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Hirect – A Chat-Based Direct Hiring Platform For High-Growth Startups, SMEs, and MNCs


Hirect is an award-winning chat-based direct hiring platform designed for fast-growth startups, SMEs, and MNCs to meet their hiring needs without consultants while still protecting 100% data privacy. Over 8 Million downloads have already occurred between Apple’s App Store and Android platforms!

After hiring in response to the pandemic, many companies are now cutting employees; one such Y-combinator-backed startup is Hirect which recently laid off 40% of its workforce.

Herry Sikri

Direct is a chat-based hiring platform that connects recruiters and candidates on one platform. This app helps Founders, Team Leaders, and Hiring Managers easily find candidates for their startups, while job seekers can interact directly with decision makers through its video chat feature to easily apply for jobs with instant responses from decision-makers. Over 9 Million downloads have already taken the place of Hirect on Google Play Store and Apple Store!

The company specializes in making recruiting and hiring easier across IT, business development, sales, design, product, and customer support. Their application uses algorithms and asynchronous communication to speed up the hiring process while helping candidates locate positions that match their skills and interests – an indispensable resource for tech recruiters and startup founders alike.

Direct is different from traditional search engines in that it filters out fake jobs and only lists verified ones, at no charge for startup job posts of up to three positions; subsequent job posts incur only marginal costs – this ensures job seekers don’t waste their time filling out irrelevant applications and using unrelated applications; furthermore, all users are verified on its platform to prevent frauds and scams.

Direct helps startup founders hire top talent more easily by offering them a direct recruitment platform that eliminates consultants and guarantees 100% data privacy, and features helpful tools that allow job seekers and recruiters to connect.

This app enables recruiters to easily select candidates based on experience, education and work history for jobs they are recruiting for. Furthermore, text messaging and video calls enable recruiters to efficiently connect with candidates who match a role quickly – saving both time and money in recruitment processes.

Apps such as this one provide another valuable feature – alerting recruiters and candidates when new job postings become available, which can be an invaluable asset when working in highly competitive industries. Furthermore, the platform sends reminders for any interviews scheduled by recruiters.

The app is free for both job seekers and employers to use, with some restrictions limiting how much information can be shared publicly. Furthermore, employers cannot post confidential or internal positions via this platform. Before using any application on this website, it is wise to read its terms and conditions thoroughly in order to prevent violations that could lead to legal action being taken against you.


Direct, an AI-driven mobile hiring app, recently unveiled its $1 Million Startup Program to assist fellow startups gain exposure and fill high-priority roles with motivated, qualified candidates – free. Established only two years ago, Hirect has an established track record of helping job seekers meet their goals and businesses meet theirs – with direct messaging and interviewing applications connecting businesses with potential hires while protecting user privacy and preventing spam calls/emails.

Raj Das is an IIT Bombay graduate who co-founded this mobile-first platform for HR professionals, CXOs, founders, job seekers, and startups to connect directly through chat or interviews. Additionally, it uses an AI algorithm that matches recruiters with job seekers based on skill set, experience level, profile activity levels, and location preferences; additionally they have also launched bulk recruitment tools to accommodate large corporations or MNCs.

This app boasts over one million registered users and is utilized by startup CEOs, CFOs, and HR teams to find talent for tech roles, sales/marketing/HR functions, and product/finance functions. Over 2 million verified job seekers have found employment through this platform which boasts several leading startups actively recruiting.

Hirect has expanded upon its scalable chat-based direct hiring platform by unveiling the Enterprise Hiring Page feature, designed to assist large corporates and MNCs meet their hiring needs quickly and effortlessly. Prioritizing customer experience and improving the app algorithm has allowed Hirect to grow rapidly.

One of the keys to startup success lies with its core team, who must be capable of carrying out its vision and direction. Finding qualified employees may prove challenging due to a lack of brand recognition or social media presence like that experienced by more giant corporations; furthermore, finding employees may prove costly and time consuming.

Last year, Direct increased its advertising campaigns by placing posters at bus stands, autos, cabs, skywalks, and cafes, and restaurants throughout Gurugram and Noida. Furthermore, thousands of stickers were distributed among residents to boost new user signups.

Hirect has recently made headlines for announcing it has laid off 40% of its workforce, prompting several of their former employees to vent on LinkedIn about how Hirect has refused to pay their salaries, provide severance packages, or assist with finding employment after deducting amounts from paychecks and not contributing to their PF accounts. Many former employees have even filed a formal complaint with the US Labor Department alleging violations of federal and state employment laws by dismissing workers without good cause; seeking unspecified damages as well as exemplary compensation claims by these former employees against Hirect.