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YouTube MP3 Download Sites


Whether you want to watch movies, clips, or music on your mobile device, YouTube videos can easily be converted to MP3 files using one of many YouTube-to-MP3 online websites that offer safe conversion services.

Simply paste the video link into the website’s search box, choose your file quality preference, and download. Some converters even allow you to trim out audio tracks of videos.


Peggo is a video-to-MP3 converter for YouTube and SoundCloud that records music seamlessly, offering features such as volume normalization, unwanted silence removal, metadata discovery, and artist and title tag customization. Plus, it records in multiple-bit rates from mobile-friendly 144p to full HD 1080p! With such an efficient design and range of features, Peggo is an excellent alternative to other video-to-MP3 applications and online conversion tools.

Peggo makes using videos simple and effortless: just input the URL of a video you wish to convert into MP3 format, click download, and it will store its audio onto your device as an MP3 file. Plus, it’s free with no ads or pop-ups to worry about; an ideal solution for anyone searching for an easy way to record videos!

This app automatically normalizes the volume of each new recording, eliminating any silence at its beginning or end, helping you maintain a streamlined and harmonic MP3 library while eliminating the need to adjust individual tracks’ volumes between tracks manually.

Additionally, it can automatically discover and insert MP3 metadata, including track name, album title, artist, bit rate of the original soundtrack (if available), and unwanted words like HD, Pixels, or Lyrics from tracks.

Peggo supports multiple audio formats like MP3, OGG, AAC, and WMA. With multi-platform support and its easy one-click conversion capability from any platform to MP3, Peggo allows users to convert videos easily with just a click and download audio directly from SoundCloud or other media – it is an indispensable app for music lovers! In addition to video-to-MP3 conversion capabilities, it has features not found elsewhere, such as downloading from SoundCloud directly and SoundCloud support! All these make Peggo an indispensable app not found elsewhere – something video-to-MP3 converters can’t match.


The YTD downloader features an easy-to-use interface and allows you to convert videos into MP3 files for offline listening. Copy and paste a link into the program to get started, or convert multiple playlists or search videos simultaneously! Once your file has been obtained, save it onto your computer or mobile device – it will become a high-quality MP3 that you can listen to anytime!

Remember, using a YouTube-to-MP3 converter may violate copyright laws, mainly if your videos contain copyrighted music. Some tracks have Creative Commons licenses that restrict how they can be used (i.e., not remixed or sold for profit). To avoid violating copyright rights, download only publically available tracks with Creative Commons licenses and from publicly accessible servers.

Freemake is another reliable alternative to YouTube-to-MP3 conversion services such as YTD. This free and non-registration YouTube converter uses a multithreaded download engine capable of converting multiple URLs simultaneously; additionally, Freemake can download music from various websites and support high-quality MP3 files up to 320 kbps quality MP3.

Freemake makes using YouTube URLs simple: copy and paste them into the text box, choose the quality you’d like, press “Download,” and the video will be converted into an MP3 file and automatically saved on your browser. With Freemake, you’ll enjoy simple use, speedy results, and multiple simultaneous video downloads – perfect for creating your library of favorite songs to listen to offline!


SnapTube is an easy-to-use multimedia tool that makes downloading videos from YouTube and other sites effortless. With options ranging from 144p to 1080p resolution downloads, audio format support, and the opportunity to select storage locations of downloaded files – SnapTube helps users quickly locate their perfect videos! Plus, it comes with keyword searching – making finding what you’re searching for even simpler!

This app is completely free to use and does not require subscription fees for access. Compatible with most major websites, its user-friendly interface includes a search bar at the top of each screen, popular and recommended videos, and the option for selecting the desired quality of downloaded video downloads.

One of the most exciting features is its ability to download MP3 files from videos. This allows users to save a video to their computer or mobile device for offline playback and save bandwidth and disk space; plus, it supports multiple connection modes, which ensure faster download speeds.

This app has many other valuable features, including a built-in music player and the capability of downloading videos from Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, it converts those downloaded files to MP3 format, making it an excellent solution for anyone wanting to listen to music on the go.

However, some features of its services violate copyright rules; therefore, we must know how to avoid issues associated with them. For instance, downloading music without the author’s permission could violate copyright laws in your country and may break ad-supported ad-mining scripts that drain batteries and hinder phone performance.


Filmora is one of the leading video editing tools, used by over 77 million users in 150 countries and boasting an easy interface and multiple pricing plans with free trials – it even has add-ons that can make your videos more striking!

Filmora provides a vast array of video and audio effects and music tracks. Furthermore, its voice recording feature allows you to record yourself and add it to your project. Moreover, Filmora features over 200 title and text templates, including animated titles, allowing users to create unique videos quickly. Furthermore, adding logos or graphics to videos is simple too.

Filmora’s latest version offers many new features, such as motion tracking to follow moving objects in videos. There’s also auto-correction that can improve lighting and color balance; noise removal tool; Green Screen mode which replaces backgrounds with images or video clips; as well as screen capture/edit functionality – perfect for creating tutorials!

One of the significant drawbacks of Filmora is that it may take longer to process larger projects or higher-resolution videos, making timeline navigation difficult if there are many elements in your video. Furthermore, searching effects and music can sometimes prove challenging even though Filmora features an integrated search bar; therefore, it is wise to spend enough time experimenting with all its features before attempting anything new with this tool.


GO-MP3 is an online YouTube video converter that quickly transforms any YouTube video into an MP3 audio file without requiring registration or pop-up ads with an intuitive user interface and an extensive search box for easy music searching by name. As one of the fastest YouTube converters out there, this will take only seconds to download any song you choose! It is perfect for those wanting music on the go as its compatible with mobile devices such as MP3 players or smartphones, allowing listening on mobile devices while on the move!

Though the MP3 format is extremely popular, some drawbacks associated with its lossy codec should be considered when choosing this format. While you might save storage space using other formats like FLAC or WMA files instead, an MP3 format is an ideal way of listening to songs on the go!

When selecting an online video converter, safety should always come first. Any tool or website used should not collect personal data and should not charge you extra fees – something especially essential if using paid converters to download copyrighted content.

An MP3 downloader from YouTube can be a convenient tool, enabling you to save videos in their original quality for playback on smartphones or tablets. Aside from making entertaining audiobooks available while at work or relaxing at the beach, these handy downloaders also enable users to watch their favorite tracks from gym workouts or when working out at the gym.