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What is Cambridge org?


No matter your travel goals, Cambridge offers plenty to see and do – from exploring its historical colleges to taking tea at one of its beautiful tearooms or learning its distinctive accent. There’s always something unique to see or do here!

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Cambridge University

The University has been at the forefront of education and intellectual inquiry for centuries. From studying atoms to understanding DNA, its discoveries are helping address some of humanity’s biggest challenges – mitigating climate change, preventing pandemics, and decreasing social inequalities.

Cambridge is another ‘collegiate’ university; like Oxford, it consists of 31 Colleges, each with its own distinctive culture and traditions, offering students access to faculty departments and the College community for academic and pastoral support. This academic support and pastoral guidance system make Cambridge one of the top institutions.

Cambridge took an impressive leap toward modernity during the 19th century. Gas lighting was installed, the Fitzwilliam Museum opened, and University Botanical Gardens were established. Furthermore, a newspaper and bank were founded; additionally, Cambridge Library obtained its backbone network.

Market Square

Market squares are traditionally central town center areas with stalls set up on an annual market day to draw people into town, often including church, town hall, and post office buildings, plus often including permanent covered market buildings.

This new project was situated in an area rich in both history and archaeology, so before redeveloping this complex, extensive archaeological testing was carried out that revealed portions of an early 1800s market surface as well as merchant wares that have survived through time, along with limestone foundations that once supported City Hall Market wing, and water pipes used for horse fountain.

Today, two new buildings meet the complex structural and mechanical requirements for housing, office space, retail outlets, and parking. Their designs complement and enhance nearby historic structures to produce an outstanding solution directly adjacent to the Archives Metro station.

Historic Museums

History museums are places where objects from all different areas are collected and displayed chronologically, such as documents, art pieces, and archaeological finds.

Not all museums focus on history alone; some specialize in particular areas or objects; for instance, a traditional culture museum may present the costumes, language, and ways of living of an area.

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British Culture

Britain has long embraced other cultures inside and outside its borders, which can be seen through its cuisine, music, and literature. British culture draws heavily from influences from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The British are well known for their extreme politeness and respect for privacy, often showing more restraint when expressing emotions in public than other nationalities. Furthermore, they possess a deep-seated sense of loyalty and pride than most.

And the British have an eye for detail and appreciate quality, which explains why so many of their customs and traditions persist today, passed down through generations of families, and serving as an excellent way of learning more about those living here.

The Cambridge Accent

Cambridge is home to one of the world’s renowned universities and boasts a rich, quintessentially British culture. Visitors can stroll through historic college buildings or enjoy high tea – there is something here for everyone in this charming city.

Received Pronunciation, or RP, is the closest thing Britain has to a standard accent. You’ll hear it most commonly used by actors playing Jane Austen adaptations and Merchant Ivory films and actors portraying characters on Downton Abbey!

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