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How to Download Videos From YouTube on iPhone and iPad


Downloading YouTube videos onto an iPhone and iPad may be possible, but please remember that doing so constitutes copyright infringement. YouTube only permits downloading videos from you or under its Creative Commons license.

Currently, the only legal means of doing this is through YouTube Premium, which costs $10 monthly.

How to download

If you’re traveling, have limited Internet access, or need something fun and engaging to keep the kids occupied without using cell data, downloading YouTube videos is a fantastic solution. Using third-party software on a desktop computer or downloading them directly onto an iPhone/iPad through their native YouTube apps can all help ensure you can watch them offline when needed.

The iPhone and iPad YouTube app has tools designed to simplify saving and watching YouTube videos offline. When viewing a video, tap on the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner to access Download video – this will keep it directly into Camera Roll for easy transfer or extraction of audio or renaming purposes. Moreover, opening up the Downloads screen in the YouTube app provides insight into the device’s download status and storage space requirements.

To download videos on a Mac, use YouTube, a free, open-source program available via its GitHub repository or website. Though slower than some more sophisticated Mac applications that can do the same thing, it remains reliable and features plenty of settings that let you select what video quality and file size will be downloaded or enable smart downloads so it automatically downloads videos recommended by YouTube.

Mac and Linux users looking for another fast way to download videos is YouTube Catcher, which works similarly to YouTube but much quicker. Plus, it’s easier and quicker – paste any URL directly into its text field before clicking Grab this Clip and selecting format/resolution options from dropdown menus!

Notably, YouTube videos are copyrighted; therefore, it is illegal to download and reuse them without the explicit permission of their content creators. Reselling or distributing copies could put you in hot water with them or Google itself.

How to save

YouTube offers abundant content ranging from DIYs and movie trailers to news updates and music videos, making it an invaluable source of entertainment and information. No matter your interests – be they creative or passively watching something on the go – YouTube provides endless hours of enjoyment. However, living in an area with poor internet connectivity can make accessing it frustrating; however, there are ways around this problem that could save your day!

One way is to sign up for YouTube Premium, a paid service that lets you download and store all videos available on YouTube. While this subscription may cost money, many find it worthwhile for their viewing needs. Third-party apps also exist that can download YouTube videos offline for viewing later; keep in mind that downloading them may lead to increased data usage that could cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly.

An alternative way of saving YouTube videos on your computer is through a website specializing in downloading them. Such services allow you to choose the format and quality of the video you’d like to save; alternatively, you may download just its audio track – a convenient feature if you want to listen to podcasts without using YouTube on your phone!

VDYouTube is one of many websites offering free YouTube downloaders, such as MP3 and MP4 files for saving. Additionally, the user-friendly interface enables easy video resolution selection based on computer size – something to consider when choosing an optimal download resolution setting.

Y2mate is an online tool designed to quickly download videos from YouTube and other websites at lightning-fast speeds. Its user-friendly interface encourages you to paste links to videos directly into its text box for downloading, with decoded video files appearing as output formats and resolution options soon afterward. After selecting a design and quality combination for download, click the Download button and let Y2mate take care of everything for you. After completion, they’ll be stored safely on your computer in their original folders!

How to watch

YouTube provides users access to many videos covering almost any subject, making watching videos easy. However, viewing them can become challenging when your internet connection slows down or stops working correctly; to prevent these issues, you must use reliable tools for downloading YouTube videos quickly and reliably, as this enables offline viewing and saving videos for later.

One way to download YouTube videos is with a dedicated app to speed up and simplify the process. They may allow for 4K resolution video storage and downloading individual elements like sound and subtitles if available. They may even integrate seamlessly with browsers for added ease during this process.

Web downloaders provide another solution, enabling you to download videos directly from websites easily. These tools are straightforward and user-friendly – paste in your link and choose the download quality you prefer from their window. However, be wary of potential viruses or malware infections, as some online downloaders may contain viruses and spyware.

If you have a YouTube premium account, any video can be downloaded by simply clicking the Download button under its full-length version and adding it to your Watch Later list – then view them by selecting the Downloads tab in your profile.

If you’re having issues watching videos on YouTube, refresh the page. This may help fix problems such as stuttering or buffering and lower its resolution (though this can result in pixelated images).

Download YouTube videos using various third-party applications and online services, each offering different levels of power and speed compared to their counterparts. Some tools require more advanced knowledge of programming languages, while some may offer up faster download times; WinX, for instance, offers 6x the speed of traditional software while supporting 4K/HD experiences, whereas VLC can extract MP4 files and store them locally while ClipGrab can grab videos in various formats and resolutions.

How to share

Downloading YouTube videos can be an ideal way to keep kids busy without using precious mobile data while traveling or experiencing poor internet connection. There are various options, from apps and browser extensions for Android devices and iOS phones to programs for PC or Mac computers with technical or Python knowledge needed for running them. Regardless of your chosen method, remember that downloading copyrighted work without authorization is illegal in most jurisdictions and that YouTube has algorithms that track people trying to use its content without proper permission; failure to comply can result in account termination for both parties involved!

Downie is designed to offer a more user-friendly experience than YouTube’s standard app, featuring an easy and familiar user interface with access to over 1000 websites for data extraction, quickly helping you find what you’re searching for. Furthermore, Downie provides several download options for audio and video files and can assist if there is an issue with downloaded video files – should any exist!

Another fantastic option for saving YouTube videos is the open-source program YouTube, which requires technical proficiency to use appropriately. Download high-quality videos quickly at impressive speeds while supporting multiple platforms – making it a good option for offline viewing or playback of YouTube videos.

While YouTube videos can be downloaded for free, some restrictions apply. The files may not work well on specific devices, and sharing may be prevented altogether; investing in a premium subscription can quickly become expensive.

MacBooster can help ensure a stable and fast Mac for downloading YouTube videos quickly. By clearing away unnecessary files and optimizing the system, this program will increase performance while speeding up downloading time considerably. Moreover, MacBooster detects and deletes duplicate files that take up unnecessary storage space on your hard drive.