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Getfvid Review


Getfvid is a free tool that makes downloading Facebook videos in MP4 format simple, accessible, and reliable on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Furthermore, Getfvid protects user privacy by not keeping track of videos downloaded from Facebook. Read the Best info about getfvid.

To download a video, right-click it and copy its URL before pasting it into a website.

It is a free tool

Getfvid is an online tool designed to download Facebook videos quickly and efficiently. Its intuitive design makes it simple for anyone, regardless of platform or computer type, to download videos. In addition, Getfvid features computer screen recording and post-production functions, which make it ideal for business use, such as meetings or presentations, as well as capturing other sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and TikTok videos and music.

This free online Facebook video downloader works across all browsers and does not require any software to operate. Visit the website and enter the video URL you want to download into the text box provided; once this has been accomplished, just click “Download” to download and save to your default download section on your browser.

Use this tool to easily download public Facebook group and FB live videos from a text box, then copy-paste the link of the video into another box on the page and press enter; an alternative link will appear for you to click. Finally, the green-colored “download” button allows you to easily save them directly into your browser’s default download section – from there, they can be easily moved anywhere you choose!

This Facebook video downloader also lets you quickly and easily download videos from Instagram, YouTube, and Dailymotion – among many other websites – without limits or restrictions on how many you can download at one time. Plus, it supports mobile devices for convenient viewing on the go! Secure with SSL encryption protection of information for added peace of mind. It even comes with a free trial version to test if it suits your needs – this way, you can test its suitability before purchasing. Plus, there is even a trial version you can try before buying! It provides excellent savings potential among these other slow and difficult downloaders!

It is easy to use

Getfvid is a free online tool that lets you download Facebook videos in MP2 or MP4 format quickly and seamlessly across devices – computers, tablets, and mobile phones! Once you have the URL for a video that needs downloading from Facebook, log onto Getfvid, copy/paste it into the field provided, select your format option, and complete. Getfvid also updates regularly so that it remains operationally functional for you.

This online Facebook video downloader is quick and reliable, making it simple for anyone to download private videos. All it takes to download public videos is copying their link from social media and pasting it into a text box on the site textbox, clicking “Download,” waiting a few seconds while your video downloads, and clicking the button; you are all done!

This downloader stands out as being both accessible and non-Facebook account required – making it the ideal solution for those wanting to save videos without signing into Facebook every time. Furthermore, its design means it stays out of your way while using Facebook!

To utilize this extension, first ensure you have the most recent version of Google Chrome by locating and clicking the “Apps” icon at the top left corner. Next, search for Getfvid and add it by selecting “Add to Chrome.” Finally, restart your browser to be ready to use this helpful extension!

Getfvid is an easy and time-saving way to download Facebook videos quickly. Please copy and paste a link into its website before pasting it into Getfvid and clicking convert! From there, Getfvid will convert the video directly into a downloadable file!

It is secure

GetfVid provides a safe and straightforward method for downloading videos from social media websites like Twitter. It works in any browser without the need for dedicated software applications, making it a popular choice among video downloaders for Twitter video downloading purposes. Mobile device compatibility makes navigation simple; its user interface ensures no malware infection! Not to mention, its gratis nature means there is no risk of malware infection either!

Ensure your computer’s operating system, virus scanner, and browser are current for optimal file security. This will prevent any potentially unwanted software from accessing personal information or displaying pop-ups on the desktop. It is also wise to regularly scan downloaded files from unknown sources for viruses.

GetfVid stands apart from other video downloaders by not storing or selling your data to third parties. It uses encrypted https connections for end-to-end encryption, meaning no third parties have access to it, and you can use this tool on any device, such as desktops, laptops, or smartphones – plus, there is even an extension available in Chrome to make the most of its capabilities!

While GetfVid is an effective tool for downloading videos, other Facebook video downloaders provide similar services. One such example is FBVideoDown, which makes downloading Twitter and Facebook videos directly from the browser without needing an app or software download possible; additionally, it features no obtrusive advertisements and is easy to use.

GetfVid offers many features beyond fast and secure services that make it ideal for your needs, including the ability to store videos in multiple formats and be compatible with multiple operating systems. It even supports YouTube and other video-sharing platforms so you can upload and watch videos on any device!

If you use a mobile phone, protecting your files by setting a password or PIN is easy and will ensure no one can gain access to personal information or video library. Furthermore, restricting user access could prevent anyone else from deleting videos without your knowledge – folders and drives could also be protected using password or PIN lock protections.

It is fast

Getfvid is a simple and free way to download videos from Facebook without installing software or registration requirements – perfect for use across computers, mobile phones, and tablets! In addition, its ads-free approach makes it safer than many social video downloaders available today.

This online Facebook video downloader is easy to use and only takes minutes. Visit the page with the video you wish to save, click on its green “download” button, and save it to your computer – then view it any time you please!

Getfvid allows you to download videos from Facebook and convert them to MP4 or MP3 format, as well as extract audio and save it separately. Getfvid supports all major platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, without storing or tracking downloaded videos.

No matter which online video downloader you choose, few can optimize files for the device in your pocket. getFLV does this and more – making it a powerful program for anyone wanting to save online content, though its more advanced features may intimidate newer users.

Cisdem’s Video Converter is another helpful solution for downloading Facebook videos, offering high-resolution formats such as 4K and 2160p. Furthermore, this free-of-charge app does not feature advertisements or pop-ups – making it a safe option for Facebook users.

Though numerous methods are available for downloading Facebook videos, FB Down is one of the most accessible and reliable. As a bookmarklet that adds to your browser’s bookmark bar, FB Down automatically sends you there when visiting pages with videos – or you can drag it there yourself for quicker access! Plus, it works on all platforms!

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