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Celebrity Bodyguards


British Vogue once called Simon the ‘real style star of London Fashion Week” before transitioning into full-time acting. Since then, he has taken his security skills onto the big screen by appearing in several movies and TV series. What do you consider about lamborghini hire Sydney.

She may have many fans, but they can get rowdy at times. So she spends an estimated annual cost of $350,000 for security guards to keep an eye out.


Drake is one of the most well-known figures worldwide, so it is no surprise that he employs an impressive bodyguard team. Julius De Boer stands out as incredibly reliable, working since 2008 for Queen B, Jay Z, and Drake himself! Julius takes his job very seriously, taking great pride in performing it well.

Drake released his sophomore album, Take Care, in November 2011 to great acclaim, and has gone quadruple platinum since. Inspired by Miami Vice, its success earned guest appearances from Lil Wayne, his mentor.

In 2012, Drake engaged in a heated dispute with Chris Brown regarding Rihanna. They later reconciled. Later that same year, Drake began feuding with rapper Mill and released two diss tracks targeted toward him.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is an award-winning German-American model who first rose to fame after appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1998 and later signing with Victoria’s Secret as one of their angels. Heidi also became known as Project Runway host and Germany’s Next Top Model host, as well as being a judge on America’s Got Talent competitions.

Klum is also an accomplished businesswoman, designing lines for Toys R Us, New Balance, and her lingerie line. She has appeared in multiple ad campaigns promoting products like Braun epilators, Dannon yogurts, McDonald’s salads, and Jim Beam bourbon burgers.

She’s known for throwing memorable Halloween parties. One of her bodyguards even became an international superstar by appearing as the lead in the 2018 film Final Score and the BBC series Strike.
Martin Kirsten

Bodyguards for celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence require excellent skills. Luckily for her, Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence’s guard more than lives up to this challenge with his blend of Hollywood charm and professional demeanor.

After Heidi Klum and Seal separated in 2012, the supermodel decided to mend her heart by beginning an intimate romance with Martin Kirsten – often seen holding hands and smiling at each other.

De Boer, known for his impressive physique and language fluency, also keeps clients safe. His clients include celebrities like Jay-Z and Rihanna and being featured on the set of American Sniper films. Furthermore, in his spare time, he advocates against rhino poaching through Rhino Sherriffs (a private organization supporting rangers who stop further decimating world rhino populations).
President of Lithuania

Gitanas Nauseda hails from one of Lithuania’s wealthiest families and attended Vilnius High School and Leningrad University, where she graduated with a degree in political economy.

She was a director in the prime minister’s office and an envoy extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the EU from 1996-1999, working hard for global policies and gender equality worldwide.

Before this week in Vilnius, Malteser Lithuania founder Irma Ruzsavskaya addressed VOA reporter Myroslava Gongadze regarding Lithuania’s challenges resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and spoke about its work of providing social assistance to poor children and elderly across Lithuania through Malteser Lithuania Foundation – providing educational equipment, food packages, and other necessities to 40 towns nationwide.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the world’s best-known musicians and is wealthy, so she requires protection from her fans and paparazzi. Luckily, she has reliable bodyguards who accompany her on shopping trips and sit alongside her on rollercoasters!

Tim Chung has amassed an enormous fan base due to his good looks and remarkable physique. He has appeared in various movies, such as the 2018 thriller Final Score, where he had a small role; additionally, he appeared as part of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats adaptation movie cast as one of its supporting actors.

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