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CoverHound – Who is the Founder and CEO of CoverHound?


Finding great coverage for your car, home, or business insurance can take time and effort, which is why CoverHound makes it simple to compare quotes in minutes.

Digital shoppers can utilize this company for instant quotes and comparisons from leading US property & casualty insurance carriers. In addition, CyberPolicy serves small businesses through its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Basil Enan

Basil is one of the co-founders and seasoned CEOs behind CoverHound, with extensive insurance and online financial services experience. He aims to establish CoverHound as the go-to brand when consumers shop for insurance online and develop technology solutions that combine a powerful search and comparison engine with advice and service from professional insurance agents.

CoverHound was established in 2010 to simplify its customers’ insurance shopping and buying experience, offering instantaneous rate comparisons for auto, home, renters, and cyber policies in minutes. CyberPolicy also offers small business insurance plans through CoverHound in San Francisco. The company can be found there.

CoverHound expanded its coverage for rideshare drivers in 2016, offering them a quick and straightforward way to secure coverage at an affordable cost. Partnered with over 30 carriers for optimal coverage at reasonable costs. Their comparison shopping engine powered by licensed agents provides real-time quotes from top US insurers in mere moments so customers can purchase policies within three minutes!

CoverHound recently raised a $58 Million Series D funding round, led by Bermuda-based specialist insurer Hiscox and supported by Chubb, MS&AD, and Aflac Ventures investors. CoverHound plans to use the funding raised from these investors to expand its digital partnerships with well-known brands.

Intelligent, a provider of rental marketing and tenant screening solutions, recently announced their partnership with CoverHound to allow their tenants to obtain quotes for renter’s insurance through CoverHound and share data to provide customers with an optimal experience.

CoverHound has joined forces with several large insurance providers to offer car insurance policies to drivers of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. Their app makes purchasing insurance convenient from any location across the US while also providing tips about driving safety requirements and requirements for drivers of these rideshare services.

Rory Joyce, Joel Hayhurst, and Basil Enan launched this company as an idea generated in a Stanford MBA class. They have become a leading online marketplace for personal and commercial property and casualty insurance policies. They aim to simplify insurance shopping while giving consumers more power over their decisions by giving them the information needed to make informed choices.

Rory Joyce

CoverHound was established in 2010 as an online insurance comparison shopping platform that assists consumers in finding and purchasing car insurance policies. CoverHound uses cutting-edge technology that allows its users to calculate personal needs, compare accurate quotes from top carriers, and purchase policies at the best possible price. Based out of San Francisco, CoverHound partners with several insurers such as Metromile, PolicyGenius, and Trusted Choice biBerk QBE The Hanover, among others, and offers an API enabling other companies to offer its service directly to customers.

Helix CyberPolicy has the support of investors such as Hiscox, Chubb, ACE Group, RRE Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Bullpen Capital Tugboat Ventures Route 66 Ventures, and Aflac Ventures investors, with total funding reaching $111 Million total funding to date. Through CyberPolicy, its wholly owned subsidiary, small businesses can quickly compare and purchase cyber insurance policies online – quickly saving time.

According to its website, this company receives over 4.5 million unique monthly visitors and boasts an 82 Net Promoter Score, significantly exceeding industry norms. Furthermore, in addition to offering consumer platforms, it has robust business-to-business (B2B) solutions.

CoverHound currently operates in 24 states and plans to expand across the nation. Furthermore, they plan to offer car insurance policies targeting rideshare drivers shortly. In partnership with Intelligent (a tenant screening and marketing company), CoverHound renters will have access to quotes for insurance from CoverHound.

CoverHound has built its business around culture over strategy. Their team believes being highly innovative is vital to creating change within large industries like theirs. Their team has established a solid foundation and excellent business model and is working diligently towards meeting their goals.

CoverHound’s founders are driven by an ambitious vision and are creating an innovative company within an established industry. CoverHound’s technology enables insurance to evolve in new ways while improving customer experience – an increasing trend as more people switch from traditional insurers.

Joel Hayhurst

CoverHound was launched by Basil Enan ’07BUS, Joel Hayhurst and Rory Joyce in 2010. Their technology makes the process simpler and faster; additionally, they employ professional agents to assist customers in selecting an affordable policy that meets their needs.

CoverHound was established by a team of veteran insurance industry veterans dedicated to making CoverHound an insurance shopping brand consumers can rely on. Their comparative shopping engine utilizes accurate, instant, and actionable rates from leading insurers; and is supported by a full-service independent agency employing licensed agents nationwide. CoverHound provides products and services related to auto, home, renters, commercial property, and business owner policies across the US from its base in San Francisco, California.

In late September, the company announced a $33.3 million series C funding round from investors such as ACE Group, RRE Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Core Innovation Capital, Route 66 Ventures, and American Family Ventures. They plan to use these funds for product development and expansion.

As a result of their investment, the company has seen substantial increases in user numbers and customer satisfaction; its Net Promoter Score has skyrocketed to 82% – two points more than average across the insurance industry.

This company’s mission is to deliver excellent service to its customers; its success can be directly attributed to the efforts and dedication of its employees. With offices in Denver and San Francisco and an emphasis placed on employee empowerment in its culture, over 550 individuals currently make up its workforce; these employees enjoy high job satisfaction levels with competitive compensation packages offered.

CoverHound’s small business division CyberPolicy also provides insurance quotes and comparisons tailored to small businesses. According to Keith Moore, its CEO, culture precedes strategy at CoverHound and CyberPolicy.

Keith Moore

Keith Moore is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CoverHound, an innovative technology company that allows consumers to shop for auto insurance simultaneously. With extensive experience in property and casualty insurance, data analysis, actuarial science, creating innovative products, and developing business strategies, in addition to this work at CoverHound, Keith is an accomplished author and speaker.

Customers can utilize the company’s comparison shopping engine to obtain instant, accurate rates in less than three minutes and purchase coverage that meets their needs – saving time and money. Furthermore, users can access customer service representatives for assistance with any inquiries or issues arising during purchase.

CoverHound has recently expanded its capabilities to encompass home, life, and renters insurance policies. Their technology is designed around the principle that people want to spend as little time purchasing and managing their policies; hence the platform makes the buying and managing experience as effortless as possible while offering discounts such as safe driving and loyalty bonuses.

CoverHound has quickly earned itself a solid reputation among car owners, becoming available across most states. Furthermore, CoverHound has formed partnerships with national insurance carriers to offer its services. It makes money by charging insurer referral fees and earning revenue through policy fulfillment and renewals.

CoverHound has revolutionized the insurance comparison and purchasing process since 2011, providing online quotes and comparisons of various options while serving small businesses through its CyberPolicy platform, which offers cyber insurance quotes comparisons and quotes. Since 2011, CoverHound has raised over $58 million from investors such as Hiscox, RRE Ventures, Blumberg Capital Route 66 Ventures, and Core Innovation Capital.

CoverHound has partnered with other websites, such as Metromile and PolicyGenius, to generate additional revenue by referring customers and leads; this additional revenue stream could account for as much as 15% of premium costs.