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Lux Capitals Review – The Three Things That Prove It a Good Trading Platform


Do you also collect reasons to sign up with a platform before you finally sign up? I also used to go through this process many times before I finally decided which broker I wanted to go with. Today, I guide others on how they can pick the best online platforms for trading and that’s what I am going to do today with my Lux Capitals review.

I want to talk about this platform and its 3 features that I think make it different from its competitors. I know its services aren’t unique, but I also know it has a unique way of offering the same services as its competitors. What makes Lux Capitals so special? Find out from these 3 features.

The Crypto and Forex Asset Index

If you are someone interested in trading currencies, you only have two markets to be in. Firstly, you have the forex market and secondly, you have the cryptocurrency market. The best part is that these two markets overlap and you get currency pairs wherein one of the currencies is a crypto and the other one is a fiat currency. The best part is that Lux Capitals gives you access to plenty of options in both markets. The crypto offerings from this broker are not limited. Yes, you can trade Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin, but you also have Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many other cryptocurrencies available for trading.

What I specifically would like to mention here is that you can use leverages on your trades regardless of the currency pair you pick. Leverages allow you to trade big and amplify the outcomes of your trades. Last but not least, you can always say thanks to this broker for keeping its spreads quite low and tight.

A Platform Designed with Advanced Features

You can’t go wrong with this trading platform you get from this company. I can tell you that I have used many types of trading systems in the past, including a forex robot but I couldn’t find anything like it. Firstly, you have this platform available on all devices. Do you use an Android phone or is it the iPhone that you have always liked? Do you have a MAC or are you a fan of Windows computers? Whatever your preferences are, you will not be disappointed by this platform because it works not only on all of those devices but the operating systems on them too.

As soon as you open the platform, you instantly notice that the dashboard has been kept very simple and straightforward. This means you will be able to explore the platform and learn to use it within a few minutes. It’s a fast platform that executes your trades within nanoseconds. The options are located intuitively so the learning curve isn’t steep. Last but not least, all the trading tools necessary for accurate predictions are integrated into your trading platform.

Accounts Type of Deposit Features

Before you begin trading, you will have to pick an account type. The account type decides the amount you pay as the upfront cost. It is your initial deposit that you will have to make based on the account you pick and it can be as small as $250. Pick from numerous options because the broker wants you to go with something you are comfortable with. Secondly, make a deposit using the method you prefer. You have a credit card, debit card, bank wire transfer, and eWallet transfer options available. You can also transfer money from your crypto wallet to your trading account.

Final Thoughts

I have only focused on the 3 things that I thought really set it apart from the rest. If you ask me to talk about something else, I have to mention its professional customer support that’s available 24/5. They can respond to your emails, chat with you through the live chat feature, or respond to your call when you call the number on the website. So, what do you think about Lux Capitals?

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