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Hosting that is shared vs Dedicated Server


You are at a crossroads now, deciding which hosting is suitable for your needs. This is a vital decision as it will affect how your business will use the web space in the future. Therefore, before you start submitting a solution to the support department or calling the sales section of any hosting service provider to ask about your confusion, look at the guidelines and tips I’m usually about to introduce to you personally.

First of all, ask yourself, which type of web businesses are you intending to get involved in? Next, I’ll explain the advantages, disadvantages, and capabilities offered by the two shared hosting and dedicated storage space hosting. Before I move forward, let’s refresh your brain with the definition of both hosting types. Shared hosting, as most connected with you, should be well-versed; it is a web hosting service where many websites show the same resources in one web server. Resources here necessarily mean the total web space, the ram, the processor speed, and the bandwidth.

A dedicated server, conversely, give you the freedom of being sole. Alone means you are the only owner of the server. You can apply whatever you want, and no websites share the resources with you. The item sure comes with a price, while a dedicated server is much more expensive than shared hosting. Nonetheless, if you believe I shall be listed in a limited while, are the advantages anyone, long to have? It seems sensible to conclude that these advantages could outweigh the expensive price tag (but still affordable) involving the dedicated server.

Facing the challenges in the world of sharing typically!

Here is a simple analogy; rent a bedroom on your own or find a roomie to share the room with you. Merely that’s the problem or challenge you might face when selecting shared hosting. Shared hosting is just like anyone renting a room with a few various other roommates. Won’t it become congested to share in a small space? However, there is a reason why individuals choose to find roommates. Price is the primary concern. The same would go for the hosting industry.

Shared hosting costs less and is more affordable compared to focused hosting. Nowadays, you can find hosting that is shared with the price of USD4 for you to USD15 per month. Therefore, if you think that price is an issue, so you are still green in the web host world, and your online business has yet to achieve heavy site visitors, the best solution is to go intended for shared hosting first. Consequently, you will need to bear the drawbacks involving shared hosting. Still, if you choose a reputable and experienced hosting company (probably in a hosting business for around 3-4 years), the actual provider will ensure the minimum drawbacks for its clients. Within a shared hosting environment, you will encounter specific disadvantages as follows:

Sharing the same IP

Having the same Internet protocol address in shared hosting is the main issue when other sites in the machine are being blacklisted for unethical activities such as sending junk emails or generating an illegal piece of software. Since you share a similar server, it’s obvious you may share the same IP address. Therefore, when other sites are punished, those sharing the same IP will also, unfortunately, talk about the same fate – currently being banned altogether by search results. You will be the victim involving crime which you don’t squander.

However, there are times when you can get a dedicated IP; however, this usually is not needed until you get an SSL certificate. In cases like this 1, it depends on your hosting supplier on how they deal with customers who do illegal and unapproved activities. Usually, a trusted and responsible host will certainly suspend those sites that perform spamming to save other innocent sites. In a nutshell, to get yourself shared hosting, become familiar with how your provider copes with those sites that are managed on the same server.

Slow Server Response Period

Using the same analogy above, if you and your roommates want to use the bathroom, you must line up, correct? Hence, it can slow down your daily work. A similar goes for shared hosting. If one of your neighbors has heavy day-to-day traffic, it will consume a lot of the bandwidth, and when things tighten up, you will feel a gradual response time, such as issues accessing your website. This is because the hardware will respond to the asked-for file in the order of the line. If one of the visitors happens to demand it later and is in a long queue, that website visitor will experience a slow reaction time and might eventually wind up leaving your website.

Server Accidents Regularly

Server crashes occur more often than usual because specific scripts tend to be generated, which can overload any server’s resources. If the web hosting provider does not monitor the particular server’s activity, that poorly-written CGI script can give you much more headache than relief. Consequently, it’s vital for host service providers to monitor the server regularly to prevent the server from failing and to protect your site coming from being affected. For a client, please take the lead in questioning your workers on how they take steps for cases like this. A new, well-knowledgable and reliable coordinator provider will be able to answer your personal question to your satisfaction.

Even with the aforementioned bad points, many websites also use this shared hosting solution. If a proper lending institution is chosen, you can be reassured that such incidents will probably barely happen.

Dedicated Web hosting service – A world of your own

Why do people opt for dedicated web hosting services instead of shared hosting? Again, the key criterion is money. Whenever you can afford a costly solution in this way, go ahead. However, don’t merely go ahead without weighing the advantages and cons of committed hosting. If you have funds and are just a tiny method enterprise, think twice about buying dedicated hosting. The reason is dedicated hosting mainly regarding large and busy internet sites such as portals, search engines, online content providers, heavily targeted traffic forums, etc. Additionally, dedicated hosting usually demands more technical-savvy specialists to be able to do it. Listed below are some of the positive aspects of why dedicated hosting is an excellent option:

You are the employer!

Here, it means you have a lot more control over everything. You can put in whatever applications and screenplays you want. You can do script tests, and if anything were to come about, no one else is to blame, although yourself. You will be able to customize the hardware and software packages installed on your server; you cannot find this advantage if you are under shared hosting.

No longer any limitation in the bandwidth application.

Compared to shared hosting, you might get your “warning letter” from your web hosting service provider if you exceed the maximum bandwidth allocated. Having dedicated hosting, you have the bandwidth of a server. Thus, downloading and uploading almost any materials from your site is not a problem if you have a lot of regular visitors performing such pastimes.

More Secured

Having a specific server is more tacked down compared to shared hosting. This is because the committed server will be provided with its firewall. Therefore, the information residing in a dedicated server is less prone to attacks by hackers or some malicious code. In addition, the internet hosting provider will usually provide backup for you with added payment, but in terms of security, it is, in fact, worth it.

Better Performance

Since committed hosting means only you are hosted in that storage space, the response time in the server to requested data files will be much faster than shared hosting. Visitors who surf your website will feel happy your pages will appear on their cell phone browser fast enough to satisfy these individuals. Fast loading time will forever brighten anyone’s day!

Commonly, choosing which hosting web service solely depends on your needs. Therefore, to make a wise decision, do more experiments and evaluations and seek the advice of those highly technical informed people. Remember that good, in addition to intelligent decisions, will establish your online storefronts’ success. Take care!

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