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Cambridge – More Than Just History


Cambridge conjures images of stunning historical spires, academic pursuits, and academic scholarly pursuits, yet this beautiful city offers much more!

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Cambridge is like any older town; it has seen fires, plague, and industrialization. In the 1800s, Cambridge became home to manufacturing businesses, including printing and bookmaking operations, photographic equipment production facilities, and electrical machinery manufacturers.

Cambridge’s political leaders faced difficulty managing an increasingly complex economy and government during the early 20th Century, especially budgetary mismanagement, corruption, and patronage politics. Lewis Jerome Johnson led an initiative in 1937 to reform Cambridge’s government with Plan E: an option with both a commission format and a mayor-council solid structure.

Now, Cambridge stands as a world-class research and innovation institution. Students come from all corners of the globe to study here, and boasts many landmark museums, such as Kings College Chapel. Admissions here are highly selective, emphasizing academic performance and extra-curricular activities related to your study area.


Cambridge is synonymous with its renowned university, established in 1209 (Top Universities, 2018). Comprised of 31 colleges that draw students from around the globe and legendary academic figures like Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin as alumni, Cambridge is internationally revered.

Cambridge offers many renowned museums for you to explore – the Fitzwilliam Museum, with its half a million objects, and the remarkable Whipple Museum of the History of Science is not to be missed!

On Trumpington Street is the Fitzwilliam Museum, housing collections of art, manuscripts, coins, armor, Asian art, and antiquities. Additionally, animal lovers should not miss the University Museum of Zoology: featuring thousands of specimens ranging from elephants to insects, it provides insight into the evolution and survival of life on Earth.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Although Oxford and Cambridge may appear similar on paper, their physical environments vary considerably. Oxford is located higher above sea level while Cambridge sits on former fenland plains that were drained to prevent flooding; as a result, Cambridge tends to be much mistier and foggier than Oxford; additionally, it’s often windier too!

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Unlearn all Cambridge has to offer with a private walking tour led by an alumni and resident guide from this legendary university. Learn insider tips about Trinity College, King’s College Chapel, and Senate House while hearing tales about its past inhabitants, such as Trinity College Graduates (Tudor), King’s College Chapel (King’s), and Senate House residents alike. Learn the distinct Cambridge accent combining Estuary English, East Anglian English, and Queen’s English!


Cambridge is home to an exciting nightlife with many pubs offering pints for gatherings with friends, lively nightclubs with famous DJs spinning the decks, and its world-renowned theater venue hosting everything from ballet performances and rock concerts to comedy acts and comedy sketches.

TT the Bears and Bukowski’s are popular hangout spots in Inman Square, while Central and Harvard Square provide plenty of bars in their respective areas. One of the top bars is Lamplighter Brewery, with its extensive beer selection in an intimate atmosphere.

Outdoor movie theatre experiences occur when weather permits in CambridgeBID’s seasonal pop-up locations around the city during summer nights. Take a picnic blanket with your friends, and enjoy Movies on the Meadows or CambridgeBID’s Enchanted Movie Theater experience for a fun evening.