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Food is one of the most important parts of human lives and when it comes to food you have to be very careful about its safety issues. is the best online resource where you can be able to get all the information on food safety and qualify in the European Union.

This online resource is managed by the European Food Safety Authority very well. The Food Safety Authority is the center for the food business, consumers, and others as well. It will help you to get informed about the latest news on food very well and also ensure food safety all over Europe at the same time.

In this article,  you can be able to get to know all of the basic and vital information about very clearly. Here you can be able to get to know about the structure and purpose of this site, all the tools and features, all research projects, and international collaborations as well. Keep reading.

History of this online resource and purpose

It is very important to collect the proper info about this site and its purpose very well. As we mentioned before, this site is managed by the European Food Safety Authority and it can independently conduct any kind of scientific assessment and improvisation on food safety issues very well. The Food Safety Authority was established in the year 2002 as it highlighted the need for food safety very effectively.

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If you want to know about the purpose of this site then it is very clear that this site is built to support the mission of the European Food Safety Authority by serving the proper information on food safety and quality all over Europe. If you ever visit the website of you will surely notice a note on that website where they mention ‘your guide to safe food’.

On this site, you can be able to get so many tools and information for different users. Such as if you are looking for some information about food businesses, is the site that can guide you to be careful about the food safety management system very properly. Besides this, if you are a scientist, you can be able to access all technical reports,  data, and research information about food safety and quality very well.

It will help to lead your work more efficiently. For consumers also has some offers and options that can help you identify and choose safe and quality food for you and your family. This is the best site that helps to decrease the risk of getting unhealthy food very effectively. This site plays a vital role when it comes to food safety.

Key features and resources of

When it comes to the improvement of food safety and quality, can be able to provide you with many different kinds of useful tools and resources. In this article,  you can be able to gather some information about some of the interesting tools very properly. So, without wasting any time let’s check out the information below.

Rapid alert system for food and feed:

This is one of the best features of this wonderful website that is very interesting and useful at the same time. To register a food business service, this feature will provide you with a portal that will help food businesses with a rapid alert system for food and feed. With the help of this feature, you can be able to detect if there will be any serious food safety risks are appearing.

This is one of the critical systems that has this outstanding power to protect food quality. This feature of will also help to improve public health very positively. RASFF features has also the facility to notify if there is a minimizing potential harm as well.

Guidance materials:

This is another feature of this wonderful website that has also some capabilities to improve food service and quality all over Europe. On this website,  you will get this useful feature that will help you by providing you with the best guidance for developing food safety management systems very efficiently.

You can use templates, checklists, training materials, and case study to use as valuable references as well. You will also get sound guidance with EU regulations that can also help to improve the standard of the European food industry very effectively at the same time.

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Food safety and security news:

This feature of will provide you with information on emerging food safety issues, alerts, and other things at the same time. You will get all the information in the news section of this feature and this information will help you to know about food and feed quality very well. Besides this, if you are a stakeholder then this feature will inform you and help you to improve and respond to problems when they arrive.

Scientific reports:

On this site, you will also get a feature of scientific options and technical reports which help you get transparent and knowledgeable info on food risk very clearly. You can be able to access all the details at the same time.

Consumer information:

As a consumer, you can be able to get all the information related to food service and quality very well. Such as food labels, noticing spoiled foods, shopping online, and many more. This feature will help you to choose the best quality food for you and take care of your health properly at the same time.

Analysis assignments and international collaboration wants to improve food safety and this is the primary role of this site as well. They always try to find something new during their research and also want to improve global partnerships to extend this scientific knowledge and service on food safety all over the world. Here are some research works are given below that are also mentioned on the site as well.

  • Pathogen detection methods
  • Emerging risks from new foods or production implement
  • Improving food safety and security
  • Risk communication strategies

From this research, already innovated and built some scientific methods to improve food safety and security very strongly.

When it comes to collaboration, already participates in international bodies, like the FAO, WHO, and Codex Alimentarius. Overall, this site is now successfully promoting food safety very strongly.

Some future plans of always tries to expand its scope and powers for future growth.  Here are the future development plans of given below.

  • A new section to detect food safety issues is in development.
  • eu tries to create more resources for upcoming regulations.
  • Also tries to develop International food safety standards and work with WHO for that.
  • eu tries to add more user-friendly features to enhance user engagement.

Overall impression of this site

Welcome to which is a website that works to improve food safety very well. Here you will get to know the overall impression of this site very clearly. Let’s get started.

Website appearance:

After visiting the website,  the first thing that hits you is its energetic design and layout. The interface of this website is very interesting and also makes the navigation process fast. Let’s check out other sides as well.

Content quality of

The contact is the heart of this website as this website offers a wide range of food-related information that is very helpful for every single one. So, as per content quality, this website leads to the top position.

User experience:

When it comes to any website impression user experience becomes one of the most important parts. can be used easily and you can be as to use this website on your smartphones and other devices without any hassle. The navigation part of this website is also interesting and useful.

Features and options of

You will get so many options and features on this website to improve food safety systems very well. The best part of this website is that here you will get some new and unique features to use as per your need. You will also get an innovative search and filter option here to make your search easier.

Performance of

No one likes any slow website, and technically works very fast. The technical performance of this website is very positive which helps the food industry to develop its food service and quality systems.

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Customer service and support: can also provide you with the best customer service and support as per your needs. This website is very responsible and helpful when it comes to the improvement of its aim and its user experience.

Final thought is the heart of the food safety systems of Europe. From this site, you can be able to gather any information related to food safety very well. The growth and innovation of this website is increasing very positively day by day.