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Top Things to See in Sevilla


No matter your tastes, this Andalusian capital will have something that appeals to them – flamenco, tapas, or toros! The Cathedral stands out due to its remarkable architecture and relics, while La Giralda was originally the minaret of a Moorish mosque. Get the Best information about hotels to stay in Seville.

1. The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Seville should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting Spain’s southernmost city. One of Europe’s largest cathedrals, it features remarkable attention to detail throughout its chapels and side rooms – not forgetting some spectacular paintings by Bartolome Esteban Murillo and Francisco de Goya!

Cathedrals are known for their grandiosity, yet something rhythmical and restrained makes them visually captivating. Admire its many treasures, extravagant tombs, and splendid altarpiece gilded with gold from Athe mericas.

If you’re feeling adventurous, join a guided tour of the Cathedral and Giralda Tower. It’s an ideal way to experience this massive church without bumping elbows with other visitors – try scheduling it for the early time slot of each day to avoid crowds!

2. The Real Alcazar

Real Alcazar (Royal Palace), Seville, is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the main reasons visitors come. As Europe’s oldest living royal palace, this breathtaking structure features intricate details and carvings on stone walls that span more than 600 years! Discover Moorish interior courtyards and Mudejar architecture- an amalgamation of Islamic and Christian styles- within this opulent structure.

King Juan Carlos’ spectacular baths are well worth a look, as they represent some of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain – built as a gift for his lover Maria de Padilla.

TReal Alcazar Palace’sLion’s Gate (Puerta del Leon) os beautifully decorated with exquisite tiles. Once inside, you’ll discover its main hall: the Hall of Ambassadors, which hosted essential meetings and events like Charles V and Isabel of Spain’s wedding ceremony. There are also stunning Spanish paintings displayed inside ,and superb ceramics throughout this exquisite palace.

3. Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana was constructed for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair and remains one of Seville’s premier attractions today. A vast and beautiful structure that incorporates different styles of Spanish architecture, with four bridges leading from it out onto an idyllic canal where small boats may be rented to row along its length.

Filmmakers love it here; scenes from Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars were shot here. Now housing government offices, indoor access is no longer allowed, but outdoor access remains delightful – particularly the tiled benches showcasing tiles representing each Spanish province and the beautiful marble fountain in its center.

Visit Seville’s bell tower for breathtaking views across its cityscape, then relax with a traditional Andalusian bath at nearby Mercado de San Miguel – set within candlelit crypts where guests can bathe in different temperature pools and receive various treatments, such as massage. A must-see attraction!

4. The Archive of the Indies

The Archive of the Indies at Lonja (Archivo General de Indias) is not on most visitors’ radar but should not be disregarded; this landmark site boasts rich historical significance and should be explored further.

Entrance to this museum is free of charge and offers visitors a chance to view documents usually stored away in archives. Galleries host exhibitions covering various countries, periods, and voyages that make this visit highly engaging.

On this level is a small museum featuring significant works from Sevillian Painting’s Golden Age, such as those by El Greco, Murillo, Francisco Zurbaran, and Francisco de Goya.

Triana is an energetic neighborhood with a distinct local personality, known for its waterfront facades along the Guadalquivir River or its traditional azulejos ceramics lining its streets. Take a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable local experts and discover its best features – it will indeed become a top bucket-list experience! Book today.

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