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Contractors Paving Supply


Contractors Paving Supply LLC is a construction company specializing in paving driveways and parking areas. It sells lumber, rebar, paving screeds, and concrete accessories, as well as STIHL, Euclid, and Metal Form products. The average hourly salary at Contractors Paving Supply Llc is approximately $34. Individual salaries will depend heavily on location, industry, and department. Choose the best Asphalt Paving Contractors in Oceanside.


Concrete has incredible compressive strength but lacks tensile strength, which is why rebar reinforcement is used within concrete castings. Rebar provides reinforcement so the concrete can withstand tension forces or external pressures that would cause it to crack or break under its own weight, enabling greater spans without cracking or breaking. In addition, this allows thinner components like footings, foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, etc., to still maintain strong levels of strength.

Rebar is usually made of highly workable steel that’s easy to cut, shape, and weld, making it an affordable construction material with a long lifespan. It comes in various sizes, grades, and lengths to meet project-specific needs, typically labeled by their solid diameter number; for instance, “four-bar” would indicate bars four-eighths of an inch thick.

Rebar is typically produced via either hot or cold rolling processes. Hot rolling uses molten steel as its source, while cold rolling uses flat sheets rolled into sheets before being cold-worked into bars using processes such as stretching or drawing. The bars are further formed by twisting or grooving before entering a mill’s cutting section and being chopped according to customer requests.


The paving contractor industry comprises businesses that specialize in providing concrete and masonry construction services to both commercial and residential customers. Their services range from excavation, grading, and compaction to soil preparation for pave placement using forms or even asphalt; supply contractors provide asphalt, aggregates, or any other necessary material used during the construction process while testing soil density or moisture content before performing remediation on existing materials if required.

Contractors Paving Supply, Llc estimates the average hourly pay at its jobs at $34. This estimation may differ based on factors like title and location, as well as the level of education and skills of each employee. Click the company name below to view estimated hourly pay ranges and compare them with similar salaries offered by similar industries.


Contractors often rely on screeds to create a smooth surface on which other flooring materials, such as vinyl tiles and carpeting or floorboards, can be laid. A screed is usually composed of sharp sand mixed with cement but may contain even finer particles for an even smoother finish.

Screeds come in two varieties: bonded and unbonded. Bonded screeds can be applied directly to a structural floor slab to cover insulation materials or underfloor heating pipes in commercial and residential projects, while unbonded screeds do not bond to either. Instead, they are placed over damp-proof membranes, which reduce shrinkage and moisture build-up.

A contractor’s selection of a screed depends on its use, job site needs, and crew preferences. Kyle Neisen, product manager for pavers at Roadtec (a sister company of Astec), states that personal preference dictates which of two front- or rear-mount screeds is chosen: Front-mount screeds are advantageous during material passes, while wide widths prefer rear-mounted models.

Power screeds, typically powered by either an engine or electric battery, enable contractors to level fresh concrete while remaining standing. Their motor provides vibration to assist the blade as it traverses across the surface, decreasing operator effort. Most manufacturers offer different power options and blade lengths.

Concrete Accessories

Concrete accessories are indispensable to improving the strength and durability of concrete structures, from reinforcement materials that increase tensile strength to formwork tools that help shape it until hardening, as well as patching supplies available at construction supply stores or online. Furthermore, purchasing the appropriate accessories can enhance a structure’s aesthetic value as well as help increase strength.

Steel mesh is another reinforcing material used to prevent concrete slabs from cracking or breaking. Resembling finely woven metal thread, it is widely used in columns, walls, sidewalks, and trenches – though not as strong as rebar. Accessories available to help strengthen these concrete products include plus-tips that help keep exposed steel out of sight during curing processes; plastic chain guards that shield products during storage and transport; magnetic chamfer solutions that create beveled chamfer formations in precast products; magnetic chamfer solutions that create beveled chamfer formations using precast concrete products.

Concrete Specialty Supply (CSS) professionals offer everything you need, from blocks and pavers to decorative concrete, at their convenient warehouse location in Maryland. Do-it-yourselfers or contractors alike can find everything they need here: cement colorings, trowels, float poles, and stamp patterns are among their wide range of tools and supplies—as is rental equipment, of course!

Contractors Paving Supply Llc jobs can bring an estimated hourly wage of $34, though this figure may change based on factors such as location.