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CoverHound Review


CoverHound is an insurance technology platform offering digital shoppers instant quotes and comparisons of real insurance options from top property and casualty carriers in the US. CoverHound has been recognized in two Expert Collections.

CoverHound reviews show that their platform makes shopping for auto, home, life, and business insurance fast, painless, and cost-effective! Reviews demonstrate this is evident when looking at reviews online of CoverHound. The process is quick, effortless, and inexpensive!

Auto Insurance

CoverHound offers competitive quotes and personalized recommendations based on each driver’s unique needs, making their service simple, quick, and hassle-free. CoverHound provides coverage in all 50 states while making the process swift & painless for each driver.

CoverHound offers an expansive portfolio of personal and commercial insurance products and a partner network that provides accurate, fast, and customized quotes to consumers. Their quotes come from some of the largest insurers nationwide – making CoverHound an invaluable source of options tailored specifically for each customer.

Keith Moore, CEO of CoverHound and an attendee of the Casualty Actuarial Society Spring Meeting, gave tips for disrupting insurance distribution at a Q&A session at CAS Spring Meeting. Technology and consumer expectations are forcing industry players to reconsider how it operates; Moore shared his ideas for narrowing carrier choices for customers to create an improved experience for all involved parties.

He recommended creating a “promised delivery model” to meet these objectives to guarantee optimal experiences for consumers and carriers alike. Furthermore, he highlighted the significance of creating strong customer relationships; CoverHound utilizes a Net Promoter Score survey that asks each customer how likely they would be to refer friends and family to CoverHound, with promoters receiving benefits like exclusive offers, faster claims resolution timeframes and easier policy access.

CoverHound recently unveiled an online car insurance comparison site tailored explicitly for consumers in the U.S. The site aims to streamline shopping experiences by offering nationwide real-time, customized quotes from leading insurers. Also, it allows users to compare auto, home, and small business policies side-by-side in a convenient online platform.

CoverHound currently operates in all 50 states, offering residential and commercial auto policies to consumers in an instant quote format, allowing consumers to obtain coverage quickly from trusted partners in minutes. Furthermore, CoverHound provides free consultation for drivers needing help selecting appropriate coverage and offering SR22 coverage to comply with state laws mandating financial responsibility proof.

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance is an essential element of financial protection plans for every homeowner. It will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your home and its belongings in case of covered losses, such as fire, theft, wind damage, or even flooding; in addition, liability coverage provides added peace of mind should someone become injured on your property and sues for negligence claims against you.

Many factors impact the cost of homeowners insurance, including your state and ZIP code, home construction details, and number of claims filed over time. You can take control of your premium by comparison shopping. CoverHound is a fast, free, and convenient way to compare homeowners insurance quotes online.

Most homeowner insurance policies cover essential dwelling and personal property coverage, with extras such as water damage coverage, home repair assistance services, and pet health or identity theft protection being available as add-ons. Homeowners may also choose to increase their liability limits in case a lawsuit ensues against them, and legal fees and judgments awarded against them exceed what their policy covers.

Along with reviewing your home insurance policy, inventory your valuables and belongings so you and your insurer have an accurate picture of their replacement costs. Use this data to assess if there is enough personal property coverage or if additional policies are needed for these items.

Homeowners can safeguard their insurance from cancellation or non-renewal by performing routine maintenance and staying current on payments. Furthermore, before their current policy expires, they can shop around to find the most cost-effective rate and coverage possible for their dollar.

CoverHound users have found its website user-friendly, with quotes coming back quickly – typically under seven minutes – from initial quotes. While some customers have noted discrepancies between premiums versus original quotes and customer service department, most have reported being satisfied with their experience and have even recommended CoverHound to family and friends.

Life Insurance

CoverHound has made great strides toward digitizing insurance over its nine-year lifespan. Established by industry veterans from Unitrin Direct and InsWeb, CoverHound has sold more than 200,000 policies since inception and grown exponentially – offering products such as life, auto, homeowners/renters/tenants renters/small business/cyber coverage.

CoverHound is more than just another comparison website; it is a licensed insurance agency. That means they are more than capable of showing quotes; they can actually sell you policies, saving time and money. CoverHound maintains relationships with carriers such as Progressive and Liberty Mutual, enabling it to offer real-time rates while selling policies on their behalf.

Prospective customers start their insurance shopping process by answering a short questionnaire that helps the site understand their situation and needs. Once done, they receive a list of options tailored to them in minutes that best meet those needs – all of this makes insurance shopping more straightforward and faster for everyone involved! This company strives to make insurance shopping simpler for its customers.

CoverHound has achieved an outstanding net promoter score (NPS) of 82% yearly- two percentage points ahead of its industry counterpart’s average NPS score (37).

CoverHound’s empowered staff is committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry for good, evidenced by outstanding employee reviews that coverHound has received. Seventy-three percent of employees said they would recommend CoverHound to their friends, while 92% approved of CEO Keith Moore.

CoverHound aims to expand its product offerings by forging partnerships with various tech companies. One such partnership is with Intelligent, a rental marketing and tenant screening platform. Through this partnership, CoverHound renters will gain instant quotes for insurance from CoverHound, allowing them to obtain coverage faster. This represents an exciting development for both companies as well as for the insurance industry at large.

Business Insurance

CoverHound business insurance allows small businesses to secure essential policies to safeguard them against accidents, employee injuries, and litigation. A general liability policy should be an essential component of every small business insurance package; it helps cover medical costs and legal fees should someone trip over equipment at your company or be injured at its premises. Workers’ compensation coverage also should be an essential consideration; this type of policy covers costs related to medical care, physical therapy, and lost wages should an employee suffer an on-the-job accident.

CoverHound offers small businesses the tools to manage risks more efficiently, such as cyber insurance coverage. Cyber insurance shields the policyholder against claims brought by customers or clients alleging data loss or financial damages due to negligence on behalf of the policyholder; other specialized coverages include professional liability, D&O Liability, and worker’s comp.

CoverHound offers business insurance through an easy online quote request system, giving basic details about your business and desired coverages. After providing some basic info about yourself and what kind of protection is necessary for it to operate effectively. Once submitted, they’ll connect you with a licensed agent who will answer any of your questions regarding them or any coverage needs you might have. You can also visit their FAQs page to learn more about them as a company and their services.

CoverHound’s customer service representatives are always available via phone, email, or live chat to assist with your insurance needs. They offer helpful explanations of policy options and impartial comparisons of rates among leading insurers in your area. CoverHound boasts an excellent track record regarding customer satisfaction – its Net Promoter Score stands above industry norms at an outstanding 82!

CoverHound makes finding insurance effortless for home, auto, life, and business insurance needs. Their experienced agents and experts offer competitive rates and an array of policies tailored specifically to you and can even assist in the application process and documentation submission.