learning and what are the top mediums they use to stay updated.

Newspapers and Internet News Portal

Ever wondered why newspapers are still alive? Well, it is not exactly because of the entrepreneurs but the need of the world to stay updated. For entrepreneurs, newspapers and news portals act as a standard learning textbook. 

News keeps them updated with the happenings all around the world and give them an idea of where the possible route of learning new thing would emerge. Entrepreneurs are often curious and creative, and just like journalists have a nose for news, they have the nose for trend. This is the reason newspaper or news in general sets up the base for learning new things for entrepreneurs.

Business Magazines: An Entrepreneur’s Teacher

Keeping it simple and easy, a top business magazine like Insights Success serves as a guide for entrepreneurs. Since the best business magazines from the industry do not depend on quantity but quality, it helps the entrepreneurs a filtered and processed guide to learn.

A business magazine contains a detailed interview about the business of the featured companies, business leaders, business structure, and other aspects of a business. Even the creativity of the designers serves to them as a learning tool on how art can be used to conduct business or promote it. Cover stories, profiles, and simplified writing allow the avid learner to know different trends in the industry.

In media and communication, the magazine is considered an effective way to communicate with the mass. A top business magazine gives the required insights, which will be the tool the entrepreneur needs to predict the upcoming trend. Moreover, an entrepreneur can also learn the crucial business strategies unique marketing approach or sniff the essential requirement that can help him upgrade or expand the existing business.

Podcast: Playlist on a Loop

Now that the medium has changed, podcasts have become the background music for their exceptional learning journey. Somewhere the print media fails to communicate effectively. Apart from that, reading requires concentration, whereas a podcast can be heard while doing other activities, like setting up your bed or going to your office. 

Podcast connects with entrepreneurs on a personal level. Since most of the popular podcasts are started by entrepreneurs themselves, they have a formal yet informal language, which tends to connect with everyone. Most learners fall in love with the outcome, whereas entrepreneurs fall in love with the process or the journey of learning. This is what podcasts provide exactly into a one-on-one conversation with a host. 

Popular entrepreneurial podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz, where the founder(s) of a popular entrepreneurial venture talk their journey with Guy Raz, the host. Podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show—A popular entrepreneurial podcast, which even featured the host of How I Built This with Guy Raz, podcast as well—, This Week in Startups, StartUp by Gimlet Media, is heard by entrepreneurs all over the world. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur and have not come across any of the podcasts mentioned above, then you know what to do next!

TED TALKS: Watch, Learn, and Apply

YouTube opened doors to many things. Few of the entrepreneurs even created a community on this platform itself. Probably everyone who browses on YouTube has at least watched one video of a TED Talks. It might not be of entrepreneurship, but it is an extremely popular learning platform for everything that life throws at you.

Entrepreneurs use it to watch other entrepreneurs who have had success in their venture. Apart from that, TED Talks, unlike other talk shows, give the speaker liberty to explain their journey the way they want. This approach ties the knots from both ends.

Few of the most-watched entrepreneurial TED Talks of Maya Penn’s Combining Art with Entrepreneurship, or Regina Hartley’s Why the best hiring does not have the best resume, or the personal favorite of many, Josh Luber’s Why sneakers are a great investment; are the talks which given in-depth study of entrepreneurship and how the process is often different than you think.

TED Talks have been a source of information for entrepreneurs, and they use them to learn and unlock new secrets of business. It has also been a source of wisdom for many and a pool of ideas. Moreover, every video is short, so entrepreneurs have the liberty to watch it whenever they please.

Seminars & Workshops: The Human Touch

One of the most admired entrepreneurs and the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, believed that technology could help teachers but cannot be the teacher. That is indeed arguably true, as all the platforms in the list lack the personal touch. Humans, for growth, tend to rely on each other. For entrepreneurs’ seminars and workshops are the fundamental structure in that.

Seminars and workshops gained popularity in entrepreneurship because they actually brought entrepreneurs face to face with each other. The interactions with the leaders themselves can be a reliable source of learning. Entrepreneurs love learning so much that few of them turned teaching into their profession to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses.


A person does not become an entrepreneur overnight; it is a process of learning, experimenting, learning from the experiments, building a structure, failing in the process, and starting again from learning. Since learning becomes the basis of everything in entrepreneurship, it makes their journey a more remarkable love story than others. Moreover, very few entrepreneurs have not learned, experimented, and failed, who found success in the venture in the first attempt itself.

So, if you want to be an entrepreneur, be an avid learner first and write your love story, which will give birth to the remarkable business venture that will define your success.