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Drip Tea Cafe and BearyBoba Tea Cafe


Since opening in 2019, Drip Tea Cafe has quickly become a go-to spot for trendy drinks and Instagrammable boba. Offerings at this shop include Post Melona – which tastes similar to a melon candy bar; Babycat (taro and Oreo smoothie); and Fear of Pog (passion fruit, orange, and guava smoothie). Find out the best info about Beary Boba.

Q Cup Boba

Boba tea is a trendy beverage composed of tea, flavors, sweeteners and black tapioca pearls served cold. Typically enjoyed with an oversized straw that accommodates all the boba pearls – an invention from Taiwan that has since spread worldwide and into other forms such as milk tea or fruit juice – remembering pudding-infused drinks and fruit chunks! It was initially created as an entertainment industry phenomenon.

Boba tea has quickly become more than just a trend among Asian Americans; it has also become part of their cultural identity and given rise to an entire subculture known as “boba life,” defined by its love for boba drinks, fashion, and music.

Boba tea may not be low in calories, but it can still help you control both sugar and caffeine consumption. For optimal results, use skim milk mixed with strong-brewed tea of your favorite variety – this will keep the flavor intact while decreasing sweetener need. You could also experiment with honey, simple syrup, or granulated sugar sweeteners.

Boba tea began in Taiwan as an inexpensive beverage made by mixing tea powder with flavors and sugar during the late ’80s before becoming widely available around the world in coffee shops and juice bars. Today, it can be found anywhere with black or green tea as the base, milk as the liquid base, and chewy tapioca pearls, which sometimes form square shapes resembling bubbles on top of it all!

Your boba tea experience can be enhanced with various add-ons such as pudding, fruit jellies, and ice cream – these add-ons can add both texture and flavor. Try mixing in boba with other beverages, such as coffee or smoothies; many people enjoy having refreshing smoothies made with boba as part of a healthy and vital beverage routine.

Drip Tea Cafe

Sean McCrossin of Columbia’s Five Points district has sold his successful coffee shop to Akera Sellers and her husband, who are owners of Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea in West Columbia. These new owners will take over operations at the Saluda Avenue location as well as operate another smaller Brickhouse Cafe nearby in West Columbia.

Drip Tea Cafe is an adorable, hip concept store offering trendy beverages and desserts infused with boba. Their “bear yaki” is an exciting spin on traditional teriyaki Japanese fish-shaped waffles with a soft serve that offers unique and flavorful treats; don’t miss it! Additionally, this cafe also sells designer clothing and shoes as part of its retail selection, providing them with opportunities to innovate regularly and remain unique within their local community.

Little Bear Coffee Co.

Little Bear Coffee Co is an intimate yet vibrant coffee shop in Terre Haute that provides an array of beverages, treats, and snacks. Its welcoming environment is ideal for studying or meeting up with friends, while its fast WiFi and friendly service are unmatched. Little Bear offers everything from iced coffee to energy drinks, as well as sweet and savory treats like sandwiches and croissants.

Black Bear Cafe attracts both locals and visitors. Though always busy, the cafe always feels comfortable and manageable. Seating options range from cozy booths to comfortable armchairs – with live music on Friday and Saturday evenings providing additional excitement!

Little Bear offers gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face, such as mugs, tumblers, and Chemex bottles featuring their beloved logo – perfect for sipping beverages on the go!

Another fantastic gift idea from Little Bear’s is their freshly roasted beans. Sourced from around the globe and expertly roasted in small batches to guarantee consistent and high-quality products, these delightful beans come in various roast types that will satisfy even the pickiest palates.

Little Bear Restaurant provides more than just coffee and tea; they also serve breakfast, lunch, and desserts. Their cuisine is fresh, healthy, and delectable, while their staff and comfortable atmosphere make this family-friendly spot a popular destination among students and businesspeople.

Little Bear Coffee Co offers an average annual salary of $63,4998; this figure is less than that provided at Elila. However, they offer many employee benefits, and having vital customer service and cash-handling skills can increase your salary at this coffee shop.


BearyBoba Tea Cafe provides customers with boba drinks in various flavors and a range of toppings to customize their drink experience. Customers may choose from an assortment of sweet snacks like cookies and macaroons from its extensive menu, – as well as beverages like bubble tea and iced coffee from its comprehensive beverage list. Though more details remain scarce about its opening location, BearyBoba promises to become an outstanding addition to its local community.

Boba hails from Taiwan, where it originated as a popular beverage combining milk with either black or green tea, tapioca pearls, or fruit-flavored jellies, along with tapioca pearls or fruit jellies. Boba quickly spread to America’s West Coast through Asian communities until it eventually took hold across all 50 states. In 2019, Mark Vonderheide and partner Chris Bowser launched Uncharted Tea on Congress Street in Portland, Oregon, to take advantage of this trend.

Since opening its headquarters in Rowland Heights, California, in 1995, this Rowland Heights-based company has expanded into five US locations and three internationally. Within the US, they can be found in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Rowland Heights; abroad, two Hong Kong and one Seoul locations exist.

There are various varieties of tea available today, but none is more beloved than bubble tea – an exotic beverage that blends cold milk and tea with multiple ingredients such as boba, spherical jelly balls, and fruit powders. It is typically served in plastic or metal cups equipped with straws and lids for convenient enjoyment on the go; many boba shops also provide baked goods or savory soups as snacks; in specific locations, customers can even order full meals such as sandwiches and salads!

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