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Grossi Florentino Menu – A Celebration of Pinot Noir Wines


The Grossi Florentino in Florence offers a sophisticated, five-course Italian menu with a wide selection of wines. On Wednesday, 5 October, a celebration of pinot noir wines will take place at Grossi Florentino. It will feature fifteen nominees for the title of Australia’s Best Pinot Noir Wine along with a five-course dinner. You’ll be able to taste the wines and meet wine judges, winemakers, and this year’s winners.


If you love Italian food and are looking for the perfect Italian meal, then you’ll want to check out Grossi Florentino. This iconic Melbourne restaurant serves up delicious Italian dishes in a classic setting. The menu includes both a la carte dishes and a five-course ‘Gran Tour’ meal.

The restaurant is beautifully designed, with large murals of Renaissance life in Florence. The dining hall is attractively decorated and accented by a variety of Italian statues. The decor is intimate, so you’ll find the ideal setting for a romantic dinner. The Veloce menu is a two-course lunch menu, while the Gran Tour Menu offers five courses, including an optional wine pairing.

The menu includes many Italian dishes, including classic dishes influenced by the Renaissance era. The restaurant’s ambiance is sophisticated, with chandeliers and murals depicting Florentine life. A highlight on the menu is the Ravioli All’Uovo, a dish that is famous for its egg yolk, smoked ricotta, aged balsamic, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. If you’re not a fan of cheese, the restaurant also has seafood dishes, as well as steak dishes.

Wine list

The Grossi Florentino wine list has been praised by critics and has received several awards. It is an excellent resource for wine lovers who want to learn more about Italian wines and pair the wines with particular foods. In addition to its award-winning food, the wine list also includes explanatory notes on each wine, which is useful for educational purposes and to ensure you have the perfect meal.

Grossi Florentino is a fine Italian restaurant that blends the rustic charm of a Tuscan trattoria with European fine dining. While seafood is the main feature, the menu has a wide variety of options, from a six-course “Gran Tour” to a three-course prix-fixe. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and attentive while retaining an old-school formality.

Panels depicting Florence at the height of Renaissance achievement

Grossi Florentino’s menu panels depicting the splendor of Renaissance Florence are among the most beautiful works in Florence. Each panel has several important figures. In the center of the panel, the figures are bathing and the Arno River flows through the country. Further away, the figures seem smaller, and their projection from the panel decreases.

Panels depicting Jeane Diamond Lorenzo de Medici, the Magnificent

Jeane Diamond’s Lorenzo de Medici, The Magnificent, is one of the most important paintings in the Medici Chapel. The panel’s five panels depict events ranging from the late thirteenth to the early fifteenth century. Other Medici figures are depicted in the paintings. For example, one panel depicts Giotto as a boy. Another panel depicts the famous artist Cimabue. Both artists are responsible for the bronze doors, and there is also a panel featuring Brunelleschi and Boccaccio. The panel also features a figure from the Medici family, which is the most common representation of the Medici family in Florence.

The Medici’s crest is featured prominently in the panels. Its emblem was used on several Florentine monuments, including Alberti’s Rucellai chapel. It is also represented on the floor of the Laurenziana chapel. The Medici family has used a diamond ring as its emblem since the mid-15th century.