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Geneva Trading is a Global Principal Trading Firm With a Focus on Alpha Generation, Technology Innovation, Risk Management and Market Enhancement


Geneva Trading is an international principal trading firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Earles Architects designed its new headquarters to facilitate efficient operations while creating an organized flow within space.

Reformation insulated Geneva, leaving it isolated from Roman Catholic France and Savoyard Piedmont cultures. Yet its vibrant traditions encouraged international bodies to resume operations there.

Founded in 1999

Geneva Trading is an innovative principal trading firm with a record of success in the derivatives markets. At Geneva Trading, employees enjoy working in an environment of creativity and entrepreneurialism that encourages them to develop cutting-edge technology and trading strategies that remain highly competitive. Focused on four areas of excellence–alpha generation, technology innovation, risk management, and market enhancement–Geneva Trading excels at offering exceptional trading services at highly competitive rates.

Geneva Trading offers an interdisciplinary team of technologists, quants, and operations professionals who work within some of the world’s most complex markets – always working collaboratively to innovate and solve problems. Their specialized software and data science capabilities help them discover ways to optimize every aspect of global market participation.

This company maintains offices in Chicago and Dublin. Their primary business involves the execution of trading strategies on global electronic markets that specialize in fixed income, foreign exchange, stocks and stock indices, energy commodities, and commodities. Their long history of success in the listed derivatives market, technology innovation, risk management, and alpha generation makes this firm truly distinctive in this marketplace.

Geneva Trading offers more than just global trading; they also provide their employees with a superior education. Tuition reimbursements encourage their staff to broaden their horizons across various fields while also boasting an active mentoring program for new hires.

At Geneva Trading, an average day is filled with writing code, testing it for production issues, and working on ongoing strategy team projects. They’re searching for engineers who are excited to tackle challenging problems while being able to collaborate effectively with traders in an agile working environment.

Earles Architects designed their office at 190 South LaSalle in Chicago to incorporate contemporary technologies with design elements reflecting their company’s rich trading history. Open ceilings, warm wood tones, and polished concrete floors combine for an industrial warehouse feel within this modern, sophisticated space.

Data Science

Data science is at the core of Geneva Trading’s business model in today’s rapidly advancing technological world, from idea generation and backtesting through risk monitoring and performance visualization. Geneva Trading utilizes cutting-edge software tools such as Risk Monitor Pro to uncover hidden opportunities and optimize participation across global markets. Their strong emphasis on risk management and technology innovation has allowed the firm to remain successful for two decades.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has ordered Geneva Trading USA to pay a civil monetary penalty of $1.5 million for spoofing, which disrupts normal market operations and decreases liquidity. Three traders within Geneva were found engaging in such practices: A, B, and C Trader. Furthermore, under CFTC Order Geneva, it was required to change its internal controls and train employees on its anti-spoofing rules.

Geneva Trading is a renowned proprietary trading firm that excels in listed derivatives markets. Through their commitment to technology innovation, risk management, and an abundance of trading strategies spanning multiple asset classes – coupled with innovative yet flexible technology platforms and abundant support and resources – Geneva Trading has maintained its competitive edge and achieved sustained success over many years.

Success for this company lies in its focus on alpha generation, technology innovation, and risk management. Their team of developers, analysts, and traders is dedicated to increasing profitability and broadening market presence while supporting and empowering individuals involved in alpha creation through education and training for employees as well as mentoring programs.

Risk Management

Geneva Trading’s business model emphasizes risk management as an integral component. A team of specialists specializes in tracking exposure to risks for the company while informing traders on best practices related to risk management, thus enabling it to achieve consistent success over two decades.

Technology innovation and risk management are core to this firm’s success, along with its unique culture that encourages traders to maximize their returns by adopting various trading strategies. Furthermore, numerous benefits and compensation packages are provided to attract and retain talented employees.

Geneva Trading encourages its traders to be self-motivated and disciplined, enabling them to use their creativity and entrepreneurial abilities to uncover new opportunities that could enhance trading performance. Furthermore, Geneva provides mentorship programs so their full potential can be reached.

Additionally, the company has established rigorous governance and compliance systems to ensure all aspects of its business are managed and monitored effectively. These include commercial ESG steering committees that promote best practices while overseeing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and health, safety, security, and environment (HSEC) risks.

CFTC recognized Geneva’s swift action to address its spoofing activities and its full cooperation during its investigation, awarding a civil monetary penalty of $1.5 million along with a cease-and-desist order and acknowledging improvements and enhancements to Geneva’s compliance systems to avoid future instances of spoofing; additionally, Geneva established a more robust reporting system alerting traders when their books approach risk limits.

Pyth Network

Geneva Trading is a premier principal trading firm with an impressive track record in derivatives markets. Their unique culture fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and disciplined approaches to trading and investing, leading them to achieve numerous industry firsts while creating long-term value for their investors.

In May 2021, Pyth Network debuted as a unique oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data kept behind “walled gardens” at centralized institutions. It sought an easy and inexpensive solution that brought this data on-chain without time delays and exorbitant fees often associated with traditional oracles.

Pyth is a next-generation price oracle that makes essential financial market data accessible to projects and protocols on blockchain technology and the public at large. Its platform aggregates first-party data from publishers such as exchange platforms and investment firms. It publishes it for on-chain consumption – as well as cross-chain consumption across multiple blockchains simultaneously.

The Pyth network currently supports crypto and equity data but plans to add more asset classes as it grows. With its flexible infrastructure and numerous market participant applications, its growing use has attracted over 100 DeFi products that currently use it.

Pyth, as a DeFi oracle, provides data with sub-second update times on any blockchain, even during market instability. It does this thanks to an on-demand price update model, which enables apps and projects to request the information whenever necessary – helping ensure code updates at the same rate as their native blockchain.

DV Chain, an over-the-counter trading firm, will contribute its real-time crypto market data to the Pyth Network. At first, it will initially support this network with 24×7 real-time cryptocurrency market information before expanding to include equity and forex assets as time goes on.