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Bosch Portable Table Saw Review – Best Power Table Saw



Bosch Portable Table Saw review: Bosch is a German firm that has been providing clients with A1 quality products since the 19th century. They are consistently at the top of their classes, and when they aren’t, they make up for it. They are well-known in their profession and are famous for their versatility and great functionality in various situations.


It’s a robust but lightweight tool. Any major building project will necessitate the use of heavy machinery. And this table saw satisfies all of the requirements. So let’s have a little discussion about it in Bosch Portable Table Saw Review.

Bosch Portable Table Saw review


Let’s go through its features, benefits, and drawbacks in Bosch Portable Table Saw Review.

Bosch Portable Table Saw Review: What are its features?

  • Power

In terms of power, this table saw defeats numerous industry behemoths to claim the throne at the top of the food chain. The performance and versatility of most table saws are restricted. You will not achieve satisfactory results if you deal with both softwood and hardwood same time.

The blade slips through difficult and delicate wood alike at high speed and graceful fluidity, thanks to the powerful 15-amp motor and four-horsepower strength.

  • Large strong surface

The table’s surface is cast aluminum, which is great for heavy instruments like this since it can handle a lot of heat and activity without breaking down. Another issue that comes into play is its corrosion resistance.

Despite significant variations in temperature and moisture in the air, it can maintain its dimensional stability. The rip blade has a capacity of 25 inches, allowing it to execute a variety of tasks on the construction site.

  • Rip fence

The rip fence is an essential component of any table saw built with safety in mind. It is a well-made fence that enables extremely precise clamping. It acts as a shield between the blade and your hand, protecting your hands from damage.

The chances of harm decrease because the riving knife and anti-kickback pawls provide extra safety

Bosch Portable Table Saw Review: What are its advantages and disadvantages?

  • Lightweight and durable
  • The miter gauge is strong, long, and of the highest quality, with a one-handle release that makes working with it very convenient.
  • Excellent circuitry that allows for consistent speed and performance
  • A sharp blade with a large rip capacity


Sometimes it is difficult to work with a rip fence.

Bosch Portable Table Saw Review: What are its additional features?

  • For preventing unintentional blade contact, it has the Smart Guard System and Anti-Kickback Pawls.
  • All components, including attachments and the stand, have a quick-release system.
  • Pneumatic wheels with an 8-inch diameter for convenient transport
  • Circuitry with a constant response to retain power under load.
  • A powerful motor with a rotational speed of 3,650 RPM
  • Under the blade, there is a dust collection port at the bottom of the table.

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To conclude Bosch Portable Table Saw Review it is best for power, safety, and versatility. If you want to be quick and efficient on the job site, you’ll be blown away by the tool’s charm and ease of use.


What is the width of the blade?

It has a diameter of around 10 inches and a typical width of 1/8 inch.

Is this machine capable of collecting enough dust?

Yes, this model includes a 2-1/2-inch vacuum hose as well as a hose adaptor for 35 mm hoses. You’ll also receive a dust bag to collect the dust.

Has the Bosch 4100-10 received any upgrades?

The primary distinction is portability. Because of the weight adjustment and the stand’s quality, it’s easy to carry.