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Hirect – Connecting Recruiters and Job Seekers


Hirect is a mobile app designed to facilitate job seekers and recruiters connecting. The application features bi-directional direct chat and video call capabilities and provides 100% data privacy.

AI technology enables this app to seamlessly and quickly match candidates with jobs at startups, significantly streamlining and simplifying the hiring process.

Job Seekers

Direct is a chat-based hiring app designed to connect job seekers and recruiters directly. Users can communicate directly without the interference of consultants, making the hiring process quicker and more efficient. Furthermore, Hirect provides features designed to assist both parties in finding each other easily, such as bi-directional chat and video call features and guaranteeing 100% data privacy for its users.

Direct is a job and startup marketplace offering jobs ranging from UI/UX designers, data scientists, sales and marketing professionals, and project managers – you’ll find everything from UX/UI designers, data scientists, sales & marketing pros, and project managers on its platform. Direct allows users to quickly connect with potential employers through phone/video interviews as well as real-time query support from companies on its platform. Hirect also lets people post resumes to gain personalized attention from businesses when posting resumes to its forum.

Direct is here to make the job search process easy by connecting you with hundreds of founders and small business owners who need talented employees like yourself. The application connects people directly so you don’t have to search yourself!

Direct is an innovative hiring solution that connects candidates directly with recruiters through a stringent verification process and eliminates middlemen. This ensures your resume reaches qualified recruiters, and that a job that matches your skillset can be found for you quickly. Plus, average hiring processes have been reduced from 24 days down to just days!

Direct is free to recruiters and job seekers, working on all major platforms. Additionally, Hirect provides a mobile-friendly web portal and a job board so users can easily manage their profiles from any mobile device – making accessing and managing profiles simpler than ever! Direct also employs advanced security measures to protect its users’ data and privacy.

This company provides an innovative chat-based hiring model that allows for direct communication between startup founders and hiring managers, saving both time and money when hiring talent for your startup. Industry professionals support their platform with years of experience who help hire top talent quickly. Furthermore, customer success is of utmost importance at this company – constantly working towards improving services to meet customers’ needs is one way they meet that aim.


Direct is a chat-based hiring app that facilitates interactions between recruiters and job seekers without needing a middleman. Their software features AI matching algorithms, direct chat communication services, verifications services and scheduling functions. Direct also lets recruiters schedule interviews based on resumes received. Direct helps recruiters identify the appropriate fit between job seekers and recruiters as well as vice versa.

Hiring and onboarding are time-consuming processes that can be costly for companies. To reduce costs and increase productivity, ApplicantStack assists recruiters and HR professionals in streamlining these tasks to reduce costs and boost productivity. Its comprehensive features allow businesses to hire faster while increasing employee satisfaction.

The company also provides tools to aid recruiters and job seekers in communicating more effectively, such as in-app voice/video calling features that allow recruiters to interview candidates on-the-go while creating a more personalized interview experience for candidates. Furthermore, recruiters can save job postings/candidate profiles for later reference using an intuitive mobile-first user interface compatible with most devices.

Hirect’s virtual hiring event in February 2022 was one of the company’s most impressive innovations, featuring start-ups operating virtual booths to interact with job seekers via Oculus Quest headsets available nationwide.

Direct offers startups a free job posting service which is an effective way to attract more qualified applicants and filter candidates based on preferences; making this an excellent resource for both small business owners and recruiters alike.

Direct is a chat-based direct hiring app explicitly created for fast-growth startups and SMEs to meet their hiring needs without consultants while protecting 100% data privacy. Over 9 million downloads have occurred since launch, and over 190K verified startups are active users. With its user-friendly interface allows candidates to connect easily with employers while its matching algorithms and asynchronous communication facilitate more efficient hiring processes.


Hiring is a crucial component of business operations. But its complexity requires hiring managers to employ tools that make the process as efficient as possible, such as an online platform that connects job seekers and recruiters – Hirect is one such platform explicitly designed to assist startups and small businesses find qualified candidates more quickly than ever before! Featuring innovative technologies that allow both parties to communicate via text or video chat, making the entire hiring process more straightforward than ever!

Direct offers a variety of jobs, from UI/UX designers and software developers, to marketing/sales professionals and data scientists, contract-to-hire or full-time hire opportunities, and career paths – perfect for companies needing temporary staffing needs or short-term projects.

The app’s instant notification feature ensures recruiters don’t miss any opportunities, while its anti-spam and scam calls filter out, saving time. Furthermore, its security features protect applicants’ personal information while hiring managers use video interviews with candidates to assess personality and work ethic.

Traditionally, finding a new job required filling out forms, going to interviews and then waiting to hear back – often an interminably long and laborious process for those without prior experience in specific fields. Now with Hirect, job hunters can quickly and efficiently secure new roles within hours; its app puts job hunters directly in front of founders and CEOs who decide whether or not to hire them.

Hiring for a startup business can be time-consuming and expensive, yet essential for growth. One way of saving money and time when hiring is with contract-to-hire; this allows you to hire qualified employees without incurring permanent employee costs.

Hirect is an invaluable tool for tech entrepreneurs seeking their start in business. By connecting you with founders and small business owners directly, Hirect speeds up the job-search process while making it simple to apply for positions and secure interviews – saving time and energy along the way!

Hiring Managers

Direct provides hiring managers and recruiters with a platform for finding candidates and communicating directly with them through its built-in chat feature. Hirect’s AI algorithm matches recruiters with candidates based on skills, experience, profile activity, and location preferences; both parties can communicate on this app to complete the hiring process efficiently and seamlessly.

Direct offers recruiters access to thousands of startups listed, and allows them to select those that match their preferences. Hirect’s notification tool informs recruiters of a matching job listing which significantly speeds up hiring processes while increasing chances of finding qualified candidates. Hirect is free for all users; only verified recruiters can post job ads.

The company’s algorithm quickly searches through profiles to find candidates that fit a new hiring startup’s requirements, saving both parties time and manual labor. Furthermore, their platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience while verifying all companies and job advertisements to ensure an honest process and avoid spammy ads.

Direct offers more than just an efficient job search platform – its built-in chat feature makes communication with potential employers in real time much simpler, letting candidates avoid long phone calls altogether and discuss work preferences as well as ask any pertinent questions regarding job descriptions.

candidates can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to pursue the job offer. By reaching out directly to a hiring manager, candidates can demonstrate their proactivity and enthusiasm for the position while creating an excellent impression and increasing their chances of employment.

Hirect’s chat-based hiring platform provides the ideal solution to all your recruitment needs, whether you are an established recruiter or the founder of a tech startup, with advanced features that enable you to identify high-growth startups quickly and connect with them instantly. Furthermore, Hirect offers multiple benefits, including advanced analytics and free trials periods; its technology also supports CB Insights buyer rankings which hiring managers can utilize when shortlisting vendors or requesting demos.