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How to Clean White Crocs


Crocs are trendy shoes due to their comfort, versatility, and range of colors. Additionally, they require little upkeep – making them ideal for casual wear.

White Crocs can get dirty just like any other shoe, especially if they’re fur-lined.

Dish Soap

To clean white Crocs quickly and effectively, use gentle dish soap. This will soon cut through dirt and grime.

Add a teaspoon of mild dish soap to a bucket of warm water and soak the Crocs for several minutes. Gently scrub them with a soft brush before rinsing them thoroughly.

Add some bleach to the water as the Crocs soak for a deeper clean. This will help dissolve any tougher stains.

You can also wash the lining of winter Crocs with dry cleaning powder, such as salt or cornmeal. Choose a color that matches the lining to prevent stains and discoloration.


Bleach is a commonly-used household cleaner used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces. It effectively eliminates germs, mold, and mildew without harming surfaces.

Bleaching alters the chemical bonds in dye molecules and fibers, removing their color and turning them white. Sunlight is another natural way to bleach clothing or other textiles.

Bleach can be hazardous, but it is an effective cleaner and a great asset in domestic and industrial applications. Plus, bleach removes stains from clothes and fabrics, so they look new again!

Magic Eraser

When it comes to cleaning white crocs, you want to ensure all stains and dirt are eliminated. The most effective way to do this is with a Magic Eraser.

Magic Erasers are different from regular sponges because they’re made of melamine foam and act almost like fine sandpaper.

These sponges are an effective way to clean most surfaces without using detergents. Their melamine foam uses small air pockets in its foam composition, which help lift stains when wet.

The melamine foam has a solid abrasive property, perfect for eliminating tough stains and scuff marks from various surfaces.

Baking Soda

If you own classic white Crocs, you may wonder how to clean them. They tend to get dirtier and stained more easily than colored Crocs, so extra effort may be necessary to restore their whiteness and freshness.

A straightforward way to clean shoes is with baking soda. This natural cleaner works wonders for odor removal and whitens your footwear.

Mix baking soda and vinegar to form a paste that can deep clean your Crocs and eliminate odors. Wear gloves while working with this solution, as it may sting your hands.


White Crocs with fuzzy fur can easily retain dirt and odors. To clean them effectively, remove the fuzzy lining and handwash in warm water to dissolve any remaining particles.

Use a mild detergent and scrub brush or rug to clean the outside and inside of your shoes thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the inner and outer soles where soil accumulates the most.

Vinegar is an effective natural disinfectant commonly used for cleaning and other tasks. It contains acetic acid, which has been demonstrated to kill bacteria and germs effectively.

Vinegar can help remove even the toughest stains if your Crocs are severely dirty. However, be mindful that vinegar can be harsh on shoes and should only be used as a last resort.