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How a GPS Cat Tracker Can Keep Your Cat Safe and Sound


If your cat likes to wander off on its own, a GPS tracker could be just what is needed. Most devices require an annual subscription in order to use their tracking services and can come at various prices. Find the best gps tracker.

GPS devices utilize satellites to track locations. Many also allow you to set a virtual fence that notifies you if your pet crosses it.


Cats can often run away from home or even their carriers, leaving owners worried. A GPS tracking device can provide peace of mind if your cat goes missing by using GPS and cellular data to pinpoint their location and transmit this information via an app; some models offer live maps, while others include helpful features like activity monitoring or wellness reporting.

The ideal cat tracker GPS will be waterproof and light enough for your cat to wear comfortably, staying on their collar for extended periods without becoming uncomfortable or being easily damaged by abrasions. Some devices, like Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat Tracker, are specially designed with cats in mind and come with small form factors that are easy to hide under collars – this model has find mode that alerts when your pet crosses virtual fences; further features may include public sharing or location history capabilities.

GPS trackers tend to be more costly than Bluetooth ones but offer an additional advantage: working globally. Connected to satellites that broadcast your cat’s location via a cellular data connection, these trackers transmit this data back to an app on your smartphone, which then gives directions back home or elsewhere within a set radius.

Bluetooth trackers use methods similar to GPS trackers, yet they don’t rely on cell service to transmit their location. Instead, they usually rely on a community of Bluetooth users serving as an “online mesh,” alerting you when an assigned item, such as your cat, moves. Although cheaper than GPS devices, Bluetooth trackers cannot offer an as accurate location solution.

Radiofrequency trackers use radio waves to communicate with a receiver you carry in your hand, making them suitable for urban environments where GPS signals may not be as strong. They tend to be less costly than GPS-only trackers, and many don’t require monthly fees for cell coverage; however, indoor use may prove challenging, and they may not always accurately pinpoint your cat’s location when obstacles such as walls arise between you and their receiver.


The Tractive GPS Tracker is an ideal option for cats that frequently wander indoor/outdoor environments or door dash. Equipped with several features designed to make tracking felines easier – like Find Mode, which allows for distance identification, a virtual fence system, and an alert system when they cross the perimeter – this tracker offers value at an unbeatably affordable price point compared with similar products on the market.

How it Works: The Tractive GPS is an advanced tracking device that uses both cellular and GPS technology to help you track the location of your cat. GPS uses satellites to pinpoint their position before transmitting that location directly to your phone – useful if satellite coverage is limited; additional cellular backup serves as a backup in case no satellite coverage exists – also an ideal choice for people living in rural areas or traveling with cats to more distant places where tracking might not be available.

The Jiobit GPS Cat Tracker offers many features to keep an eye on your pet and keep tabs on its movements, including GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth technologies. Plus, it is lightweight with a cat-friendly design, so they are more likely to wear it comfortably and affordably than similar trackers with subscription plans.

When selecting a cat tracker, budget should be your number one consideration. While there is a range of choices available to you, most will cost at least several hundred dollars and be compatible with smartphones connected to the internet in order to work. Some devices also include features that enable you to monitor your pet’s activities, such as how often they move or sleep; other trackers even send health reports directly to veterinarians!


No matter if it’s to keep track of an outdoor cat or know when they return for dinner, a GPS pet tracker can come in handy. With features like flashing LEDs to alert you of their proximity and sleep and exercise tracking to detect health problems early or virtual fences that alert you when cats cross a set distance zone so you can prevent wandering again, GPS pet trackers offer valuable help!

How a GPS tracker works will depend on which model you choose; most rely on global satellites to pinpoint your cat’s exact location, relaying data via their cellular network if satellite coverage is limited. Some more basic trackers also utilize radio signals, which may not provide as accurate of analysis yet still give close enough results that you can locate your pet quickly.

Most models of pet trackers come equipped with smartphone apps that enable you to visualize your cat’s location on a map in real-time, such as Tractive GPS, which provides updates every two to three seconds – even in built-up areas! Some apps even feature extra features like being able to hear their heartbeat or call them.

Cat GPS trackers come in many different forms and styles, with some designed to attach directly onto an ordinary collar while others feature tracking-specific collars that can be adjusted according to your feline friend’s neck size and personality.

Since many GPS pet trackers rely on battery power, be sure to look for one with a long battery life that can last several days before needing charging again. Some even feature low battery alerts so you can make sure to get back to your furry friend before they run out of juice!

Though some may fear GPS devices might be intrusive, they’re actually very effective for tracking down your pet. Just make sure you purchase from a trustworthy brand that can withstand rough play as well as interference from other electronic devices.


GPS trackers attached to your cat’s collar can make finding it fast and simple. The device uses both GPS and cell data for real-time location updates through an app; this technology provides more precise locations than simpler radio wave trackers – however, it may be more expensive and require a subscription plan.

The app features several tools designed to make tracking your pet’s movements simpler, including virtual safety zones that enable owners to set boundaries for their pet, providing instant notifications on both phone and email if their pet goes outside those boundaries – this feature helps ease anxiety among pet owners about where their animal might go next.

Tractive GPS cat trackers boast another helpful feature called “find mode.” This function uses an innovative dual-directional approach to locate your pet more precisely than traditional GPS and reduce the chance of losing him/her in crowds or small spaces. Plus, an app allows anyone with tracking links access to share your cat’s location!

An innovative device called Jiobit provides another method for keeping tabs on your cat: its small coin-size battery powers it while working via cellular networks to track its location 24/7 – even inside buildings! When connected via the app, the Jiobit can even show where your cat has gone! It also features a Power Saving Zone to extend battery life by decreasing the number of active GPS satellites and radio search functionality that may prove particularly helpful in urban settings where GPS tracking might not work as effectively. This tracker also allows you to set a “safety zone” for your cat, alerting you if he leaves or enters that designated area. Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Comes equipped with a small clip to attach securely to the collar. Compatible with most standard collar designs

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